Thursday, May 24, 2007

MY DRESS!!!!!!

I finished my dress at 11am yesterday and I wore it out! WOO HOO!! I got ALOT of compliments on it from people who know me... :) I even had one lady ask if I could make her one! :) Makes one feel good when ones only been sewing for what 2 or 3 weeks??? And this is the third clothing item Ive made! (5th thing in all that I sewed, the wee bag and the mishapen coaster) I love it! :) I have another 7 patterns (one of which is a robe so I wont use it) coming that I won off of ebay they are patterns from the 60s...

Thank you Andi and Amy on the comments about my shirt.. :) and mom thank you for the email.. :) I was proud of that shirt! :) I plan on making another shirt thingy over the next couple of days using the same material as that one but with it purple instead of orange.. Hopefully I can pull that one off without a pattern as well.. I think its helped that I knit so that I have an idea how things should be laid out. :)

On to the dress! I know thats the only reason your here looking! :P

Pattern is Retro Butterick '52 B 4790 Fast and Easy (and it was)

It called to use Bias tape, well after talking to my mom and she confirming what I thought its just a nice way to cover up your hems I decided NOT to use any, for a couple of reasons. One I couldnt find any locally, two what I could find (on ebay) was expensive, three Im impatient and wanted the dress NOW! hahah.. So I took my time and folded all the edges over and hemmed them all up and they look fine. :) took an hour just to do the ironing of the hems to stay put but worth it in the end because the edging looks great. (in my opinion!)

It took an evening to iron pin and cut out the pattern, probably doesnt take people who are used to sewing htat long but there was alot of sitting on the floor smoothing out my fabric, talking to Mark, watching telly and THEN pinning down. It then took a following two days to sew it, could have taken just one day but I only sewed up the darts and the tops of the arms and then ironed all the seams to lay the correct way. Then the next day I got buttons for it the day after (yesterday) I did the hemming. The skirt while I was sewing I just kept thinking the curse of the never ending hem! That skirt goes on for ages!!! BUT Its so pretty and full when on and swishy! Was slightly windy yesterday as well and it was blowing and swishing right around me.. I felt so girly and pretty! HAHAHA

PICTURE TIME!!! (theres a fair few!)

The front!!! :)


The back! :)


Left side.


Right side (I know looks the same but I want to show this baby off! HAHA)


And another shot of the front just because I can!! :)


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wanna see my new shirt?

I got pictures!!! Loads of pictures so it may take some time... :)
First picture up is of my shirt that I made. :) Without a pattern as well I may add! I am very proud of it.. and I had to show this picture because Mark was rather happy that I stood by the speaker and was going to take pictures of it instead of me so I thought I had better bend down to get into the picture with it! HAHAHA
I had been wearing this all day and this was taken in the evening so thats why its slightly wrinkly... But it is a better view of the shirt.. Like I said, I am very proud of it because it was done without a pattern. :)
This is the material I choose for my dress. :) Its coming along BEAUTIFULLY!! :) There will be more pictures of it tomorrow when hopefully its completley finished.... planning on finishing it today. Need to buy some buttons and hem this bad boy! WOO HOO!!! I am going to have a beautiful dress when Im finished just need to get Mark to take me out somewhere nice now! hehe...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

1... 2... 3....

I havent completely givin up on the whole blogging world just yet. :) Nor on the knitting or sewing.. Its just been a bit slow coming as of late...
It turned cold this week and rainy, ugh... So glad its turned blue skys again! :) I did however pick up my scarf and knit on. I didnt get a full repeat of it finished but I did get one NEARLY finished. Hey between cleaning, running around, and being lazy playing video games you dont have much time! hehe... But I still knit and I realise I do still love to do it! :)
I also cut out a tank top and sewed it together, but didnt use a pattern for it so that took a bit to do! Its not the greatest but Ill still wear it, will have to get some pictures of it soon! :) I also cut out a dress pattern, Ill be showing that off in all its glory once its finished as well... I cant wait for it to be done! :) Its a vintage Butterick pattern from 1952... I cant think of the number at the moment its in the back room so when I post all about it Ill give you all the proper information. :) But I just know its going to be pretty! :)
Alright thats all for now next time I post Ill have pictures! :)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

One word

You can only give one word answers, so here I go. Tag! You’re it will be at the end.
*this came from Andi*

