Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Melon 2 Finished!

I finished my scarf last night... well the knitting anyways. Just before doing the pictures I stitched the border closed... Now I just have to block it.. and err I stil have the other one to block as well but I just aint done it yet.. I swear I will though! :)
Here we are just getting ready for a photo shoot... still getting the makeup done? haha..

time for a close up! (okay I know these arent the BEST photos but its all I got...)

Heres all the christmas knitting Ive done so far... 2 Melon Scarfs and 1 pair of Father and Son socks....
Oh look whats that hidding under those scarfs?? I think thats my sps yarn that is BEGGING me to knit it.. but I am being good (as annoying as that is!) because I have to much xmas knitting to be done *pout!*

heres the ball of wool that is going to be a second pair of father and son socks... The colour is actualy a darkish looking denim blue... very pretty... :) I will be casting on for those this afternoon after I do my dishes...

Bought myself a pair of boots today. I asked the lady for a 6 and a 7 to try on.. The 6 was far to small but the 7 was lovely. So I said right Ill have the 7s please and thank you.. Doesnt she bloody give me the 6s!!! I didnt even check! I just assumed she listened and put the 7s in the box... So now I am sat here with a pair of boots that are to small for me and I am to lazy to go back down and deal with it today! GRRRRRR I will go back tomorrow and sort them out but can I just say I am NOT happy about it!!!!

But what does make me happy is I ordered some wool from Woolly Workshop (its for the other two scarfs and last pair of socks) and I got an email today from them saying its been shipped today! WOO HOO!!!! I know I have to knit this pair of socks before getting to play again with the Zypher Wool Silk but still just knowing its on its way makes me happy! :) And its also so I dont get bored and flipping between patterns is keeping them from being to samey! :) Ill show you guys pics when it comes. :)

PS I am nearly to my 100th post since moving over to blogger.....


Bonnie said...

Ohhh Awesome scarves chickie!!
Where's mine?? ROFL Just kidding!!
I have something for you here http://berriedreams.com/?p=494
Please come check it out!!
Hugs, Bonnie

Knitman said...

I love your colour choices, Jenn. Good work and those socks are right up my street.

Amy said...

I love that purple and can't wait to see the rest of the gifts! Happy Halloween!

KnitYoga said...

Love the latest melon - the colour's gorgeous - and I can't wait to see which colour/s you've chosen in the Zephyr from WW!