Thursday, November 29, 2007

Indigo and Ruby

After getting upset over the indigo melon I just sat it to the side and started a new melon.. my last melon.. a ruby melon. Its beautiful! I was going to start the last pair of socks until I realised the yarn I ordered for them was the same colour as the first pair I knit. OOOPS! I bought the first pairs wool in town and ordered the third online and I realised it a little to late it was the same colour.. me thinks I prefer the grey colour!
So anyways I was going to order a second ball for the indigo melon but I really didnt fancy waiting for it to be delievered I feel I am already pushing the christmas deadline a bit close as it is considering its the 29th of november and Im not even half way finished with my ruby melon okay Ive only got that and one more pair of socks to knit Ill be fine.... Well I put the ruby over onto some holding yarn and picked up the indigo and had a little talk with it. This is what I said "please when I rip part of your border off and repick up stitches and reknit you I will avoid a couple of pickups if you promise to give me enough yarn!". I know I really should have ordered another ball but I only skiped one from each repeat (it makes since in my head) that I knit on the end border and two stitches from the side border. It looks alright as well you know. Each border repeat needs 4 picked up stitches. I did that but I would skip one stitch in between each repeat and then right in the middle of each repeat I ignored the stitch as well without being blocked it looks fine. Hopefully once I block it, it continues to look fine!! And yes my indigo was nice to me! I was able to finish and have JUST enough to sew the two edges together and let out a little cry of delight. That was Tuesday night. Wednesday the only thing I repeated to Mark was "oh yeah Im good..... I am the queen of saving knits...... aint I good???..... look your sisters got a scarf!!..... oh yeah I just ROCK!" I think he was ready to stuff a dirty sock down my neck to shut me up by the end of the night! HAHAHAH
shes all pretty aint she??? :) Now I just have to block the thing out... now I dont like that... do you know how long I sit on my knees with pins that poke and HURT??? I cant tell you how many time I poke myself not paying attention and just reaching into my pot of pins... GRRR! hahah but I love it... its finished!!!

Oh what you heard there was a ruby as well you wanted to see??? OKAY!
I hate the the colouring of the picture looks like its the plum one. but I promise you its not! When you hold the two together its an OMG you really ARE different and SOOO different as well! but on its own it looks purpleish.... oh well! I hate this winter light....
I promise when they are all finish I will try and get REALLY GOOD pictures of each! :)
Have a great day Ive got to knit!!


Anonymous said...

beautiful! and do i spy my stitch markers?! sp x

Amy said...

From what I can see, it doesn't look that bad

andi said...

Doesn't look bad to me either.

felinity said...

Wow, I'm so impressed at your holiday gift dedication! And you're knitting them up so fast!

They look fantastic. For some reason though my brain is completely fascinated by the name 'melon' for a scarf -- I can't stop saying it in my head...