Thursday, December 27, 2007

Recent Round up

Just to let you all know this will be pictureless post because I dont have any pictures taken yet. Sorry! Ive been busy! Now onto the regularly schedualed program! :)
Ive got a couple things Id like to cover in this post so first of all lets start with my SP11 pal! :)
I got a BEAUTIFUL bag of Merino roving in Purple! now I am seriously going to have to pay attention to Martina when she shows me how to spin using my spindle! :) She also sent the cutest little christmas tree ornament and its a little red disk with a birdy on it going TWEET so sweet! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING Emily!!
And because I am ever so slow at posting things sometimes my pal who I got to spoil and get to know is/was Mary. I had a blast this round both Emily and Mary were great fun!
Then there was the birthday that was mine... Oh yeah baby! I turned 26 found 2 grey arm hairs (dont worry they are safe I dont like pulling arm hairs they hurt!!) I got gifts as well... Got books from a friend I got In Stitches and then from Mark I got Apples For Jam, Poems of Colour, Best of Lopi, and Scarf Style. I love my books and I love my BF hes the best when armed with a list of books that youve given him! hehehe..... And then I got a waterlily bath smelly set that does smell lovely. A pretty brown shirt and a necklace with matching braclet set. All very lovely. Mark made me dinner and did all the dishes that day so I just sat around relaxed and knit a quaint.
Then christmas eve we just had a nice relaxing day in slept late and took ages to finally get dressed I think it was nearly 4 before we realised what was going on thats how much of a great lazy day it was!
Christmas day we had another lie in, I think it was around 11 when we woke up. Relaxed for a bit then got ready and went over to his sisters house where we spent all day over there eating to much food and having a great time. Played a pub quiz, well two round of it actually. The first round Mark and his dad won and the second round Janice and I won by 6 points to Marks 1 point the first round! EAT THAT BUDDY! haha.. sorry I get all happy when I beat Mark at something becuase it doesnt happen very often! and after about 8 hours over there we finally came home to our nice quiet house were I was upset I had no cookies or pies left because they were all over his sisters house! Christmas pressies were a pair of Tigger slippers and a Tigger bathrobe from a friend, $60 from my uncle back home which will be cashed over and spent on some clothes, another bathrobe from Marks sister, Friday Night Knitting Club from his other sister, a calander with pictures from Australia from his sis in Oz, a really pretty green sleeveless turtleneck sweater from his parents, and a bread maker from him. (which he forgot to get bread flour for and I couldnt get any on the 26th as all the grocery stores were closed and had to wait until today *the 27th* to get some! But I got some bread being made in it right now)
Fear not boxing day (the 26th) came and we went back over to his sisters house where we ate more food! Yep I got to eat more cookies and I found my sweet tater pie and had a peice of that and brought some home when we finally did come home. We didnt stay as long over there yesterday so that meant we were home about 6pm.

Like I said I made a silk quaint and it turned out lovely. I then tried to make some silk fetchings but the first one turned out to be to small (thats what happens when you use everything different and dont account for it!) and then I ripped it out and made again adding one more repeat when I finished it and put it on I realised why I hate fingerless gloves and ripped it out as well. Thankfully I didnt cut the yarn or do the thumbs I only ever did the body of them. But still I took 2 days (because of course other things were going on in the mean time) so finally yesterday I ended up starting the Cinnabar Pullover from the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits magazine. And so far I am really happy with it. Past the back 3 1/4inch of linen stitch and working on the waste decreases now. Hopefully this one doesnt upset me. Ive gone slightly smaller then my chest becuase I want it close fitting. Hopefully it works out well and Ill have a new sweater not long after the first of the year! I miss making sweaters!! After all those scarves and socks I needed a sweater I think! Dont worry MS3 hasnt been forgotten I just wanted a sweater I need some new ones! :)
I will have some pictures of everything soon!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Knitting done! Baking to go!

