Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Melon 1 Done!! :D

I FINISHED MY SCARF ON SATURDAY NIGHT!! But Im only just now getting around to bloggin about it.. hmm how did that happen??? Yeah I dont know either.. Ive not washed and blocked it yet.. but I wont be doing that until I finish all the scarfs and then just get it done all in one go.. so here they are in their finished unblocked glory just for you guys out there! :)

Its just all laid out and relaxing on the floor...

Closer picture of it with what was left up in the corner.

Rounding the edge...

and it got tired of laying out wanted to cuddle up in a ball instead (dont worry I dont leave it that way)
Yarn Fiddlesticks Jaggerspun 50% Merino/Silk blend
Colour Suede
Size 4mm circular needles for the whole thing.
I LOVED knitting this it was REALLY easy even the border was easy to knit on and memorize! Obviously this is my christmas knitting for Marks sisters and Mum. So below is another one started in their Plum colourway...


This watch I got yesterday at Debenhams. Aint it pretty?? (btw thank you to debs for their photo that I "borrowed") When I showed this to Mark he said "Leave it to you to get something like that!" My reply was "What? you mean because its got flowers on it?" And his reply was "Yes!"... heheh oops I didnt MEAN to get it with flower, honest! Its just the only one that I liked for 20£... I dont wear watches often so I really didnt fancy paying loads for one that eventually will end up in the back of my drawer... who knows its cute enough I may just always wear it.....

And meet our new plants! The only other plant we have is a Christmas Cactus, I bought him AGES ago on sale at Sainsburrys but its not flowerd since I got it.. fingers crossed it finally flowers agian this year! But since I been here Marks never been fussed over houseplants but the other day we were at the local B&Q and ended up passing these and he said how about we got one? so we got the first and third one pictured and then the next day we went back up for something else and came home with the middle one.. OOPS! haha I love em.. they pretty!...

Right finally got you guys some pictures up and finished one scarf I am off of here now to update my Ravelry and knit some more on the plum scarf... WOO HOO!...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Its growing Its growing, Its NEARLY grown!

Oh I am so excited! The Melon is growing by leaps and bounds!! :) I have finished the body of the scarf!! Well I finshed it the other day. I have also knitted on the top of the border will be picking up and starting the first long edge tomorrow. To much to do today I am afraid! and Ive been busy this weekend or would have already started it!...
No pictures I will take some soon, promise! Just got so excited I had to share that its getting there and looking oh so pretty! :)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where are you?

I am still knitting on my melon scarf. :) and my MS3 stole is still sitting in the same spot it was last week.
Melon has to come first though because its a gift. I love it though becuase its such an easy knit. :) I get a couple repeats done each night while sitting here relaxing. The Jaggerspun Zypher isnt a bad yarn and its really nice to wrap around my neck (just testing out the size you know) and am glad that I picked that yarn to make all the scarfs with. :) I am sure that the ladies will all enjoy their scarfs if I get them knit in time... EEKS!
I have also picked out the cardigan I want to knit for myself... Originally it was the Tilted Duster from the current IK but now its changed to the twisted yolk or something like that from Eunny Jang, still in the current IK. Who knows when Ill get to that...
I also got the current Burda sewing mag and theres a few things out of that I really like the look of and wouldnt mind dusting off my sewing machine and make... Of course that means I have to stop being lazy and go buy myself some fabric, or maybe that should be I have to find time!! I swear Im not sure what takes up all my time in my day but come time to actually do things I find its nearly the end of the night.. OOPS!
Alright update/rant over I have to go to the grocery store and find something for dinner tonight!

**Oh yeah.... ZhiWen the Zypher came in little balls from www.woollyworkshop.co.uk ready to go soon as they land on the door step. :)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Christmas knitting in September!

I got PART of my order on Friday and in it was my Zypher laceweight yarn in Suede. Soon as I had it I HAD to cast it on my needles!! :) Okay its actually gift knitting (of which I stopped doing but decided to do for this xmas!) so I figure Ive got alot coming up that I would LIKE to do (if it all gets done is another matter). But heres some pictures!!
And another one because I feel like it. :)
Of course its the melon pattern from Victorian Lace Today... I love the stuff in the book!! Even Mark likes the pattern so far. :) Ive knitted on this all weekend. I knit slow I know... but I have gotten somewhere at least! Ive done nothing on it yet today I swear I do to much rubbish that amounts to nothing instead of sitting down and getting somewhere on my knitting!!! At least we got clean clothes for tomorrow I suppose that accounts for SOMETHING?? :)
Okay off to do dishes then I will sit down and knit... promise!