Thursday, June 28, 2007

My newest shirt

I made another shirt, I swear I love all this sweing stuff!! :) when Mark seen my shirt he told me it was the best thing Ive sewn so far! That made my day normally he just says it looks nice and thats sort of it, he doesnt get as excited at I do about things! haha, BUT he did seem happy about what I had just made... So I know you guys are just screaming show us it already.. SOOOOOOOOOO here you go! :)
I appologize for the rubbish picture, I HATE taking self timed pictures, and my batteries died! :( So I got this blurry one and then and then just one clear one of the back to show off and here that is...
Oh yeah, sorry for not smiling up in the front one, BUT I was and then by the time it clicked my face hurt for trying to sit there smilling for that long, OOPS! I really aint a grumpy person, promise. :)
The pattern is New Look 6627 vie D with modifications like not using Jersey Knit instead using Cotton. Not having the ties at the chest. Using the arms from view C, and then taking up the neck line so it didnt cut so lew down and because of that taking in the arms slightly so they sat right and didnt look like I was a huge ole american football linebacker... I have that issue from time to time since I do have wide shoulders. I dont wear shoulder pads for that reason.
My fabric came from just a local shop here that cost me £1.50 a meter and the pattern calls for 1.9 meters but I bought 2 meters. So a new shirt for £3 cant complain can ya? More then that for £3 I got the best compliment my wonderful bf could make to me! HAHAHAHA HE LIKED IT AND THOUGHT IT WAS THE BEST THING SO FAR!! WOOO HOOO
So my next sewing project is Simplicity 4558 I want to make the complete little outfit they show of views B, D, E... Nothing like having a nice smart summer outfit. Alright so right now the weather isnt suited for a nice smart summer outfit but still theres always wishing! :) And lets face it we still have another couple of months of "summer" so Im thinking it might come in THEN! ahaha...
Havent picked out my material for it yet and not entirely sure what colour I want but I do want the shirt itself to be really fun and funky, we will see what I can find when I go down to have a look. :)

I did finish my Monkey SOCK but I still have one more to go, I havent gotten the second sock syndrom yet I just havent been able to start it... I have been helping Mark out with something and its taken up all of my free time... its also put a blister on my thumb (thats gone down now) but I still have a little more to do today and then wait until he brings more home for me to do.... I just help him unpack his little down lighters from their boxes so instead of taking 4 hours it takes him an hour and a half sort of thing... (I just didnt want you guys thinking something horrible! HAAHHAHA)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I do still knit you know. :)

A couple of people have asked me if I have been knitting still the answer is Yes, I have! :)
Ive not done much knitting lately mind you because its been so hot that I just cant do many stitches before I am sitting in a pool of sweat... yes I have VERY sweaty hands and Ive tried to do things to them but Ive just learned to live with it... Mark loves me for them and always says something when I touch him with my hands! HAHAHAHAHA
I was in town a couple weeks back and the LYS down there FINALLY got in some sock yarn. Okay its only Regia, but hey, its sock yarn! Ive offered them names of yarn that they should look into but nothing ever comes of it, I suppose they prefer to stock more things for scrapbooking then for knitting. Whatever makes them money and as long as they carry SOME yarn then Im happy! :)
Anyways I THINK the colour is 5440 if its not then its 19455 but that might just be the dye lot its not in english and unfortunately I am not lucky enough to know German (I tried to learn in school but when your 18 in a class full of 15yr olds it aint the one! Specially when YOU want to learn but they DONT)
Theres me showing off the bottom of the foot and part of the heel just to get you an idea of the colour, its not so much of the bright looking red/orange its more of a pinky colour.
Thats slightly more like it but still not there, dont you just love how a flash can change the colour? :) But anyways theres what my sock looks like so far a couple weeks in, yes its those MONKEY socks but you know what I like em!! :) The pattern is EASY PEASY to memorize and Ive got alot down the past two days while standing in lines and ridding the bus, and thats only because its not been so humid and hot so Ive not been so sweaty and I can actually handle the wool....
Ive sewed a shirt, its not completely finished yet so that will probably be done tomorrow with pictures.. :) WOO HOO and I have material and another dress pattern for once thats finished. Of course my socks will still be knit on!