Wow Ive just realised I got a fair bit to catch up on! So this post is going to be a bit of a picture frenzy!
First of all I finished the christmas knitting! WOO HOO!! VERY excited about that! :)
finished the last pair of socks 2 days ago look!
Then I also made some more christmas ornaments for the tree...
not exactly the best ones Ive ever seen the three I made for Martina came out MUCH better but I forgot to photo it.. thats alright it was a tree and it was dark green.
Ive started a new project you can see it hanging from the tree its the orange looking thing Im making a vest based on a pattern from Knitty but making mine in the round instead of bits and I aint steaking it! oh look I had to show off our tree again with all the little bags under it! those are the scarfs and socks but sadly all you see are the red bags. I promise you theres green ones in there!! and then theres a couple of green and red wrapped gifts and I still have to wrap whats in the silver bag becuase its for Marks nephew, the young one the older ones are all getting money... That way they can buy what they want/need.... And teh orange bag has a cookie tin and a cookie baking tray in it but I was to lazy to pull it out the way.. give me a break its still 8.30 in the morning! :) haah

Wednesdays I got into town and meet up with a lady named Martina for lunch and a knit! ITS GREAT! Well yesterday she brought me a bag full of goodies for xmas that I WAS NOT expecting!! LOOK WHAT I GOT!!
Homemade pickled onions (which Mark liked! And I forgot to tell him they were hot ones and he reminded me instead! HAHAHAH) and homemade Mincemeat! (no its not hamburger mince its fruit mince! I swear growing up I used to thing it was hamburger mince becuase I had never had it and was always to embarassed to ask anyone! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and a little felted wallet...
And then I got this black box and in it was all this fiber!!! OMG!! Next year (that sounds so weird!!) Im taking my spindle with me I got last year and shes going to teach me to spin properly and not my pretend way! Whats all there is....
Manx thats been drum carded. The brown stuff still in box. Merino Tops that pretty turquoise one. Silk Cap the one front and center Iceland/cheviot mix the red white and blue on the end and Alpace the light brown on top.
I also got a candle and a bag that I forgot to picture. SORRY!!
But aint it all Great?!?!?! I couldnt believe it!! Thank you again Martina!! :) Your the best!!

I probably wont be back before christmas.. Ill try though!! today and tomorrow Im going to make loads and loads of cookies will be starting soon as I finish this post! I will be trying to make a skirt as well for xmas day. I got books coming tomorrow from Mark for my birthday on Sunday. I wont be opening them or looking at the invoice to find out which ones hes got. Ive given him a list and asked for a couple I spotted the list was marked on when I sat down here so I turned it over and am not looking no matter how badly I want to look!! HAAHHA I want it all to be a surprise!.....
So if I have time show pictures of the cookies I make, the books I get, and the skirt if I get time to do it! If not well...
Merry Christmas!!! Happy New Year!!! or Happy/Merry whatever it is you celebrate!!! May you have a wonderful time spent with family and friends and each one of you stay safe and merry!!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hand made Bell!!!

I think I am just really slow... but thats alright too... because sometimes being slow means you get better deals right??
Like today I went into town becuase I am tired of seeing these beautiful handmade ornaments all over the net and I so I wanted to have my own!! So I went into town and I found COOKIE CUTTERS!! WOO HOO Not only that but they are half priced cookie cutters!! I got a bell a tree a star a candy can a gingerbread person and a wiggle circle. Im going to be making cookies next week so they will come in handy.. But they already came in handy today becuase LOOK!!!
My first ornament for this tree that Ive hand made! And how fitting its sitting in my hand... :) Okay so it looks craptastic because I cant seem to do very good stitching but you k now what Ill learn! Just like I learned to knit and use a sewing machine!
See already getting better! This is the other side...
Yes I went into town seen the cookie cutters bought those and bought some felt to make ornaments with and ended up just pressing the cookie cutter onto the felt to give me the outline and then cut it out and had a bell... who woulda thunk it!
But so very happy now to make some more!! I dont know WHAT I am going to make or how many becuase I still have knitting to do..
oh yeah and about knitting lets not brag about how well we are doing becuase before you know it youve screwed up got so angry with it and just ripped it back to the start but then take all night to cast it back on because you keep screwing that up too! Yes I got a good bit into the sock and somehow messed it up tried to fix it but it looked even WORSE so I just went IM MAD AT YOU SOCK! And ripped it out.. oops! I wont do that next time.. promise! But Ive finished the cuff only on the sock.. its oging to take a bit long then I thought.. but look ornaments.. hand made ornaments!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

