Saturday, December 27, 2008

Feb Lady at Christmas

I managed to finish my Feb Lady sweater with a week to go! WOO HOO
I ended up buying the purple shirt underneath I couldnt be bothered trying to cut and sew one up. I love this cardi! Its sooo comfortable and I still have another skein of yarn left as well which Im trying to decide what to make with. Sorry the pic is a bit crappy and my heads cut off but it was taken at night somehow without the flash goiing off who knows how he managed to turn that off! But anyways I looked like crap I was tried and full and felt like I needed to get sick from the amount of food I ate but I loved the day! And all of his family complimented the cardi! WOO HOO! and then when gifts came out everyone liked their mittens and scarfs and then his neice and nephews liked their store bought gifts as well. So everyone was happy! Had a great day!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas too and may you have a wonderful and blessed New Year as well! :)

oh and thank you everyone for the birthday wishes on the 23rd I had a lovely day! Mark spoiled me rotten (but then he always does) and everyone over here also made sure I had a fantastic day.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Is that the time already?

I have been meaning to update this blog for a few days now. But you know how it goes, one thing lead to another and before you know it the days over and your in bed with no post up on the blog... So anyways...
I FINALLY finished the socks for the last xmas pressie. It took 4 attempts to get it right.. UGH! The first was the BF sock was to small to fit my loves foot forget that then being put on his dads. The second along the same lines of the pattern but slightly different was just ever so slightly to small (come to find out after being annoyed and not thinking properly the heel was to small but I still ripped the entire sock out) the third attempt was then far to big (I cast on WAY to many stitches but again really to annoyed to think properly) the fourth one was finally knitted annd turned out prefectly.
My darling mother found it as funny as I did in that non funny way thatt I couldnt knit these silly socks right... all I haave to say is you know its love when you knit them so many dang times before you get them out perfectly. but at the end of the day I like em. :) just a simple slip stitch rib effect sock. :)
Then because I finished all the xmas knitting for everyone Ive decided to treat myself to something pretty and have started knitting the February Lady Cardigan.
Those are theh buttons Ive picked out for it justt laying on top not sewed them on yet.. Since this picture I have finished the body and just need to knit the arms now. :) Going super quick! I love it! Its made with Bernat Satin and let me tell you for an Acrylic yarn my goodness does it feel lovely! Its a shame they dont sell it over here in the UK because if they did I think I would knit everything with it. Its squishy and soft my Mom made a good choice when she picked it out for me. :) So this will be my christmas day cardi.. I wonder if Ill actually make that red shirt I got planned in time or not... hmmm....
So anyways thats all me knitting Ive been doing...

Friday, November 28, 2008

I have a love hate relationship with socks now

I will start by saying I have no pictures to show so if thats why youve come (not that my photography is any good!) then you dont get a show today. :( Sorry! Im to lazy to find my camera and take a picture of the sock I am working on and to add to that its the evenining and we know what that means in the winter, no sun light!
So anyways the last I left this was I working on a second try of the first sock.. well that didnt work! So I then ripped it out and tried a third sock when I finished knitting that one I gave it again to Mark to try on and it was to big! I was so fed up with socks that I couldnt stand it but I ripped it out anyways and started over on the fourth sock! Thankfully this time when I gave it to Mark to try on he could pull it on properly! WOO HOO I had a sock but I just had to finish knitting it and make the second one. Well have managed to finish the first sock and am currently just past the cuff of the second one, all I have to say is right now I feel no love for these socks. When I told my loving mother about these socks she laughed and said if I were to pay myself for knitting these would be the most expensive socks in the world to which I laughed and said no I would have fired myself a long time ago!! and its true I would have. Once I finish this second sock I want to find a dress pattern I like and sew me a pretty red dress out of the material my Mom sent me for xmas and then I want to knit the Feb Lady Sweater out of the silver yarn I got from her as well all in time for xmas day.
Hope the americans had a lovely Thanksgiving day and didnt eat to much that it made em sick! I made a lovely honey mustard ham, sweet tater mash, boiled veg, and some stuffing for our dinner. It was only the two of us but it was really lovely and we were full to the brim!
Pretty much finished on all the gifts as well like I said above just one more sock to knit and then need to figure out 3 more gifts and that should be easy enough really two will be some kids toys and I love shopping for toys! Hey you have to test them out to make sure they are fun dont you? Well I do and I LOVE it!
Alright have a great weekend Ill be knitting on a sock and trying not to cry because they have taken so long.. heheh...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