Monday, June 18, 2007

The all important BLACK DRESS

Yes I made myself ANOTHER dress.. I LOVE dresses!! :) What can I say Im a girly girl. When I was like 11 years old I even went fishing in a dress with my hair and makeup done all up! HAHAH....
Anyways I used the same pattern for THIS dress, but of course I made a few modifications to it. Like first of all it doesnt wrap around at all. I just took the front of the pattern traced it over to some paper and then adjusted it to what I thought would be the right size for the side seams then I cut out the top and sewed it together. I tried it on realised it was to wide so I sewed it closed further I made some slight mods then to my underarm area to make sure my bra would be properly covered it and just had to bring the top shoulder down further into the dart. I then just cut out the skirt bit of the pattern making it longer ot make sure it fit all the way around instead of being opened up. And then sewed that onto the dress. In total from ironing to pinning to cutting to sewing to being able to wear it took me a total of 6 hours, not bad! :) I used the same material as my pants from the post below so for my pants and dress it cost me a total of 10 pounds, I couldnt go to the store for that!
I couldnt get my whole body in the shot, but the dress falls midway down my calfs.. So it is rather long, and I finally have that staple black dress every lady should! :) OKay so its not shiny like some but I LOVE it and today I got ALOT of compliments on the dress.
Me just being really silly and getting that "action" shot, let me tell you I got dizzy waiting for the self timer to go off for it! HAHAHA
And one more just because I was trying to get the perfect shot and you know I just like showing off that I have only been sewing for like a month and a half or something? WOO HOO!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Complete Outfit!

So its been to hot/muggy here lately to knit, instead I have been playing with my sewing machine! :D WOO HOO!! And lookie! I made myself a complete outfit! :) yes I made them in mind of going with each other and of course I can put other stuff with them like jeans or a different top.. I love my sewing machine ya know! :)
Mark though I was slightly crazy wanting to show off my pants like that, but I am proud of them!! :) They are a Burday Pattern from last months magazine. They do have pockets, honest, I just forgot to stick my hand in to show that fact off... AND I ADDED MY FIRST ZIP!! LOOKIE!!! :D
I was SOOO proud of that. My sweet mom called just after I tried to do it the first time and realised I messed up so I was unpicking the stitches while talking to her on the phone. Got off the phone after our conversation and redid the zip soon as I was done I came running in and showed it off to Mark who wasnt as impressed as I was! HAHAHA But then I called my mom and she got excited with me instead! ehhehe.. :) I was just happy at how close I got the material to the zip and I they flappy bit lays nicely over it to cover it all up! :)
And heres my shirt! :) I used again a Burda pattern but it was one of the free downloads on their website. :) I did a size that was supposed to be two sizes to small on me, but honestly I think I could have gone even smaller with it.I had to cut the shoulder bits down becuase I kept loosing the elastic in the neck! OOPS! but then I am glad I did, I also added the little belty looking bit around the front, of which Mark hates the look, sorry hun!! If I didnt put that there I looked like I was wearing a tent and err I didnt fancy doing it!
Heres a close up of the neck line. :) The elastic goes all the way around so it all has the scruched thing going on. Sorry about the necklace being twisted, Mark got that for me my first christmas here. :D and umm ignore the spotty neck please and thank you! :)
Now I am off to go figure what dress to sew myself now! HAHAH :) I LOVE MY SEWING MACHINE!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who does that?!?!

Yesterday I did my laundry, not such a big deal. I then took it and hung it up out the back, again not such a big deal. But what happened next I honestly cant believe, because really WHO DOES THAT?!? I have two lines hanging out the back, I LOVE hanging our clothes up to dry (and hey when you have to pay at the laundrette to dry, or get it free and smelling great you just do it that way). So anyways I ran across the street not noticing anything out of the blue and got some elastic for a shirt Im sewing and got me a little polish treat, wafer bars covered in chocolate with bits of hazlenut YUM!, so anyways I come back home and I just stop dead in my tracks as I am going back into the yard. Right in the middle of all the laundry hanging on the outside line theres a BIG GAP! OMG! Wheres the shirt that was there?!? Did the pegs break and it fell off and is now in the corner from being blown about? Hold on it isnt windy enough for that! SERIOUSLY WHERED THE SHIRT GO?!?! So Im looking all around and then I spot there isnt a darn thing wrong with the pegs BUT they are on tighter then I hung the shirt with. I leave them hanging with the big end so it doesnt crease the clothes... So someone has come into our back yard, mind you I did have the gate open because I never close it incase Mark gets home early then he can just pull his car straight in. Still that doesnt invite people into our yard to steal our clothes!!! Seriously, WHO DOES THAT?!? Of course that made me bring in the clothes that were out there and they had to finish drying hanging out in the house its just not the same as outside. But I suppose for now one the gates will have to be shut and locked when I hang the clothes out to dry. Ive NEVER had that happen before and like I say I hang our clothes out all the time, the only time I dont is when its raining or in the winter.... So if someone sees a person walking around in Marks tshirt (its not even a new one! And it was a work one!) will you let me know so I can say something! GEESH!