chocolate sock 1 down 1 to go

I finished the first of the brown socks last night. Now I have started the second one and am knitting on it. I havent even finished the cuff yet.. Its been one of those days where I climbed back into bed and stayed nice and warm and slept! SHHH dont tell Mark! HAHAHA But still I am making some good time on the socks. I should finish the cuff before to long and get a good bit down the leg. Hopefully tomorrow finishing the leg and starting the heel. And then this weekend if I get time finishing the rest of the sock.. Oh how nice would that be to have them finished by the start of next week and then having a whole week to do what I want? Mainly try to knit on my MS3. I wanted to finish that for chrismtas and make myself an outfit but thats just not going to happen!
So I am going to get off of here now and go work on my second sock.
OH YEAH! I figured out the whole wrapping up of the scarfs. I just got 2 green and 2 red gift bags and dropped the scarfs into them and then stuck some white tissue paper on top and they look REALLY PRETTY sitting under the tree. I havent figured out if I will do the same with the socks or if I will just wrap them.... still thinking on it. :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Want to see my melons?

Just wanted to start out with a little bit of christmas pretties.. I swear the plant itself doesnt look that horrible it was the flash that did it! But I went food shopping today seen those and HAD to bring them home!! :) this is the first time Ive had pointsettas in the house for the holiday season! WOO HOO! I might have to buy another one tomorrow to even up in front of the telly though becuase thats where Igot them.. we dont have a huge coffee table so they cant go on there and if I put em on the computer desk I wouldnt be able to see the monitor but I think they are ever so pretty down there!
Right this is what you all have been waiting for without even knowing it... Ive got pictures of my melons! NO NOT THOSE MELONS! GEESH! come on people!
THESE Melons!
on the table all stretched out just to show each one one their own.. and now some group shots! :)
The Purple The Beige, The Blue, The Redish
them again.. :) I just think they are so pretty trying to show them off loads!
From the top! :) and shh dont tell anyone you can see under the sofa and see thats where I store my knitting stuff.. Actually I gotta go put all that stuff away under there now Ive finished the scarfs... Its a good hideaway for the stuff Im working on at the moment. :)
But arent all my scarfs pretty?? I cant believe Ive finished them all in time and I am so happy!! 2 weekish a scarf!
I am nearly finished with the instep on the sock so making good time on that... actually kicking some booty on it! just need to finish it start the second one finish it and figure out how to wrap everything.. Thats going to be fun in its own right.. NOT! Because I dont want to just wrap them because they will be slightly floppy I want to do something pretty. :) I also want to make loads of cookies, not that anyone but me eats em. but I still want to make loads! We will see....
Alright gotta go knit me sock! :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tis the season....

My melon is blocking.... You know what that sounds FUNNY! I dont know why but probably because when I think of a melon I think of someones head unless Im in hte mood for fruit then I think of a melon being a melon but then to say my melon is blocking I can only think of my head being on a block ready for the chop? HMMM! hahaha.. sorry....
Ive got pictures for you... just not of any melons, head wise, fruit wise, or even scarf wise! However I do have pictures of the last pair of socks (well the first of the pair) and of my christmas tree!!!

Its a chocolate brown. Really nice but a pain to photo! Of course its the Father and Son socks from Interweave knits. Its the last of the christmas knitting htat I have to do. Doing the heel now. Started these Saturday after I finished the scarf. :)


Our christmas tree... Bit simple but its ours and I like it!


Close up of our angel... Weve had here since we had the tree.. I want to buy a star for the top but I cant really get rid of her.. shes a fixing on the tree you know! :)


and a close up of our tree with some ornaments same as every year except this year I got some red and white stars to go on and a santa and rudolph as well. :) I wanted to knit some ornaments but that will have to wait until next year!

Anyways Ive put pictures up now. And hopefully after my melon is off the block... I mean finished blocking I will get brave enough to take them out and picture them somewhere.. Ive got a park not far from where I live but its waiting to have decent weather...

Right off to knit my heel!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Rambling on like a mad woman....

