Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Purple Purple oh and golden!

Alrighty then Im getting there with my Thermal! Have a look below Ive finished the back and Ive just got the right front and left front to knit....
Oh yeah and I got one more arm to knit too!!
This is going quickly! Mindless telly knitting just what I like! :) But Ive taken a short pause on this because Ive decided to fix up my issues with my Road to Golden I did. Im just redoing the amrs (I messed up with the increases) and then Im goiing to redo the neck as well I want it sitting much higher then it currently does.
Right thats whatt Ive been doing so hope all is well with everyone! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scarf with Purple Goodness

So on Jan 11th I finished the scarf...
Only took 4 days! WOO HOO that was quick!
Soon as I finished the scarf I relaxed my hands for a few minutes then went and grabbed my Nature Spun in colour Plum Line my 3mm needles and cast on for Thermal
After looking on Ravelry everyone seemed to get fed up with the pattern repeat you know what as far as I am concerned at the moment its going great! Its a quick easy 4 row pattern to remember and knit. Its flying so far! :) Okay so it may not look like loads but for me it is! Now just to hurry up and have it completed so that I can wear it out! Its going to be so pretty I mean after all its purple!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

gifts gifts and more gifts

This post will be picture heavy. Sorry!

Firstly we have are new gifts to ourselves. These have made me happier then I think should be allowed for these sorts of things. Oh well thats just me I enjoy the "little" thingsin life, and clean clothes and floors are one of those things!

I have wanted this book for a while and I FINALLY got it! WOO HOO! Now just to make some things from it... I need more hands/time!

I just bought this because it was by the till... hmm Im bad sometimes like that. OOPs! But I love going every Sunday to the website and reading the new secrets Link to the site on the side with all my links.

This was a gift from a friend. I havent decided what socks I will knit from it first but their aree a couple of patterns I want to make. :)

These are two mags I jusst got as well The Knitter is a new British magazine and OMG I love it! Theres a couple of projects I MUST knit from it... Cant wait to see whats on offer in next months mag. And the newest issue of Knit.1 also has a couple of patterns I want to knit out of it as well.. Like I said I need more hands/time! :)

A ball of Wendy Happy. its a bamboo sock yarn same yarn I used to knit the in laws socks with thats why I had to pick this up for myself because I loved the feeling of the yarn when knitting theres.

This is the wool I bought for myself ages ago so that I could knit Thermal from Knitty. Its Nature Spun Wool in a really pretty purple shade Ill be starting this soon.

And these are the last pair of Mitts from his mother that I wasnt going to knit becauses she got socks but she decided Christmas day she wanted a pair so I couldnt turn that down and cast on staright away. These are now finished. I also decided to knit his dad a matching scarf to the rest of the guys and Ive started knitting that about half way through the first of 3 balls of yarn. I need to hurry up and knit that they will be down for a visit soon. Im sure Ill have it finished though in time. And sorry no pics of that yet...

Monday, January 05, 2009

A Year In Review

For my yearly round up this year I managed to knit (and 1 crochet) 23 complete project and carry two over from 2007 and finish them as well so that takes my total to 25!
Cinnamon Goodness Baby Gritgahn Wooly Quant Rainbow Quant Snow White Pomatomus Baby Sweater MS3 Blue Brompton Wrapped in a Hug Yosemite Mr Wonderful Misty Garden Juno Road To Golden Baby Sweater 2 Baby Bumps 3 pairs of Oatmeal Mitts 2 Manly Campus Scarfs Winter Warmer Beret Monkeys Most worked on Socks Ever Silver Princess
Ive linked all of those to Flickr instead of clouding this with pictures. I know people (like me) prefer to look at photos but I was being nice. My fav items were the pomatomus, silver princess, wrapped in a hug, ms3 and winter warmer they are the ones I wear most. I have to rework my arms and neck on road to golden they are to big now. The baby stuff all went down a treat with the two Mums and the gifts (monkeys most ever socks 2 scarfs and 3 mitts) those were all enjoyed as well. :) I am actually knitting another scarf and pir of mitts now to give to his parents because the felt a bit left out with just socks.. HAHAHAH yes I found that cute and funny but didnt miss the chance to knit something for someone I know would be enjoyed! :)

I only did 4 sewing projects Im surprised by that for some reason I thought I done more? But umm I didnt after looking at that! The covers were only temps and we now have different ones that look MUCH better.. The skirt well its way to big on my now I will eventualy take the sides in and make it fit again but for now its just sat in the drawer folded up nicely. The PJ Bottoms are my favs and loved them during the summer/autumn nights but now its winter they again are folded up waiting for slightly warmer weather to be worn. Sorry they just aint warm! :) and the placemats and napkins were a gift to my Mom and her and JJ (step dad) loved them. I hope shes letting him use them now and not taking them off the table when dinner is served to be replaced my "older" ones... ahahha
Stripy Skirt Placemats and Napkins Dinky Cushion Covers PJ Bottoms

Hope you all had a lovely 2008 I did and I hope you have a wonderful 2009!!