Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Coming along...

My computer is still in the corner collecting dust and I am still using Marks computer, so this is going to be a pictureless post I do however have the picture on my camera so once I finish the sweater I suppose I iwll just have to install MY toys on Marks computer so that I can put the pictures up and crop them and resize them to manageable proportions.
I have finished the body of my grey alpaca vneck sweater. It looks GREAT! Well to me anyways. I used 5 balls minus the little ends I got to weave in. I have started the left sleeve didnt really do to much on it yesterday but I am working on it. :) The body goes just to the right place with an inch rib at the bottom of it so that it doesnt curl up. The vneck bit goes rather deeply down to my chest so its going to look lovely and smart with a nice button up shirt underneath or rather casual and relaxed with a bit of a tee under it... I cant wait until its all finished so I can wear it! :)
What I have learned so far.. Alpaca is lovely feeling and soft and FLUFFY! Make sure your not wearing anything that you dont mind brushing off after you have finished knitting. And if knitting on your bed make sure to brush off all hairs off the bed so that you dont sniff them up your nose of eat them in your sleep from cuddling up in the blankets.... Yes I have done both this last week! HAHAHA Will I make other sweaters with alpaca after this one? Well so far I have to say YES!!! I really do love it that much! :)
Now I just gotta finish my two sleeves and then I get to sort myself out two pairs of socks. Of course for me theres nothing like jumping in head first. I got the simple toe up method of sock making off of knitty printed out and its sitting next to the bed with my ultimate stitch pattern book and Ive been looking over the patterns theres a couple that I wouldnt mind doing I just have to figure out WHICH one I want to do. Then make my swatch, follow the maths and start my socks! I will be doing the toe up and I will be working both at the same time. Like I said, nothing like jumping in head first! :)
So off we go to knit some more of my sleeve....

Friday, September 22, 2006

Feels good to feel good

I am feeling better!! And Im knitting again! WOO HOO!!! I started to feel crappy Monday but ignored it telling myself I was fine, you know the whole mind over matter thing. Well Tuesday came and I knew I was in trouble when I woke up and it was like I snored really badly all night long but I still said Im fine. HA! By Tuesday night I was flat out in bed under covers AND STILL COLD, feeling absolutely miserable! YUCK! But I did knit like 2 rows on Tuesday. :) Wednesday came and I didnt leave the bed except to run down the store becuase I was feeling really lazy and I couldnt stand it! and I also stayed out of bed to talk to my mom on the phone and complain about how horrible I felt!HAHAH I didnt knit a single row Wednesday! :( Mark however took extra good care of me by doing the dishes AND cooking a lovely stew for dinner, my choice. :) He never complained about the dishes either, and he HATES doing them more then I do! HAHA... Thursday my cold broke during the night so I had a crap sleep but I was feeling better! and I knitted but not loads but I did try and make a good effort at it, there were still times I needed to lay down and stay under the covers and feel sorry for myself. :) But today, I feel GREAT! Okay I am not 100% as I still have an evil cough that makes it feel like Im trying to hack up glass but I feel GREAT! Been knitting ALL day to make up for the lack of knitting! :)
My sweater is coming along great. I got nearly 12 inches of the body done, only about another 8 or do until its at a length I like. Coming along easily as its plaing stst I am wizzing along and I am able to knit in the dark and watch telly because it matters not for me paying attention round and round I go.... weeeeeeeeeeee.... Sorry got caught up there. :)
Thank you Anna for the feel good vibes. :) And the graphics groups I am on about I do get graphics but its more to play with and make things like this http://www.yokalicious.nl/ I know I am slightly strange, but I dont really play to much with my psp (paint shop pro) as I used to, my knitting gets all my time anymore it seems. :) hehe

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

the Good the Bad the Ugly

Ever so excited. The grey vneck alpaca sweater is moving right along and looking beautiful! :) Ive connected the front, and under the arms and have worked about half an inch so far on the body.
The alpca has been lovely to work with! and Ive made my first invisible spit and felt join with the wool. Ever so happy about that. and I kept rubbing until it was the same thickness as the rest of the yarn, mind you it was MUCH tighter but it was the same thickness, I didnt mark where it went but now I cant find it! So thats means I did a good job in my eyes! :)
Now onto crap news, while I am getting loads of knitting done, I have caught a cold. It really sucks! My first proper cold in 3.5 years (I think its been that long anyways!) and I want it to go away!! Luckily so far its just my nose and back of throat and nothing else... Im waiting for the fuzzy head cough and feeling weak I know its coming, but if I keep thinking Im not sick I hope it wont hit me so hard! HAAHAHHA
Other crappy news, my computer is dead. :( It died on Saturday evening. Just sitting there did nothing to upset it and it decided to give me a good telling off by the motherboard taking a jump off a tall cliff and refusing to get back up... We thought it was the power supply at first and changed that, it nearly booted, but then we couldnt get it to go again and so now I need a new computer. UGH! Luckily for the time being I get to use Marks computer just have to behave myself and not wreck it... Which will be simple because Ive turned myself to no mail in all my graphics groups on yahoo.
Alright off to makea coffee check the blog world and then cover up and knit while watching some telly, Im being lazy today, Im allowed! HAHA :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pictures of Sweater

Like I said, I finished the sweater yesterday!! :) SOOO happy!! Two and a half weeks it took to finish, aint bad if I say so myself! :)

My camera is NOT happy with me today!! I have tried taken a couple of pictures and they seem to come out worse then the one before, YIKES! So I gave up before I looked really freakish! :)