Ive got no pictures at the moment but I just wanted to update anyways. :)
Im onto the last border of my last melon scarf. Its coming along lovely. I would have had it done but yesterday we were out most of the evening driving down to High Wycombe and back. Ive never been down there!! I just liked going from town to town on the way back (we took the motor way down and back roads home) and looking at all the christmas lights!! :) But once we got home I spent the majority of the time laying on my side. Ive done something to my back and its ever so slightly sore. Feels alright for the moment but Ive not done much this morning. So hopefully I get the rest of the border knit today becuase I need to make a move on the last pair of socks if I want to finish in time!!!
On Wednesday night we went to an open house for the company Mark works mainly for and I got to see one of the houses hes wired all up. It was nice. I wouldnt want to live in it but I wouldnt mind visiting it now and again for the weekends. It was a very nice house and I was highly impressed by it. But for me it wasnt a home. Like I told my mom last night when I spoke to her I think thats becasue I am used to a certain style of house a very small house and this was a big open house, just not me glass every where as well... And lets not forget to mention the upstairs hallway/landing area on one side of it you looked over the railing and straight down to the bottom basement that was decked out with a home cinema and fitness room. OMG I DID NOT LIKE THAT!!! Mark told me to look over I couldnt even get NEAR the railing and he pretended he was going to give me a wee shove and I think I might have screamed slightly! HAAHHA But like I said the house itself was beautiful and I liked where it was at. It just wasnt for me... Ive always wanted one of those houses where you will run into the one you live with and there no hidding for each other.. :)
Last night after I got bored of laying on my side Mark pulled down my christmas tree and decorations so we sat up the tree... Its pretty! I love Christmas time and i love trees!! I even made him put on two candy canes (which I told him not to eat!) and two little stars... He laughed and said "I dont know why I am putting these on your going to move them tomorrow while Im working anyways". Hes a funny man he is.. but Ive not moved them and Im not going to move them... Ill eventually take a picture of our tree.. Its nothing special but its ours darn it! :) haha
Alright gotta get off of here... must go and knit! have a great day everyone and a lovely weekend!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Getting spoiled oh yeah!

I have really cool friends!! So cool that one of em decided she was tired of reading about all the cool swaps I been doing with people and decided to do a swap between us... And I never thought about swapping things between friends... like I said I have cool friends!!!
Well she lives in the land of Oz which makes her even cooler because Ive always wanted to live in Australia!!!! But look I got pictures now.. okay they may be from stamps but still! HA!
We just decided to keep the swap small and since shes not a knitter.. I know people dont faint! Im TRYING to convert her but she just doesnt fall for it! HAHAHAHA so we decided smell good stuff and bath thingies heres what I got...
A box full of bubble wrap!! HAHAH Sorry Nikki that one was for you and for everyone else err its a joke that started some how between us and two other girls that sort of got out of hand so its still rather amusing to me... no sersiouly though this is what I got...
Which turned into this...
Lip gloss bath fizzy things and cookies!
really yummie looking sweets (I still havent opened Im being good you know!!) soap (Mango and shea butter to go with the mango lip gloss above) and a rose bath set.
All of it came from Nikki in Australia who not only does she not knit but she also doesnt own a blog... But regardless of her faults. (heheh luv ya girlie) she still bloody ROCKS!!!! And THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR ALL THE ROCKIN GOODIES!!!
*I still cant believe it only took a week to get delivered now I feel like a bum because mines not turned up to you yet!!*

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Indigo and Ruby

After getting upset over the indigo melon I just sat it to the side and started a new melon.. my last melon.. a ruby melon. Its beautiful! I was going to start the last pair of socks until I realised the yarn I ordered for them was the same colour as the first pair I knit. OOOPS! I bought the first pairs wool in town and ordered the third online and I realised it a little to late it was the same colour.. me thinks I prefer the grey colour!
So anyways I was going to order a second ball for the indigo melon but I really didnt fancy waiting for it to be delievered I feel I am already pushing the christmas deadline a bit close as it is considering its the 29th of november and Im not even half way finished with my ruby melon okay Ive only got that and one more pair of socks to knit Ill be fine.... Well I put the ruby over onto some holding yarn and picked up the indigo and had a little talk with it. This is what I said "please when I rip part of your border off and repick up stitches and reknit you I will avoid a couple of pickups if you promise to give me enough yarn!". I know I really should have ordered another ball but I only skiped one from each repeat (it makes since in my head) that I knit on the end border and two stitches from the side border. It looks alright as well you know. Each border repeat needs 4 picked up stitches. I did that but I would skip one stitch in between each repeat and then right in the middle of each repeat I ignored the stitch as well without being blocked it looks fine. Hopefully once I block it, it continues to look fine!! And yes my indigo was nice to me! I was able to finish and have JUST enough to sew the two edges together and let out a little cry of delight. That was Tuesday night. Wednesday the only thing I repeated to Mark was "oh yeah Im good..... I am the queen of saving knits...... aint I good???..... look your sisters got a scarf!!..... oh yeah I just ROCK!" I think he was ready to stuff a dirty sock down my neck to shut me up by the end of the night! HAHAHAH
shes all pretty aint she??? :) Now I just have to block the thing out... now I dont like that... do you know how long I sit on my knees with pins that poke and HURT??? I cant tell you how many time I poke myself not paying attention and just reaching into my pot of pins... GRRR! hahah but I love it... its finished!!!

