Friday, April 18, 2008

Brompton is finito

I have had a fantastic last two days. :) My sweetie took some time off of work and we just laid around the house relaxing... But I was relaxing in my newly finished blue cardigan! WOO HOO! oh you want to see it do you? :)
I was outside thats why it was buttoned all the way up I dont have it like that when Im inside I leave the top two or three undone and it just looks nicer but that wind yesterday was a bit cold! This sweater went QUICK! heres some specs on it. :)
Brompton by Alice Bell
Used 4.0mm on the edge and 5.5mm on the body and arms.
made an inbetweeny size because of the change in needles. My basket weave looks NOTHING like hers looks a bit like a broken rib pattern to be honest but I loved it thats why I didnt bother doing anything to sort that out the second time I knit it.
Yes I said second time because I had to rip my first attempt out it was WAY to tight of a gauge and I was running out of wool.
The wool was some stuff off of ebay. 100% wool was a little scratchy to work with but I think its turned out alright once it got knitted up.
I would knit this again because its simple and quick. even sewing down the button bands was easy! :)

I still havent sorted that zipper out for my black sorranoish cardigan. Hopefully I will get around to that in the next few days and buy the correct sort of zipper!
I did cut out the dress I wanted to make I did sew it together but I also made a HUGE mistake and need to undo the side seams and fix it yes I sewed it to small thats what I get for trying to rush! Its in the naughty corner (maybe I should be there instead since its not the dresses fault?) right now and soon as I stop being mad at it Ill sort it.
I got 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult its her newest book out. I love reading her books! Started that the other day but didnt read much yesterday of it because there was some things on telly I wanted to watch so finally my hippo socks are getting worked on again and making some progress I MIGHT actually finish those one day now!
alright theres your catch up.. :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Zippers, buttons, and cutting

I have my lacey cardi finished and sewed up. I went into town the other day and bought a zipper for it but it was a dress zipper! GRRRRR!! We wont go into how ANNOYED I was when I got home and realised I couldnt finish wear and take pictures of my cardi! So Im going to have to go back into town and sort that out I dont know when but Ill do it eventually.
I ripped out and have reknit my blue cardi as well. It was to tight and was using way to much of the yarn. Im nearly finished now with the body and already got the buttons ready for that when I finish. :)
I have copied and cut out the dress pattern that I want to make out of last months Burda magazine but Ive yet to actually cut the dress out of the material. I will get to that soon as well. To much to do to little time!
Hopefully Ill get pictures of everything soon to show it all off! :)
Have a great day!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Brown Grey and Blue

Gee its been a while! Sorry about that.... Okay so I told you how I bought Delia Smiths cheats cookbook well that Thursday my sweetie went out with an old friend and left me all alone (feel sorry for me people! HAHAHA).. okay he did go out and I was at home but I had a good night! So much so I made the chocolate cake out of her book! :) It used frozen mashed taters and I didnt really believe that it would be nice but you know what it actually was! I never thought I would EVER say that but there you go! :)
Thats them sitting in there pathetic looking muffin cases.. I didnt want a full cake but I dont have a muffin tin. The one I did have we ruined when making yorkshire puddings and so its good for nothing now... anyways I just placed all the paper cups into a roasting tin and filled them up and cooked them for little peices of cake! :) Thats the icing that you make for them. YUM!
I took a small bite and dug in for the second when I remembered to take a picture! OOPS I was to excited to try! :) I had left over icing so I took a pint of milk and made a really yum cup of hot chocolate to go with chocolate cake, yes I was a bit chocolated out at the end of the night. :) But the cake was really good!! Theres a couple other things I want to try out of her book as well eventually I will. :)

Away from baking I did finish the sleeves of my sweater. I just finally got around to washing them and doing a very lazy and quick block on them, and thats why they are looking rubbish in the photo. I still need to knit the rest of the neck band and figure out how I want to close up the sweater and sew things together but its getting there and I am happy.

And I have started another cardigan. This one is Brompton and I am speeding happily along becuase its mindless knitting. Oh how I love that! the wool is from Ebay they said its 100% wool and its slightly darker then its showing in the photo.

Alright thats my update finally hopefully Ill soon be showing you a finished grey cardi!