Friday, December 14, 2007

Hand made Bell!!!

I think I am just really slow... but thats alright too... because sometimes being slow means you get better deals right??
Like today I went into town becuase I am tired of seeing these beautiful handmade ornaments all over the net and I so I wanted to have my own!! So I went into town and I found COOKIE CUTTERS!! WOO HOO Not only that but they are half priced cookie cutters!! I got a bell a tree a star a candy can a gingerbread person and a wiggle circle. Im going to be making cookies next week so they will come in handy.. But they already came in handy today becuase LOOK!!!
My first ornament for this tree that Ive hand made! And how fitting its sitting in my hand... :) Okay so it looks craptastic because I cant seem to do very good stitching but you k now what Ill learn! Just like I learned to knit and use a sewing machine!
See already getting better! This is the other side...
Yes I went into town seen the cookie cutters bought those and bought some felt to make ornaments with and ended up just pressing the cookie cutter onto the felt to give me the outline and then cut it out and had a bell... who woulda thunk it!
But so very happy now to make some more!! I dont know WHAT I am going to make or how many becuase I still have knitting to do..
oh yeah and about knitting lets not brag about how well we are doing becuase before you know it youve screwed up got so angry with it and just ripped it back to the start but then take all night to cast it back on because you keep screwing that up too! Yes I got a good bit into the sock and somehow messed it up tried to fix it but it looked even WORSE so I just went IM MAD AT YOU SOCK! And ripped it out.. oops! I wont do that next time.. promise! But Ive finished the cuff only on the sock.. its oging to take a bit long then I thought.. but look ornaments.. hand made ornaments!!


Anonymous said...

Very cute idea. Never thought to use my cutters b4.

Anonymous said...

Oo, that's really cute!