Oh what you heard there was a ruby as well you wanted to see??? OKAY!
I hate the the colouring of the picture looks like its the plum one. but I promise you its not! When you hold the two together its an OMG you really ARE different and SOOO different as well! but on its own it looks purpleish.... oh well! I hate this winter light....
I promise when they are all finish I will try and get REALLY GOOD pictures of each! :)
Have a great day Ive got to knit!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Nearly finished, but to far to go still

Im really upset at the moment... I dont know how this could have happened! I RAN OUT OF YARN!!! I mean seriously Ive already knit two melon scarfs with Zypher and Im knitting my third.... how could I run out of yarn when Ive had left overs on the other two??? Does it being blue mean the dyes that much heavier that Ive lost so much yarn??? I knit the same amount of repeats and the same amount of rows Ive done everything the same but Ive ended up badly short... Look for yourselves....
Thats just over the half way point but I do mean JUST and Ive got that half to finish with just a wee bit of yarn which means I have to order another ball but of course I tossed out the ball band like an idiot so I havent a clue the dye lot number... I really do hope when I order it its a VERY CLOSE GREAT match becuase this is supposed to be a christmas gift!! GRRRR R

But on a happier note Ive blocked my suede one out and its BEAUTIFUL and Im blocking the plum one right now. Again its looking BEAUTIFUL you can see for yourself. :)
sorry about the bad lighting.. what its not close enough? alright fine.. here
Hows that? better? good!! its so beautiful!! :) Its out the back room drying right now... okay I know that my blocking isnt in a straight line but it wasnt on the suede one either and you cant telll so shhh you dont tell his sisters and mum I wont either okay? :) COOL!

Ive started on my final melon scarf in Ruby I think... Ive only casted on and did one row so far hopefully I wont run out of wool on that one! My goodness I am not a happy bunny over the blue one.. I know everything will be fine though... I have faith in the knitting fairies!

Monday, November 19, 2007

OMG! How Amazing!

First off lets just get this out of the way.. I cut my hair!.... YIKES! I am going to let it grow from here and it will all be one length now, that makes me happy.... :)
all cut up to my shoulders... okay I wanted it shorter but its to there I am happy now that its done becuase I think I might have hated it any shorter....
HPIM0365 well ages ago actually and oh look at that you can see both my new pairs of glasses! HAHAHA
I havent put weight on.. even though my face looks fatter?? Ive actually lost a couple more pounds.. hmmm bad lighting maybe?

I woke up this morning after Mark left for work.. I was naughty today and climbed back into bed after making his tea. haha...but then I got up and was enjoying my coffee going blog hopping and all of a sudden I got an almighty bang on the door... so when I opened it up here the post man was about to write me a ticket (I took a few minutes to realise what the noise was!) and he had this in his hands
Its pretty isnt it? I thought so too!!
and heres what was inside (they were all wrapped up but I figured this post was going to have enough pictures that I left it out.. sorry!)
I couldnt believe it! look at those goodies!! Can I please say Ive just been spoiled rotten! OMG! Thats 100% SILK! Thats so turning into some sort of scarf! :) choocies tea magazines WOO HOO! And even something for Mark... Oh what Ive missed some things there in the corner? Your right, I have..... Lets have a look shall we?
a really crappy picture of the really pretty stitch markers that I got.. its a mushroom a bee (and yes hes got his stripes!) a lady bug (sorry a lady bird as they are known here in England) and a flower, arent they just adorable?!?!?!?!?!
A shawl pin thingy maboby... With little russian like all in one dollys on it.. Its really pretty and again my crap tastic photo taking skills shine!