I dont have a red face nor a very pale neck like this picture is trying to say I do! I told you the camera hates me today. :)

And the pretty close up of the sleeve panel! :)

As you can see I decided to make a plain body. I did a Picot Bindoff on the sleeves and lower body, I was going to pick up the stitches and knit the picot bind off on that as well but decided I couldnt be bothered so instead I got me a 4mm crochet hook (I didnt have or couldnt find maybe a 3.75mm crochet hook) and I crocheted a picot edge to the neck. :)

I used 3.75mm cicular needles for the body 80cm for the arms a 60 and an 80 instead of 4 dpns as the 60cm was slightly to big just on its own so I spereated the stitches in half. Sirdar Luxuary Cotton in Sage, I will use this again as I find it very soft. And for Mark who wont wear wool now has no way to complain when and if I knit him a sweater! HAHAHA http://www.woolworks.org/patterns/raglan.html that is where I got the basic constructional help for creating my very first sweater all on my own! :)

Let me know what you think, please be brutally honest! :) (oh btw, its slightly bigger then it should be because when in the 2.5 weeks of knitting I have managed to loose 1.5in off my chest! WOO HOO which really only puts me almost back to wear I was at the begining of summer I managed to put a bit of weight on from having the munchies really bad over the summer. hahaha)

Friday, September 15, 2006


I have officially finished knitting my sweater and tucking away the ends (I still need to trim them slightly once I wash and block my sweater)...
I have stuck it in the washer and its going to town on its first spin with the soap powder now... Soon as thats done with its complet cycle I shall pull it out and pin to the floor! I CANT WAIT!! :) Mean I wont be able to wear it until Sunday Monday but thats alright, I dont see it being dried by tomorrow not being pinned down to the floor (well sheet on floor).. But I FINISHED!! Pictures will come, PROMISE! :)
So now that I have finished that I suppose its sorting out the maths for the vneck grey sweater that I am going to do next, as I said its going to be a plain stst sweater with a 2x2 (I think) rib around the neck and cuffs I just want something I can toss on when I am a bit nippy, nothing fancy as I want to be able to wear it with anything I want and not feel I have to dress it up or down. Like this green sweater I just made I see it more as a sweater that will go with jeans but thats really about it... maybe if I find the RIGHT skirt or pair of dress pants that will change, but doubt it...
Okay gotta go rescue my bread from the oven. :) MMM FRESH BREAD! I just had to let you guys know I finished the sweater!!!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dont Cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Okay I will start off with knitting and finishing with knitting related funny....
I am 3 repeats away and a picot bindoff from finishing my sleeve on the green self made raglan sweater. I really am proud of this sucker you know!! :) I was going to finish tonight I had all intentions to but I got side tracked.
Like yesterday I had to rip out a repeat becuase I was trying to knit in half dark and couldnt do it, my light blew last night and Mark didnt get a new light bulb for it until today but I have my knitting light back!! YEAH!!! :)
So on to the knitting light, Mark and I have the perfect set up. He gets to watch football and whatever else he wants to watch in the comfort of his computer chair in the bedroom. I get to spend time and talk with him while lounging on the comfort of the bed under the wonderful duvet while knitting with my own light that doesnt annoy him.. Before I had loads of things I wanted to watch on tv so I would end up in the front room knitting whatching what ever it was I wanted but now as I have pretty much given up on the telly I sit in the bedroom. And its nice, becuase whatever I do want to watch I tend to record and watch in the day when hes at work, I love our DVD recorder! :)
So tonight as NOTHING was on the telly we have been listening to records and Ive been knitting making little headway between the dancing like a fool and singing like an dying cat.... (hey I never said I could sing!) So anyways Pussycat Dolls Dontcha was playing and I about peed myself laughing heres the chorus
Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?Don't cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?Don't chaDon't chaDon't cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me?Don't cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me?Don't chaDon't chaNow heres me dancing around the bedroom with my knitting in my hand as I had to get ready to record Greys Anatomy and I am singing that... I laughed looked at Mark and said "you know something about those lyrics me in my pjs knitting just DOESNT NOT match" He just laughed and smiled but hey it works for us so Ill keep on singing Dont Cha at the top of my lungs and dancing around the bedroom knitting.... Im making progress on the sweater! HAHAHAHA

Dusting the corners out

Okay so I have finally gotten annoyed enough with windows live spaces because people without a liveID or whatever its called arent able to post, so Ive restarted up my blogger account and have decided for ease of my mother I will leave this one running and for ease of everyone else I will copy and post over at blogger the exact same thing that way everyone is happy and I CAN GET COMMENTS Because we all know I like being praised,,, who doesnt?!?!
My other problem is I am not able to easily adjust this space to look how I would like it to, nor am I able to add pretty buttons and things to the sides, but hopefully I will be able to sort that out in blogger in the next couple of days, actually really soon! As Ive already sorted out my lists, now just to add a couple of buttons and I should be all sorted.... :) YIPPIE!!
Once Im all sorted Ill share the link and everyone can update, but like I said it will be the same both but at least those unable to comment her but WANT to will now be ABLE to over there. :)

**of course Ive alread started posting at both as you can see by reading this**

Testing 1 2 3....

Just testing things out at the moment while trying to decide to completely switch over to blogger from msnlivespaces because I am getting annoyed that people not using livespaces arent able to post comments and most everyone who views me blog doenst have a livespace. So you can see the annoyance. And that I am able to post pictures from my computer that makes me even happier! :)

That is a picture of Mark and I taken last summer. Hes so sexy.....