Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Got Mail?

I did... and look what I found inside!!!
2 skiens of 100% Hand Dyed Meino Wool from Hacho
2 bars of chocolate Milk chocolate and Dark... Not sure if Ill bake some choccie muffins with the dark or give it to Mark and share some goodies with him....
I also got some Haribo Starmix.. Ive never had it before (dont laugh!)
A little pink notebook, did I say it was pink? how cool is that?!?!? Shopping lists anyone? Ill be in style! WOO HOO
3 vanilla scented candles. YUM! with a holder for them. :) Mark will love when I decide to burn those once he gets over his cold...
And she wrote my note out on the CUTEST piece of paper. Its little bears in Japanesse, I think, and I think they tell you how to make sushi... But I am not sure its still REALLY CUTE! :)

Close up of the wool.. I love it!! I am going to make some fingerless mitts... probably fetching.. with these... And I LOVE what buying these does... I am all about buying things if it helps other people. I bought a friend a bag for her birthday because the part of the proceeds went to back to India to help the families out.
On the inside of the label it says:
"Peru's heritage and culture of textile artistry is one of the richest in the world. Without the shepherds tending their animals in the Peruvian Highlands we would not have this beautiful luxurious yarn. By purchasing it you are supporting the children of these sheperds and the continuation of this tradition. A portion of every purchase is dedicated directly to the funding of a school in hte remote area of Munani in the region of Puno. To find out more visit... "
How cool is that? Giving me a gift as well as someone else?? Im all about sharing the luv that way!!


andi said...

Nice package! LOVE that yarn!!

Anonymous said...

glad you like it and it finally got to you! the cartoons are sushi themselves showing you how to make and eat them ^_^ have fun with the yarn, can't wait to see the gloves and trust me, once you've had haribo you can't go back...!