Monday, March 26, 2007

garter finito

I finally finished my dishcloth...
Pattern was the Garterlac Dishcloth from Criminy Jickets it can be found HERE
I used Sirdar Luxary Cotton in Sage that Ive had in my stash (a very small one) for a while now it was going to be one sweater realised it was to small then was made into another one and had loads left so I wanted to do something and made that with it. :)
I used 3.5mm circular needle only because I dont own them in straights. I actually prefer circular needles all of a sudden. :)
I dont actually know how long htat took as I cant remember when I casted on but it was a while when it shouldnt have been because I was being lazy to knit.
During it I learn backwards knitting. :) Heres a progress picture:
(excuse the blurry photos I took them at night so now the best lighting)
And Heres some pictures for doing backwards knitting Im no pro but this is what I did:
Hold the yarn to the front of work (I knit continental so all pictures are with it being done that way) Slip your needle in the back side of the hoop on right hand needle (the one away from you)
Wrap yarn around needle from bottom to back and over (as shown above)
Pull the hoop over the needle and you now have a knit stitch on the left side.

Hopefully thats helped you a bit. I still had to turn and hold it the "right" way when it came to making stitches or decreasing them still learning how to do it properly. :)

Now I got some more wool from my stash that I FORGOT I had. Its from some socks I made ages ago but never finished so I ripped them out and am going to try and make the scarf again with that as I did have a full untouched big ball of it. Not sure if I will have enough fingers crossed that I do! :)

Saturday, March 24, 2007

knit back and forth

So I have read a bit more of my book its slow going as I just havent been in the mood of actually sitting down and reading so that doesnt help...
Instead I have decided I wanted to knit a garterlac dishcloth, no I havent gotten any pictures of it, no I havent even finished it yet. Something else that is slow going. But its getting there and just becuase I started it Thrusday and its now Saturday means nothing.. (yeah right) But I have learned out to knit backwards, thats cool! I only knit when it comes to actually making a stitch or something I have to turn my work and do that, but Im getting rather quick on the plain knit rows! Which that should make the thing go quicker but its not. Theres alot of it sitting on the table just looking at me when I dont feel like knitting. Shh dont let the knitting here me say that.
I havent decided yet what I want to make the scarf/wrap out of either. But I do want something nice and light for the summer just to wrap around my arms when its got a cool breeze blowing. I also have a couple ideas floating about in my head for some summer tops but of course with no really wanting to knit fully they are staying up there... Moving I think just killed me knitting mojo!
Hopefully the next time I update I actually have pictures of the dishcloth to show! :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Catching up on things...

Okay so you all know that I am back, now its time to get down to the knitty gritty and tell you all what I was up to while having no internet.. :)
Here you see the FINISHED product of toothpick knitting, would I do it again? Yeah Im a sucker for punishment! HAHA :)
Picture 006
They are knit using Rowan 4 ply soft 2 balls of it. I bought it on sale from and OMG are they lovely and soft on my feet! :) The colour is slightly darker then that but with the sun and the flash they do look light!
I used 2 circular 2mm needles and knitted them toe up adding the chain like motif up the front. :) Short row toe and heel were used. I love toe up socks! HAHA :)
And heres another picture
Picture 002
You can see the pattern better...
The circled bit in the photo is the remaining bit of a really horrible looking bruise that I gave to myself the first week of moving in.. As we have wood floors in here I was on my hands and knees cleaning them. Well I got annoyed so I just started squating and hopping backwards well at the end of the hallway we have a little step down silly me forgot about it hopped backwards right off then fell forward and cracked both legs on the edge, I thought I broke my leg as it went REALLY numb and instantly had a VERY LARGE bump on my leg couldnt walk on it properly for a couple of days but its all better now just a tiny bump and a bit of a bruise... Will teach me to pay more attention when cleaning the floor huh? :) haha
Picture 110
After finishing the toothpicks I started working on this scarf/wrap thing. And I had my doubts from the beggining that it wouldnt be long enough I just kept saying to myself that after blocking it will be plenty long enough, well thats with all of the yarn nearly knitted up and I had to finally admit to myself 3 weeks of knitting and I get NO WHERE because I had to rip it all back.. I am still going to redo it, I WANT that pattern wrapped around me. :) Maybe Ill get some more rowan 4ply soft and do it in that since its so nice to cuddle in. hehe
Picture 010
Theres a close up of the little leafs and acorns on the edge...When I do make it, I will have to add a couple more stitches to make it slightly wider that was another reason I ripped it out as well..
Now heres a picture out the window where I sit at the computer:
Picture 011
Right on the corner... Do you know how nosey I get to be?!?! HAHAA Okay honestly I am amazed at how little I pay attention to things going on outside... Maybe I am not as nosey as I originally thought I was?? hmm
So thats all the knitting Ive done, and I read about 100 pages of my book, I know not a whole lot is it? :( I also cleaned alot and spent time walking around trying to find things to do and talking alot to the guy and his wife who owns the shop across the road... poor couple probably got sick to death of me. ahahah Mark got called alot on the phone just so that I had something to do as well. hehe... He loves me and amused me by talking to me too.hahaha :)
Now I have to figure out what to do with the knitpicks yarn that was the scarf but now isnt. Im thinking of hand dying it (which is what its for) and then making some really nice socks out of it. I just havent fully commited myself yet but I am toying with the idea I want to handdye so bad! heehe :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007


We are back up and running!! Instead of 5.5 weeks it turned out to be 4 weeks and 2 days. We would have tried to get it back earlier but when you are calling and spending 3£ on the call every time you sort of decide that its not such a bad wait after all. YEAH RIGHT!!!
I finished my toothpick socks, LOVE THEM! :) And I did do that scarf that I wanted from Elann as I was able to save and print it off, only problem is that its wasnt long enough in the end so I ripped it out and now Im back to the start I will go and get some different yarn and make it slightly wider, but I do want the pattern, I just loved it. :) And I did take pictures of it before I ripped it.. I only read a tiny bit... so much for reading and knitting loads huh? :)
But so happy to be back now I need to catch up with whats been going on in blog land. :)