Friday, November 30, 2007

Getting spoiled oh yeah!

I have really cool friends!! So cool that one of em decided she was tired of reading about all the cool swaps I been doing with people and decided to do a swap between us... And I never thought about swapping things between friends... like I said I have cool friends!!!
Well she lives in the land of Oz which makes her even cooler because Ive always wanted to live in Australia!!!! But look I got pictures now.. okay they may be from stamps but still! HA!
We just decided to keep the swap small and since shes not a knitter.. I know people dont faint! Im TRYING to convert her but she just doesnt fall for it! HAHAHAHA so we decided smell good stuff and bath thingies heres what I got...
A box full of bubble wrap!! HAHAH Sorry Nikki that one was for you and for everyone else err its a joke that started some how between us and two other girls that sort of got out of hand so its still rather amusing to me... no sersiouly though this is what I got...
Which turned into this...
Lip gloss bath fizzy things and cookies!
really yummie looking sweets (I still havent opened Im being good you know!!) soap (Mango and shea butter to go with the mango lip gloss above) and a rose bath set.
All of it came from Nikki in Australia who not only does she not knit but she also doesnt own a blog... But regardless of her faults. (heheh luv ya girlie) she still bloody ROCKS!!!! And THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR ALL THE ROCKIN GOODIES!!!
*I still cant believe it only took a week to get delivered now I feel like a bum because mines not turned up to you yet!!*


AmyH said...

That's a good idea! It all looks great!

andi hooked on string said...

Very nice parcel.

Name: Nikki said...

Heyyyyy Jennnnnn!! I just saw this now. Woohoo, I'm so pleased you liked all the stuff, you are most welcome. Those Tim Tams are to die for, so you've been warned.....haha.
You're such a crack up the way you talked about it all & posting all the pics. Especially the one of the bubble wrap. That made me laugh.
Hehe I got a mention on your blog, how cool is that? LOL.