Friday, November 09, 2007

Over and nearly there.

Alright no more comments below I will get Mr to pick out a number for me between 1 and 15 when he gets home tonight. Goodluck to everyone!
For those wondering here in the UK I got the back out of Marie Claire magazine. Its free with the current issue. And I dont normally buy that mag but I had to this month for the bag and when I realised how nice it actually is (I use mine every day!) I had to go buy another one to give to one lucky person (sorry I dont have the mag Ive sent it off to be recycled already) .

Im just about finished with my second sock. Just have a couple more decreases to do and then a 3 needle bind off for the toe. Sorry I suck at grafting and I think a 3 needle bind off is fine. Ive done it on my socks and it seems to hold up fine. :) So Ill have pictures of those finished soon for you too look at!


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Anonymous said...

i think i might be catching you up with the xmas knits! keep up the good work *^_^*