knitting and sewing and all that jazz

So I have been knitting happily away on all the xmas stuff and was so happy to think I was nearly done!
Got three pairs of mittens finished
Druid Mittens from Vogue Knitting lovely pattern but I did change the needle size to 2.5 and 2.75 also added one extra repeat before starting tthe decreases for the fingers and I decided against the flap that closes over the fingers. As much as I enjoyed knitting these I am so glad that they are finished!! Knitting the same thing 6 times over just gets well the same! :) and those are for his sisters.
Ive also got two scarves finished
Campus Scarf from Scarf Style knit on 4mm needles. These are for his brother in laws. lovely very quick pattern and great telly knitting!
One pair of finished socks
Monkey Socks from I love these I dont want to give them away! Okay I will but Ill go buy some Wendy Happy for myself to knit some socks with. These are for his Mum hopefuly she likes em as much as I do!
Then I had 1 more pair of socks to go before I was finished knitting! and look I finished one!
It was finished I promise! I gave it to Mark to try on because everything on it looked a bit small but I was going with the flow of the pattern. HA! I knew I shouldnt have! It was to small on his foot couldnt even get it all the way on. GRRRRRR So it got all ripped out and then I measured his foot and set down and have started to knit a sock all on my own from top down. The pattern is similar but it isnt the same as above. Its a 2x2 rib with the middle front and back going from 2 cables down to 1. I will take a picture once I finish it and make sure it fits properly on his foot. These are for his Dad. They have the same size feet so I can check as I go! :D
Theres what Ive been knitting and doing....

But now on to something completly different....

Ive got the Best Mom In The World. You may think yours is or someone else you knnow whos a wonderful Mom. And they very well may be to you. But to me, my Mommy is the bestest in the whole wide world. Not only is she the bestest to me but she sent me some goodies... Wanna see?? Tough you are anyways!
Beautiful yarn. Ive already thought about this and want to make the Feb Lady Jacket out of the silver Ive not decided yet on the blue or pink. I will do something though! :)
A LOAD of old sewing patterns from her MASSIVE collection.
And then a load of material of different styles and colours that I wouldnt dare buy for myself because I tend to only get cotton. Shes throwing me out of my comfort zone! I cant wait to get sewing with these but I gotta finish all the xmas knitting first!
Thank you again Mom for all of this! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Almost done

I keep meaning to take pictures and post but I keep forgetting to do both. So I am going to post but dont have any pictures will eventually get those and get them up as well. :)
I have finished all my mittens. 3 pairs were enough for me to have to knit. As lovely as the pattern is and as pretty as I think it is I couldnt fave having to knit another pair of them. A different pattern? Bring it on! But just not those please.
That means I am working on my last xmas gift. Those are the socks for Marks Dad. The Boyfriend Socks because they are lovely looking. And I do need to give the FIL a pair of manly socks dont I?
3 pairs of mittens 2 scarfs and 1 pair of socks finished the last pair working on all well before I thought! WOO HOO Im doing good this year and its not even tthe middle of November yet (I still have a couple of days thank you!)
alright off to check me blogs that I read and other little peices then going to sit down and knit on the sock while I watch a bit of telly... Have a great day everyone!! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keeping warm...