1. Yourself: sore
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, significant other: working
3. Your hair: messy
4. Your mother: wonderful
5. Your father: distant
6. Your favorite item: good book
7. Your dream last night: strange
8. Your favorite drink: diet coke (at the moment)
9. Your dream car: a TRUCK
10. The room you are in: living room
11. Your ex: Cant remember
12. Your fear: Bugs EEEKSSS
13. What you want to be in 10 years? Happy
14. Who you hung out with last night? sexy Mark. :)
15. What you’re not: sad
16. Muffins: blueberry mmmm
17. One of Your Wish List Items: Mommy
18. Time: More
19. The last thing you did: sleep
20. What you are wearing: jammies
21. Your favorite weather: snow
22. Your favorite book: fiction
23. The last thing you ate: omelette
24. Your life: wonderful
25. Your mood: sleepy
26. Your best friend: Mommy
27. What are you thinking about right now? nothing
28. Your car: none (Marks a Mazda that count??)
29. What are you doing at the moment? blogging
30. Your summer: nice
31. Your relationship status: in love
32. What is on your TV? news
33. What is the weather like? cloudy to rain
34. When is the last time you laughed? last night
Tag! Your turn:
Whoever would like to reveal things about them. :)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

First pair of pants

Friday evening I sat with my sewing machine... I cut and ironed and folded material but in the end I had a very comfortable pair of wrap pants. :)
And heres the back
I am not sure why I left the ribbon hanging down the back like that, its supposed to be pulled round to the front and tied in the front...
Heres where I got the pattern
As you can see the front wraps around to the back and is tied and then the back gets wrapped to the front where it is tied. I wore them all day yesterday and didnt have a single problem with them coming undone. But just in case I did put a safty pin in the back so that if they came undone I wouldnt have to bother with the front piece falling down!
I got the material from the market in town for 1.50 a meter. Bought 2 meters and still have loads left. Im not entirely sure if Im going to fold back the sides some more so that they arent as wide or leave them as is.
But for my first proper thing I dont think they are to bad!! :) I got some more material in the back and in the next couple of days plan on making myself a really nice top out of it. :)
Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Camera Working Pictures!!

WOO HOO Got my memory card working... I flicked the switch on the side of the card that I never knew existed... Must have done it the last time I was putting the card back into the camera??? Thankfully the lovely bf knew what to do! So what you have been waiting for, pictures!!!
My pretty little sewing machine! :D
The little bag I made as my first project, I still havent gone and gotten some ribbon to tie it shut with...
Look I even put a little side strip thingy in it!! :) (it was full with remotes to make it look like it was being used hehe)
This is what I made yesterday!! :) Cut the bits out by myself, then sewn them together, its a pathetic attempt at a coaster I know, but the end that isnt squared off I sewed the tip to the wrong side was so annoyed I just flipped it under and decided to have the tea pot shape, and not to mention I didnt realise it anyways until after I was doing the edging anyways.. OOPS!
So thats the pictures I have to show for right now, Im so excited.. WOO HOO got Burda Magazine yesterday just to have some patterns for when I get decent enough to try a proper pattern.... Yesterday I showed Mark my coaster and said aint it great?!?!? His reply was please tell me your not going to show me one of these every day and ask aint it great to them all are you?!?! I said no but Im just showing you that I am TRYING to get there with my lines. :) But then his remark back was really sweet... "Well for all I know in 6months you might be making some Kate Moss looking clothes" And that was a compliment... even if I dont like her it was still a compliment to me.. :) And ya know what, Im gonna flippin do it!!! hahah
Right now its getting a bit colder I was going to knit on my scarf last night but we rented World Trade Center off of Film Flex On Demand so I didnt want to waste that 3.50 by looking down, and I dont think I could have knit even if I wanted to I was crying the whole time nearly, I warned Mark before we even started!!.... I dont think its a movie Id be able to watch all the time just because Im a whimp when it comes to movie watching, ask my mother shell tell you all about The Horse Whisperer and my step dad and I bawlling our eyes out why she tried not to laugh at us..... Both are good films by the way. :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I got it,,,, I got it!!!...

Im not happy.... I was going to take a photo of my new sewing machine and its saying I cant that my card is locked, HOW THE HECK DID MY CARD GET LOCKED?!?!?! *got that out now back to normal posting*


I got the above flower on Monday when I went into town they were passing them out then asking you to go check out the newly opened loos, I just found it really funny but I think the flower is pretty... :) Its still sat here mind you its looking scruffy so now sure it will last much longer...
So as you seen above, I got my sewing machine.. told you I wouldnt be able to wait! :) I havent yet got Mark an xbox, give me till next month and that will be here I am sure.. haah
You can see which one I got there, and if you dont fancy clicking it I got a Brother XL2230 11 automatic stitch settings, and a 4 step button hole maker, and if I am really lazy I can use the sewing machine to sew on my buttons, umm I think Ill still do that by hand thanks!.... I did make something tiny last night, its not great but its mine! :) Id show you but again my card has somehow managed to lock itself and I havent a clue how to unlock it becuase I dont know how it locked in the first place.. UGH! I also wanted to show off the pretty material that I bought to eventually do myself a skirt in... But I cant.. :(
No knittings been done, I think I need a project with less of a cold weather feel, maybe Ill take the sock yarn I got and make the mister a pair. :) I think then I can turn him to knitted socks.. hahaa.....
Alright enjoy the weather and Ill update later (hopefully he can fix my mem card tonight...)