THANK YOU SP FOR AN AWESOME PACKAGE!! I LOVE IT ALL!!! And Marks gift is left still wrapped and to the side until he gets home and I will force him to open it the second he walks in the door well I MIGHT allow him to take his coat off... its bugging me I dont know whats in it! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sock and Scarf update

Are you tired of seeing the same two projects being knit in different colours? well I am sorry if you are becuase heres more pictures of em!
Father and Son Socks take 2
and another pictures keep in mind I am showing these on my feet which are smaller then themans foot they are meant for!!

Those are finished as I said now heres pictures of my Melon Scarf take 3... I cant believe Im working on my third one... andyou know what? I still love the pattern!!! Momma better watch out because shes probably going to end up with one of these in her mail boxes after the new year.... but shhh dont tell her that... I know I am safe she doesnt read my blog any more shes not got much time! HAHAHA
and heres another picture

Melon Shawl from Victorian Lace Today knit in Jagger Spun Zypher Wool Silk Indigo. It really is beautiful to knit with! :)
Right now I need to go knit on this I want to finish my body repeats by tonight I dont know if I will or not but I WANT to have them done becuase I am starting to panic I have one more pair of socks and another scarf to knit by xmas plus I want to sew myself an outfit together for xmas day. So I really need to get busy becuase I dont think its all going to be done.. and it MUST get finished or I will be VERY upset with myself!!

Friday, November 09, 2007

The Winner Is....

Mark picked number 8 for me when I asked him tonight...

SHARON Congratulations could you please email me at tigger jenn at gmail dot com with your details so I can send this to you? Thank ya!

Over and nearly there.

Alright no more comments below I will get Mr to pick out a number for me between 1 and 15 when he gets home tonight. Goodluck to everyone!
For those wondering here in the UK I got the back out of Marie Claire magazine. Its free with the current issue. And I dont normally buy that mag but I had to this month for the bag and when I realised how nice it actually is (I use mine every day!) I had to go buy another one to give to one lucky person (sorry I dont have the mag Ive sent it off to be recycled already) .

Im just about finished with my second sock. Just have a couple more decreases to do and then a 3 needle bind off for the toe. Sorry I suck at grafting and I think a 3 needle bind off is fine. Ive done it on my socks and it seems to hold up fine. :) So Ill have pictures of those finished soon for you too look at!


Monday, November 05, 2007

My 100 post GIVE AWAY!!!

First off I am going to bore you with pictures of the sock! well socks..
I finished the first one on Saturday night when we got back from the fireworks, and yes they were beautiful! I started the second sock on Sunday but was busy so didn't really have any time to work on it. Hopefully I can finish this second sock by the weekend so that I can start the third scarf.

Now for the reason you all are here!!!

I am posting my 100th post and for that I am giving away a shopping bag (or whatever else you want to use it for!) and two bars, yep you read that right! TWO BARS of chocolate. BTW the bag is Organic Cotton it came out of a magazine and was ethically sourced, I made sure to read about it before going out to offer to you guys. I have one and I love it! I use it for when I got out and do small shops as I have two other bigger ones from a different place for my bigger shops.


The rules for the giveaway are this:
1 person will be choosen by Mark. He doesnt know this yet but who ever enters will be given a number in the order the comments come in, so if you comment first your number 1 and so on. When we close on Friday I will ask him to pick a number between one and however many.
You may enter only once. Sorry!
Leave a comment by Friday November 16th Noon (12pm) GMT.
I will let you all know who is the lucky winner soon as I can! :) I dont care where you are from Ill post it to you. All that I ask is you leave a name that I can call you by on here to get your info (Ill give you my email to get in touch!).
SP you can enter. If he picks you then I will leave it until the end of the month when you reveal yourself before asking for your info.

Im so excited!! Since moving to blogger Ive posted 100 posts.... Some have been rubbish but most have had SOMETHING to do with knitting or sewing... Hope I have 100 more happy posts to come! WOO HOO!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where I ramble on and on and on....

