Thursday, December 13, 2007

chocolate sock 1 down 1 to go

I finished the first of the brown socks last night. Now I have started the second one and am knitting on it. I havent even finished the cuff yet.. Its been one of those days where I climbed back into bed and stayed nice and warm and slept! SHHH dont tell Mark! HAHAHA But still I am making some good time on the socks. I should finish the cuff before to long and get a good bit down the leg. Hopefully tomorrow finishing the leg and starting the heel. And then this weekend if I get time finishing the rest of the sock.. Oh how nice would that be to have them finished by the start of next week and then having a whole week to do what I want? Mainly try to knit on my MS3. I wanted to finish that for chrismtas and make myself an outfit but thats just not going to happen!
So I am going to get off of here now and go work on my second sock.
OH YEAH! I figured out the whole wrapping up of the scarfs. I just got 2 green and 2 red gift bags and dropped the scarfs into them and then stuck some white tissue paper on top and they look REALLY PRETTY sitting under the tree. I havent figured out if I will do the same with the socks or if I will just wrap them.... still thinking on it. :)

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