Monday, November 19, 2007

OMG! How Amazing!

First off lets just get this out of the way.. I cut my hair!.... YIKES! I am going to let it grow from here and it will all be one length now, that makes me happy.... :)
all cut up to my shoulders... okay I wanted it shorter but its to there I am happy now that its done becuase I think I might have hated it any shorter....
HPIM0365 well ages ago actually and oh look at that you can see both my new pairs of glasses! HAHAHA
I havent put weight on.. even though my face looks fatter?? Ive actually lost a couple more pounds.. hmmm bad lighting maybe?

I woke up this morning after Mark left for work.. I was naughty today and climbed back into bed after making his tea. haha...but then I got up and was enjoying my coffee going blog hopping and all of a sudden I got an almighty bang on the door... so when I opened it up here the post man was about to write me a ticket (I took a few minutes to realise what the noise was!) and he had this in his hands
Its pretty isnt it? I thought so too!!
and heres what was inside (they were all wrapped up but I figured this post was going to have enough pictures that I left it out.. sorry!)
I couldnt believe it! look at those goodies!! Can I please say Ive just been spoiled rotten! OMG! Thats 100% SILK! Thats so turning into some sort of scarf! :) choocies tea magazines WOO HOO! And even something for Mark... Oh what Ive missed some things there in the corner? Your right, I have..... Lets have a look shall we?
a really crappy picture of the really pretty stitch markers that I got.. its a mushroom a bee (and yes hes got his stripes!) a lady bug (sorry a lady bird as they are known here in England) and a flower, arent they just adorable?!?!?!?!?!
A shawl pin thingy maboby... With little russian like all in one dollys on it.. Its really pretty and again my crap tastic photo taking skills shine!

THANK YOU SP FOR AN AWESOME PACKAGE!! I LOVE IT ALL!!! And Marks gift is left still wrapped and to the side until he gets home and I will force him to open it the second he walks in the door well I MIGHT allow him to take his coat off... its bugging me I dont know whats in it! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA


Amy said...

Your hair looks great and a nice little haul you have too!

Anonymous said...

glad you like it all, one more one the way to you hopefully by the end of the month!
sp x

KreativeMix said...


KnitYoga said...

What a fab parcel! Your hair looks good and I love your latest Melon shawl in the last post. Now you've got me curious, too, as to what will be in Mark's parcel. I shall have to check back and see! LOL

andi said...

Your hair looks cute. Very nice gifties. Love those stitch markers.. they are adorable.