Monday, October 15, 2007

Socks are done and scarf is started!

So Ive finished my socks! :) I actually finished them on Friday but am only now taking their pictures... hmm maybe I should have done that on Friday they were a bit mean to me today (since I made them wait until Monday!) and they didnt want to play game and photo nicely so heres some shots of them! :)

Just relaxing on my feet (I didnt feel like stuffing them with socks again) and as they are for a mans foot thats why they dont fit mine perfectly!

Just chillin out showing off the cable action baby!

A really craptastic picture of the cable heel and gusset...

TRYING once again to show off the cable heel and gusset but its just not going my way really is it?

Took me about a week a sock. I loved the pattern so easy to memorise! and so easy to knit! :) Used 2mm socks with Regia sock wool had my wonderful darling Mark try them on his feet and he even said they fit him nicely and werent to tight and looked really good on his foot! :) He might end up with a pair of these as well! HAHAHA...

So now that Ive finished the socks Ive restarted the second Melon scarf that I messed up on and ripped (I was only a couple repeats in anyways) and Ive been making some alright progress on that...

a really crappy picture of it but hey its knitting up and thats all I am worried about! :) Ive set myself a tiny deadline of having it finished in the next 15 days! Fingers crossed I can do it before then!! All this christmas knitting is making me want to cry because I feel Ive started to late! I really hope I havent!!!


Knitman said...

Those socks are excellent. Thanks for showing them, Jenn.

andi said...

Gorgeous on both knits! Your photos are just fine. Good job. My garden this past weekend was such a pain to plant those bulbs. As you recall, the soil here is filled with lots of clay and rocks so it is sometimes difficult to dig, but I managed. Ugh.

m said...

Great socks, well done!
That scarf looks stunning too.

Amy said...

You know, I haven't even thought of Christmas knitting. I don't think I'll do it this year. But I LOVE the color of the melon scarf you're working on! The socks look great too.