Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Babies and Puppies

I just want to say Congratulations to my SIL she had a baby girl on Monday morning! The blanket will be given to her when she comes over in probably a bit under 2 months. I also have bits of a teddy bear I was supposed to make but never put together that I shall do for her as well since its pink! If I can find all the pieces that is!

In knitting news I have finished the graphs on the arms of my cardi. Now I just need to finish knitting them to length knit the bands and then put it togther and its finished. Think I can do that all by christmas this year? HAHAHAH When I do manage to sit down and knit I remember why I love it so much and realise just how much I actually miss it. The feel of the wool/cotton whatever it is Im using slipping around my fingers and watching it get longer row by row its a good feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention the whole thought of having something to wear when finished is also a nice thought! :) So then why don't I do more? Easy there's always something else that needs doing first!
I've not been running the last week and a half because the dogs not been to well. I know bad excuse, leave him home and go do it on your own! Well I would apart from the fact I do not like leaving the dog home alone! I do if I HAVE to and hes fine I just don't LIKE to do it! His ear has been playing up and we took him in to get it looked at on Friday which we realised on Thursday because he never bothered it I just happend to catch sight of it not looking clever. So we were given some pills and told to come back this week so they could sedate him and clean it out and look properly since he wasnt letting them! Yes our puppy boy can be VERY stubborn when he wants to be, but he is a sweetheart! So we took him in yesterday and I had to leave him there. Oh I was so lost! I didnt know what to do! So I went shopping just so that I didnt have to come home. Finally I did and everything I was doing I kept expecting him to come running in to see what was going on! Finally we got to go pick him back up!! Nurse told me he was great, very well behaved, and so lovely. When they brought him out to us I honestly thought they were giving us the wrong dog. He looked so out of it. Well thats becauase he was. Took him until about 10 oclock to finally start acting normal!!! But he did figure out how to open the cupboard and take out his bag of biscuits and throw them on the floor trying to eat as many as he could before being found out! HAAHA This morning hes fine! Running around playing like nothings wrong. :) His ears been cleaned out and we were given some ear cleaner and drops to put in to clear up any bits that might be left. Also we gave his ears the clean this morning with the drops and he was such a good boy! Took them without to much of a fight! he did LIKE them but he also let us do it! :)
I must go and do my exercises now. Joy oh Joy! haha

Monday, March 29, 2010

Running Mad

I finished the baby blanket for SIL but I still havent washed and dried it.. OOPS! I really need to do that so we can send it off! Then I started a pair of socks. Because who wants to knit a winter cardi that she cant wear just yet? Okay more its to big to pull out and I just wanted something small and easy. But of course I start knitting the socks and refuse to admit what I know 70sts is to big for me. I need something smaller. Then add that its a lace pattern its going to be far to big. UGH! so after 17 (think thats what it was) rows I finally admitted I just needed to rip it out and start over! 17 rows normally wouldnt be that bad of a thing, but that took me all day to get done in between stopping the dog eating the ball of wool and playing with him. See why I said I wanted something small and easy? :) And nope Im not complaining I love me some puppy! So Ive started over but I only have the cuff done which is 3 rows! HAHA
I watched New Moon and it then made me pull out Eclipse and start to read it. I NEED to know whats going to happen. Im still upset that Breaking Dawn isnt out on paperback yet. I dont really like hard back books as the dont "match" with my other books which are all paperback. Anyways I keep picking the book up every free second to read a page or two and since OH was home this weekend I got a couple of chapters read while he entertained puppy boy instead! woo hoo!
So last week we didnt go running, Tyson had a very dodgy tummy and took a couple days to get right so I decided best just give him a break and of course that was the perfect excuse to give me a break as well! HAHA So back on it this morning we were out there running along happily thinking I was tracking our run and pace! Im not really sure what happened but it wasnt saved! I paused and ended the workout like normal and then went to check it out and it wasnt saved!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO We took the same route as we did the last time we ran on Friday before and that was 3.37 miles so as it was the same we did that again. Only problem is we did run faster, as we spent more time running this time then taking our walking breaks! So I havent a clue our best mile. THAT STINKS!!
Anyways Ill leave you with a funny photo of my sweet puppy! :) This was taken yesterday while we were all at the park, he was concentrating very hard on the choccie drop that was being offered if he sat still. There are others where he was trying to jump and get it but this one just made me laugh. His big slobber jaws get stuck behind his teeth so they show and we just laugh. Didnt even know I got this shot until we got home and were looking at them.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Wow, I dont really know where to begin! Its been nearly 5 months since updating here last. Theres so much that has happened and at the same time so little has happened!
I finished the scarfs and the pair of socks (that I forgot to photograph!) for christmas. Everyone loved their gifts. Always makes me happy when they do! Ive finished the body of the cardi and then Ive started to sleeves I just havent finished. I am nearly finished crocheting a baby blanket for OH sister who is due shortly. So really I need to get a movin and finish that!! Heres a photo of the baby blanket:
Its much bigger now and Im nearly done but trying to decided if I should go buy one more ball of cotton yarn so I can make it a bit longer. When I work on it it goes rather quickly but I dont always keep it at hand.
At the end of October (which this is the main reason Ive been so quiet!) we picked up a puppy:
Hes kept us VERY busy! And hes the main reason my knitting has suffered and Ive been so quiet on here. NO I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!! I love our little boy very much!
Come on, who couldnt resist and love a face like that? :) We are very lucky becuases he is a VERY good puppy! Doesnt chew the house up, he is house trained, can walk nicely on a lead, sits, stays, lays down, gives you his paw, high five, speaks, and can be trusted off lead as long as other dogs arent around. Hes really good and just wants to play with other dogs but he forgets hes a puppy and not all dogs want to play with him, not to mention he forgets his manners and completely ignores us calling him back! I know he just wants to play! Hes nice to the mail man in fact when we see him walking he wants to always go over and say hello! He understands Daddys home and gets VERY excited to go greet him at the door. Hes a good puppy and normally is a pretty quiet dog. Still remember the first time he barked, he scared us! Thought something was wrong! Since its been warming up Ive been going out running and he comes along with me. Then we get these nice peaceful times where hes not trying to constantly get us to play, and even that we dont mind.
Thats his favorite toy. Hes had it since we first got him. When you think hes forgotten about it he pulls it out and wont leave it alone for days.
So thats what Ive been doing lately. I will try to update more often but sometimes its finding the time to sit down and update. Will take proper photos of the baby blanket before I send it to the Mum as well. And will TRY to finish my cardi even if its coming up to summer and I wont be able to wear it I want it sorted for next winter! Thinking ahead since I planed to have it for this winter but failed miserably! Ive not given up on knitting its just taken a back seat. Same as Ive not given up on running!
Right need to go feed our little monster! Hope to see you all back soon with another update!