Monday, September 29, 2008

Second pair and a scarf

Hello everyone! I have been around Ive just not been posting because it would have been the same looking pictures. Different pair of mittens but they look the same. So I have finished my second pair of mittens...
I only have to do another two pair I MIGHT do 3 pairs depending how I feel come time for the third pair. But I needed a break from the mittens they were getting samey (thats the problem when deciding the same pattern for everyone for xmas knitting) so I have found the scarf I want to do for the guys...
That is the Campus Scarf from Scarf Style. I am MUCH further then that but I havent taken a pic of it since Friday night (its now monday morning) Im doing the scarf all in one colour instead of putting the coloured stripes in it. Its a very simple pattern to knit and watch telly with I love it! In total Im going to do 3 maybe 5 if Im not to bored by them and have enough time. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Bumps Hat

I knit this hat for my Aunt Rosemaries baby. Below is the pattern.

Baby Bumps Hat
0-3 months
DK weight less than 50 grams
Cast on 72 stitches
Join in round being careful not to twist and place marker at the begining of round.
Row 1-9 Knit
Row 10-11 Purl
Row 12-17 Knit
Row 18-19 Purl
Row 20-25 Knit
Row 26-27 Purl
Row 28-33 Knit
Row 34-35 Purl
Row 36-41 Knit
Next row starts crown shapping
Row 42 *p2tog p6* repeat to end (63sts)
Row 43 Purl
Row 44 *k2tog k5* repeat to end (54sts)
Row 45 Knit
Row 46 *k2tog k4* repeat to end (45sts)
Row 47 Knit
Row 48 *k2tog k3* repeat to end (36sts)
Row 49 Purl
Row 50 *p2tog p2* repeat to end (27sts)
Row 51 Knit
Row 52 *k2tog k1* repeat to end (18sts)
Row 53 Knit
Row 54 *k2tog k2* reapeat to end (9sts)
Row 55 Knit
Break off long tail of yarn thread thru the stitches and pull tight fasten off. Weave in the two ends.
Enjoy! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mittens and Baby gifts

So I have finished the first pair of mittens! :) Heres a couple moree pictures I am sure you will all be sick of them by xmas time but you know what I still like em! :)
and heres a close upish of the pattern
I love how theres the braided cable going up each side and tthen the bobbles inside the main crisscrossing cable I suppose if you didnt want bobbles you could put beads. I was thinking that then decided not to do that for mine.

Also my Aunt Rosemarie is having her first baby. Ive already showed off the sweater but lookie! I made a matching hat! :)
Teddy is staying very warm while modeling this little get up. :) I will write up (well try to) later today how I did the wee hat. It was super quick knit as well. :)

Okay thats my catch up. Ive started and finished the cuff for the first of the second pair of mittens so theres no point in showing a picture just yet. :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pair .5 of 1

I know it is only September and I shouldnt be talking about Christmas just yet, but I got to! :) I have found the gifts for the girls that I want to make. Its the mittens from Vogue knitting Fall 2008 #3 Green Autumn. Obviously they are the same pattern used for the mitten in the post below.
I have finished the first glove for the first gift pair.
After finishing the mitten for myself to test the pattern I realised that it was slightly to small in length for the hand and the cuff was to big. So I joined the KAL on Ravelry and read what some were saying and went down to 2.5mm to knit the cuff and tthen back up to 2.75mm for the hand and added an extra repeat before starting the decreases. I did that for this pair here and tried them on and they are now the perfect size.
Ive casted on and have finished the cuff and 6 rows (so far) of the second mitten to this first pair. Ive also decided to go to a lighter oatmeal-ish colour instead of the darker colour in the post below. By the time I have at least 4 possibly 5 pairs of these knit I and you will be sick of seeing hearing about them. But Im going to knit these for the gifts, only because I find them so pretty.
Now to go and try to knit a couple more rounds on the next glove while feelling sorry for myself because I have a stupid cold....