So I know you WANT to see the socks, and I wont dissapoint you!

Just another pair of Father and Son socks from Interweave Knits I think it was Winter 2006.

Did you notice as well?? I am knitting them with PURPLE knitting needles!!! Okay I really did hope you wouldnt notice they are DPNs me who swore them away. You know what though since using these I really like em! Now I dont think I would pick them to do sleeves with, but I do think I am knitting quicker with the dpns over the one or even two circular needles...

I got the purple knitting needles from Check em out. Great service and good prices! I cant believe I didnt mention these needles when I ordered them. Thats a lie I didnt mention them because I broke my own "I hate DPNs!!" rule so it was more if they sucked and I couldnt stand knitting with them no one would have known!! HAHAHA

Yesterday I had to run into town and pick some stuff up for my wonderful sweetie. Yes I do love him, and yes I do run into town whenever he needs me too.. But I always get myself something as well, Im not stupid! So anyways yesterday I picked myself up a copy of Friday Night Knitting Club after hearing all you other readers out there talk about it. And I couldnt resist its a book that has to do with a Knitting Club!! And I heard its going to eventually become a movie and I prefer to read the books BEFORE seeing the movie. I dont know WHEN Ill get time to read it but I WILL read it! :)

I also bought myself some BOOTS!!!! LOOK!!!!
They go up to about and inch or two below my knee. I love em! I feel a bit kinky in them as well!HAHAHA I never had boots this tall. Before you women out there shout at me, I know they arent heeled boots but I have a good reason! I DONT WEAR HEELS! Well I would LOVE to wear them but I find them uncomfortable and I find the ones you find today are stupid little things and Im sorry but I need a fat chunky heel. Because after talking to my mom I realised I walk more on my heels then the balls of my feet and to wear those stupid heels Id have to change the way I walk and Im not doing that! I have a strong walk! Okay I more have a determined get the heck out of my way I am coming through sort of walk, and that doesnt allow room for oh shoot Ive broken my ankle!!

Okay thats all for today I am off to knit on my sock and Im nearly to the heel today my plans are to finish down and past the heel and instep if I can! :) So that tomorrow I can concentrate on knitting the foot of the sock.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Melon 2 Finished!

I finished my scarf last night... well the knitting anyways. Just before doing the pictures I stitched the border closed... Now I just have to block it.. and err I stil have the other one to block as well but I just aint done it yet.. I swear I will though! :)
Here we are just getting ready for a photo shoot... still getting the makeup done? haha..

time for a close up! (okay I know these arent the BEST photos but its all I got...)

Heres all the christmas knitting Ive done so far... 2 Melon Scarfs and 1 pair of Father and Son socks....
Oh look whats that hidding under those scarfs?? I think thats my sps yarn that is BEGGING me to knit it.. but I am being good (as annoying as that is!) because I have to much xmas knitting to be done *pout!*

heres the ball of wool that is going to be a second pair of father and son socks... The colour is actualy a darkish looking denim blue... very pretty... :) I will be casting on for those this afternoon after I do my dishes...

Bought myself a pair of boots today. I asked the lady for a 6 and a 7 to try on.. The 6 was far to small but the 7 was lovely. So I said right Ill have the 7s please and thank you.. Doesnt she bloody give me the 6s!!! I didnt even check! I just assumed she listened and put the 7s in the box... So now I am sat here with a pair of boots that are to small for me and I am to lazy to go back down and deal with it today! GRRRRRR I will go back tomorrow and sort them out but can I just say I am NOT happy about it!!!!

But what does make me happy is I ordered some wool from Woolly Workshop (its for the other two scarfs and last pair of socks) and I got an email today from them saying its been shipped today! WOO HOO!!!! I know I have to knit this pair of socks before getting to play again with the Zypher Wool Silk but still just knowing its on its way makes me happy! :) And its also so I dont get bored and flipping between patterns is keeping them from being to samey! :) Ill show you guys pics when it comes. :)

PS I am nearly to my 100th post since moving over to blogger.....

Monday, October 29, 2007

Here but not.....

I still have hope that I can finish my scarf in the next two days!! Soon as I do I will post some pictures of it (unblocked of course)... And then I will be starting my second pair of xmas socks... you will be seeing alot of the same for a while still hope it doesnt get to boring for ya!
see you guys soon with pictures off to blow my nose again.. got a cold thats why I HOPE that I still finish this in the next 2 days!!......

