Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feb Lady at Christmas

I managed to finish my Feb Lady sweater with a week to go! WOO HOO
I ended up buying the purple shirt underneath I couldnt be bothered trying to cut and sew one up. I love this cardi! Its sooo comfortable and I still have another skein of yarn left as well which Im trying to decide what to make with. Sorry the pic is a bit crappy and my heads cut off but it was taken at night somehow without the flash goiing off who knows how he managed to turn that off! But anyways I looked like crap I was tried and full and felt like I needed to get sick from the amount of food I ate but I loved the day! And all of his family complimented the cardi! WOO HOO! and then when gifts came out everyone liked their mittens and scarfs and then his neice and nephews liked their store bought gifts as well. So everyone was happy! Had a great day!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas too and may you have a wonderful and blessed New Year as well! :)

oh and thank you everyone for the birthday wishes on the 23rd I had a lovely day! Mark spoiled me rotten (but then he always does) and everyone over here also made sure I had a fantastic day.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Is that the time already?

I have been meaning to update this blog for a few days now. But you know how it goes, one thing lead to another and before you know it the days over and your in bed with no post up on the blog... So anyways...
I FINALLY finished the socks for the last xmas pressie. It took 4 attempts to get it right.. UGH! The first was the BF sock was to small to fit my loves foot forget that then being put on his dads. The second along the same lines of the pattern but slightly different was just ever so slightly to small (come to find out after being annoyed and not thinking properly the heel was to small but I still ripped the entire sock out) the third attempt was then far to big (I cast on WAY to many stitches but again really to annoyed to think properly) the fourth one was finally knitted annd turned out prefectly.
My darling mother found it as funny as I did in that non funny way thatt I couldnt knit these silly socks right... all I haave to say is you know its love when you knit them so many dang times before you get them out perfectly. but at the end of the day I like em. :) just a simple slip stitch rib effect sock. :)
Then because I finished all the xmas knitting for everyone Ive decided to treat myself to something pretty and have started knitting the February Lady Cardigan.
Those are theh buttons Ive picked out for it justt laying on top not sewed them on yet.. Since this picture I have finished the body and just need to knit the arms now. :) Going super quick! I love it! Its made with Bernat Satin and let me tell you for an Acrylic yarn my goodness does it feel lovely! Its a shame they dont sell it over here in the UK because if they did I think I would knit everything with it. Its squishy and soft my Mom made a good choice when she picked it out for me. :) So this will be my christmas day cardi.. I wonder if Ill actually make that red shirt I got planned in time or not... hmmm....
So anyways thats all me knitting Ive been doing...