Friday, November 28, 2008

I have a love hate relationship with socks now

I will start by saying I have no pictures to show so if thats why youve come (not that my photography is any good!) then you dont get a show today. :( Sorry! Im to lazy to find my camera and take a picture of the sock I am working on and to add to that its the evenining and we know what that means in the winter, no sun light!
So anyways the last I left this was I working on a second try of the first sock.. well that didnt work! So I then ripped it out and tried a third sock when I finished knitting that one I gave it again to Mark to try on and it was to big! I was so fed up with socks that I couldnt stand it but I ripped it out anyways and started over on the fourth sock! Thankfully this time when I gave it to Mark to try on he could pull it on properly! WOO HOO I had a sock but I just had to finish knitting it and make the second one. Well have managed to finish the first sock and am currently just past the cuff of the second one, all I have to say is right now I feel no love for these socks. When I told my loving mother about these socks she laughed and said if I were to pay myself for knitting these would be the most expensive socks in the world to which I laughed and said no I would have fired myself a long time ago!! and its true I would have. Once I finish this second sock I want to find a dress pattern I like and sew me a pretty red dress out of the material my Mom sent me for xmas and then I want to knit the Feb Lady Sweater out of the silver yarn I got from her as well all in time for xmas day.
Hope the americans had a lovely Thanksgiving day and didnt eat to much that it made em sick! I made a lovely honey mustard ham, sweet tater mash, boiled veg, and some stuffing for our dinner. It was only the two of us but it was really lovely and we were full to the brim!
Pretty much finished on all the gifts as well like I said above just one more sock to knit and then need to figure out 3 more gifts and that should be easy enough really two will be some kids toys and I love shopping for toys! Hey you have to test them out to make sure they are fun dont you? Well I do and I LOVE it!
Alright have a great weekend Ill be knitting on a sock and trying not to cry because they have taken so long.. heheh...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

knitting and sewing and all that jazz

So I have been knitting happily away on all the xmas stuff and was so happy to think I was nearly done!
Got three pairs of mittens finished
Druid Mittens from Vogue Knitting lovely pattern but I did change the needle size to 2.5 and 2.75 also added one extra repeat before starting tthe decreases for the fingers and I decided against the flap that closes over the fingers. As much as I enjoyed knitting these I am so glad that they are finished!! Knitting the same thing 6 times over just gets well the same! :) and those are for his sisters.
Ive also got two scarves finished
Campus Scarf from Scarf Style knit on 4mm needles. These are for his brother in laws. lovely very quick pattern and great telly knitting!
One pair of finished socks
Monkey Socks from I love these I dont want to give them away! Okay I will but Ill go buy some Wendy Happy for myself to knit some socks with. These are for his Mum hopefuly she likes em as much as I do!
Then I had 1 more pair of socks to go before I was finished knitting! and look I finished one!
It was finished I promise! I gave it to Mark to try on because everything on it looked a bit small but I was going with the flow of the pattern. HA! I knew I shouldnt have! It was to small on his foot couldnt even get it all the way on. GRRRRRR So it got all ripped out and then I measured his foot and set down and have started to knit a sock all on my own from top down. The pattern is similar but it isnt the same as above. Its a 2x2 rib with the middle front and back going from 2 cables down to 1. I will take a picture once I finish it and make sure it fits properly on his foot. These are for his Dad. They have the same size feet so I can check as I go! :D
Theres what Ive been knitting and doing....

But now on to something completly different....

Ive got the Best Mom In The World. You may think yours is or someone else you knnow whos a wonderful Mom. And they very well may be to you. But to me, my Mommy is the bestest in the whole wide world. Not only is she the bestest to me but she sent me some goodies... Wanna see?? Tough you are anyways!
Beautiful yarn. Ive already thought about this and want to make the Feb Lady Jacket out of the silver Ive not decided yet on the blue or pink. I will do something though! :)
A LOAD of old sewing patterns from her MASSIVE collection.
And then a load of material of different styles and colours that I wouldnt dare buy for myself because I tend to only get cotton. Shes throwing me out of my comfort zone! I cant wait to get sewing with these but I gotta finish all the xmas knitting first!
Thank you again Mom for all of this! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Almost done

I keep meaning to take pictures and post but I keep forgetting to do both. So I am going to post but dont have any pictures will eventually get those and get them up as well. :)
I have finished all my mittens. 3 pairs were enough for me to have to knit. As lovely as the pattern is and as pretty as I think it is I couldnt fave having to knit another pair of them. A different pattern? Bring it on! But just not those please.
That means I am working on my last xmas gift. Those are the socks for Marks Dad. The Boyfriend Socks because they are lovely looking. And I do need to give the FIL a pair of manly socks dont I?
3 pairs of mittens 2 scarfs and 1 pair of socks finished the last pair working on all well before I thought! WOO HOO Im doing good this year and its not even tthe middle of November yet (I still have a couple of days thank you!)
alright off to check me blogs that I read and other little peices then going to sit down and knit on the sock while I watch a bit of telly... Have a great day everyone!! :)