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Got Mail?

I did... and look what I found inside!!!
2 skiens of 100% Hand Dyed Meino Wool from Hacho
2 bars of chocolate Milk chocolate and Dark... Not sure if Ill bake some choccie muffins with the dark or give it to Mark and share some goodies with him....
I also got some Haribo Starmix.. Ive never had it before (dont laugh!)
A little pink notebook, did I say it was pink? how cool is that?!?!? Shopping lists anyone? Ill be in style! WOO HOO
3 vanilla scented candles. YUM! with a holder for them. :) Mark will love when I decide to burn those once he gets over his cold...
And she wrote my note out on the CUTEST piece of paper. Its little bears in Japanesse, I think, and I think they tell you how to make sushi... But I am not sure its still REALLY CUTE! :)

Close up of the wool.. I love it!! I am going to make some fingerless mitts... probably fetching.. with these... And I LOVE what buying these does... I am all about buying things if it helps other people. I bought a friend a bag for her birthday because the part of the proceeds went to back to India to help the families out.
On the inside of the label it says:
"Peru's heritage and culture of textile artistry is one of the richest in the world. Without the shepherds tending their animals in the Peruvian Highlands we would not have this beautiful luxurious yarn. By purchasing it you are supporting the children of these sheperds and the continuation of this tradition. A portion of every purchase is dedicated directly to the funding of a school in hte remote area of Munani in the region of Puno. To find out more visit... "
How cool is that? Giving me a gift as well as someone else?? Im all about sharing the luv that way!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Moondance or Brown Eyes? Hmm

I am rolling right along with the knitting... Actually I think I am slightly ahead!! But shhh lets not tempt things shall we? :)
Ive got the body of my melon scarf complete and I have a couple of boarder repeats finished on the top but thats it... so look at the picture below imagine it longer with some floppy looking stuff on one corner thats what its looking like... I am to lazy to take my camera out and take a picture.. sorry!!
Went into town today and bought myself a pressie... I dont know why.. I just had to! :) Can Morrison Still On Top-The Greatest Hits... Soon as I came in the door I popped it into the pc and am playing it in the bg now.. :) Not sure which is my favorite by him Brown Eyed Girl (which I happen to be) or Moondance....
I first fell in love with Someone Like you was 10 nearly 11 years ago sitting in my Home Ec class watching a film about a girl who was giving her baby up for adoption and at the end of the movie that song was playing as she sat beside a lake and I just fell in love with it...
Anyways I gotta get off of here and go knit.. I am loosing precious seconds and I still have LOADS to do! YIKES!

******SORRRY!!!!!! That wasnt Moondance it was Someone Like You!!! SORRY!!!! I really need to think sometimes before I type... so now its three songs I like but the song in the movie was Somone Like You!!!**********

Monday, October 15, 2007

Socks are done and scarf is started!

So Ive finished my socks! :) I actually finished them on Friday but am only now taking their pictures... hmm maybe I should have done that on Friday they were a bit mean to me today (since I made them wait until Monday!) and they didnt want to play game and photo nicely so heres some shots of them! :)

Just relaxing on my feet (I didnt feel like stuffing them with socks again) and as they are for a mans foot thats why they dont fit mine perfectly!

Just chillin out showing off the cable action baby!

A really craptastic picture of the cable heel and gusset...

TRYING once again to show off the cable heel and gusset but its just not going my way really is it?

Took me about a week a sock. I loved the pattern so easy to memorise! and so easy to knit! :) Used 2mm socks with Regia sock wool had my wonderful darling Mark try them on his feet and he even said they fit him nicely and werent to tight and looked really good on his foot! :) He might end up with a pair of these as well! HAHAHA...

So now that Ive finished the socks Ive restarted the second Melon scarf that I messed up on and ripped (I was only a couple repeats in anyways) and Ive been making some alright progress on that...

a really crappy picture of it but hey its knitting up and thats all I am worried about! :) Ive set myself a tiny deadline of having it finished in the next 15 days! Fingers crossed I can do it before then!! All this christmas knitting is making me want to cry because I feel Ive started to late! I really hope I havent!!!