Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring time fun!

I really need to stop putting things off. Ive got no excuse for it other then just deciding to go and do other things instead or not wanting to form proper sentences. Actually do I ever form proper sentences even what I think I want too?!??
I finished my Spring Time Hippos a week ago.. LOOK!
Arent they pretty? I am still very upset at one of them for making me knit and rip and reknit and rerip the heel of it.. But Im getting over it because they are finished! So comfy too! :)
Some information for you one these cutie patooties!
Pattern is Pomatomus by Cookie A
Yarn is Wendy Happy 75% Bamboo 25% Nylon in colour Aquarius (I didnt realise they were named for star signs until I went to look something up I just liked the colours! Im a Capricorn)
Knit on 2.25mm DPNS my purple ones that Im madly in love with becauses they are purple!
This is the second time Ive knit this pattern and I still loved it this time round. They took AGES to do becauses I started out kniting on them only one day a week and then finally took them up as my main knitting project and finished them right away (well after fighting the heel on tthe second sock for forgetting where I was!) I would knit this pattern over and over its just pretty to me! :)
see even they are in love with each other! :)

Im currently crocheting the cover project of the current Interweave Crochet. Its going smoothly after adjusting the amount of stitches I started with. I for some reason had it like 20 some odd inches long and it werent supposed to be that long so Ive adjusted and now goiing smoothly along. Almost finished with the front bottom half to go and do the same thing for the back bottom half. :) Okay here have a look...
This is Bernat Satin and is 100% Acrylic, my mom sent it to me as a gift. And its lovely... but she sent me the grey I made the Feb Lady sweater from to go with it and Im not using the two together so this pink on its own is very umm PINK can you dye acrylic yarn without ruining it and with it actaully taking?? Im not sure what colour I will do it but Im sure when I finish I will want to change the colour my mom is cool with me doing this, I didnt want to hurt her feelings! But I just need to know if it will work before I waste the money....

Also last night I traced out a shirt pattern and today I washed the material its currently drying. So hopefully I will be cutting that out soon and start sewing that up and have a new summer shirt. I do still need to trace out the shorts that I want to do and wash the material for those but that will wait till later.

Have a good day and Ill be back when I finish something else to show! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Springs here...

I finially finished my first sock at the beg of the week after starting these back in Feb!! BUT beforee you think I am a slow knitter I was only knitting on these one day a week! So thats why its taking so long. Now they have moved to my main (and only) knitting project. Thats why Ive got the first one finished and the second nearly half way there after thinking I was at the heel starting that and only then realising Im an idiot and need to rip it back out and add one more repeat. Mind you I could have left it but I would have had a VERY short leg on one of them! :)

Start of the second one up to the need for the last repeat.
BTW these are Pomatomus By Cookie A
I made them before in all white and they are my fav socks so when I bought this yarn as a christmas gift to myself I knew exactly what pattern to make and couldnt wait to cast on so was rather amused that I waited until Feb to actually start!
Alright Im going to go and knit on the socks but I want to start pulling out my sewing machine again and Ive got a really cute wee bag I would like to make and Ive got tracing paper to finally trace out those shorts I want to make as well.... To much to do when I am being to lazy instead! OOPS! Right off now! Catch you all later!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Finished Santeney!

my finished vest! Its so comfy and I like it! :)
Its Santeney from Knitty
knit in one peice with 4.5mm needles using Bernat Cotton Tots Solid that was sent to me from my mom in this very pretty blue.
Started on March 17 2009
Finished on April 1 2009
I could have finished it before then but I kept setting it to the side instead of just doing it. I love it though! Im happy with the way it turned out! I knitted the neck band on instead of casting off the neck stitches. I also short row wrapped the shoulder shaping so that I didnt have to break and rejoin any yarn. theres only one big seam on the right hand shoulder. I love it theres my verdict!
BTW I seem to Twitter more then blog these days but I swear I havent given up on this blog I just find it easier to type up a quick 140 character twitter!
Also I have started to walk/run 5 days a week. Ive been doiing good I hope to stay motivated and keep going with it! I tweet what I do when I finish it so I think that alone should keep me goiing! :)
Alright gotta go get some other stuff done now.. Ill try and pop in more often to here!