Im still here... Im still knitting.. But this all sounds like Ive said it before?! Heres the thing I love the fact that I can knit and make really lovely things for xmas gifts but I hate that I decided to do the same thing for everyone. I love the patterns I decide to do but because I knit them over and over for each person it all looks the same. I know his family doesnt read my blog so Im safe in posting pictures of the things I do make for them but how many times can you see tthe same thing before you wonder if it is actually the same thing?! Anyways Ive finished both of the scarves for the brother in laws..
Campus Scarf from Scarf Style. VERY quick pattern and even easier to memorise then learning your new house number! hehe.. Love it though!
And I only have ONE mitten left to knit. Its the left hand one. And that will bring my total to three pairs. I just needed a break before doing that one so I started a pair of Monkey socks for his Mother. :)
These are knit using Wendy Happy it bamboo instead of wool and OMG are they ever soft feeling!! I swear I want to keep these and am going to have a hard time handing them over to his mum. BUT I know she will enjoy wearing them. I am past the heel on the second one so will soon have these done. For his Dad I am making a pair of socks as well using this yarn
same type as above Wendy Happy just a different colour. I got this yarn from my LYS never seen it before but wow I love it! Once I finish these two pair of socks and make my left hand mitten and need more yarn to knit with Ill go get some happy for a pair of socks for myself. :)
Anyways thats what I have been up to. But now because I am knitting things other then the same mittens and scarfs I might actualy post a bit more... who knows!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ive been knitting

I have been busy. I promise! I have been knitting. I swear! You still want proof though huh? :)
That happens to be the start of the third pair of mittens. so just to finish the rest of that mitten and knit the left one. After that I have one more pair left and Ive not yet decided if I will want to do another after that. We will see the time frame and how sick of tthe pattern I am. As much as I love it and as pretty as they are after knitting 4.5 single mittens its getting a bit much....

This is the Campus Scarf from Scarf Style from the post below its two balls in and I had to wait for another ball to turn up in my lys. Two just werent enough, I was thinking ti would be but silly me to think a guy would enjoy wearing a small scarf. OOPS! So I picked the third ball of that up today and will have to finish that and knit at least two more possibly four depending the time and again how bored I get of the pattern.

This is the berrett from the new Debbie Bliss magazine. I knit it with 4.5mm needles instead of 5mm and its not baggy enough for what I wanted but I was to impatient to wait to go and buy 5mm. Oh well! Ii still like it and I will wear it this winter to banish the cold from my poor wee ears! *shush mother I have your big ears I know!*

and this is a lovely ball of merino sock wool from HipKnits that will eventually be knitted into a nice toasty pair of socks for myself... of course its gonna be after all tthis xmas knitting... a treat to myself... :) Wonder if I can have all the knitting these socks to be finished for xmas and maybe a sweater for myself as well? HMMM! I should get back to knitting iin that case then huh?

Monday, September 29, 2008

Second pair and a scarf

Hello everyone! I have been around Ive just not been posting because it would have been the same looking pictures. Different pair of mittens but they look the same. So I have finished my second pair of mittens...
I only have to do another two pair I MIGHT do 3 pairs depending how I feel come time for the third pair. But I needed a break from the mittens they were getting samey (thats the problem when deciding the same pattern for everyone for xmas knitting) so I have found the scarf I want to do for the guys...
That is the Campus Scarf from Scarf Style. I am MUCH further then that but I havent taken a pic of it since Friday night (its now monday morning) Im doing the scarf all in one colour instead of putting the coloured stripes in it. Its a very simple pattern to knit and watch telly with I love it! In total Im going to do 3 maybe 5 if Im not to bored by them and have enough time. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Baby Bumps Hat

I knit this hat for my Aunt Rosemaries baby. Below is the pattern.

Baby Bumps Hat
0-3 months
DK weight less than 50 grams
Cast on 72 stitches
Join in round being careful not to twist and place marker at the begining of round.
Row 1-9 Knit
Row 10-11 Purl
Row 12-17 Knit
Row 18-19 Purl
Row 20-25 Knit
Row 26-27 Purl
Row 28-33 Knit
Row 34-35 Purl
Row 36-41 Knit
Next row starts crown shapping
Row 42 *p2tog p6* repeat to end (63sts)
Row 43 Purl
Row 44 *k2tog k5* repeat to end (54sts)
Row 45 Knit
Row 46 *k2tog k4* repeat to end (45sts)
Row 47 Knit
Row 48 *k2tog k3* repeat to end (36sts)
Row 49 Purl
Row 50 *p2tog p2* repeat to end (27sts)
Row 51 Knit
Row 52 *k2tog k1* repeat to end (18sts)
Row 53 Knit
Row 54 *k2tog k2* reapeat to end (9sts)
Row 55 Knit
Break off long tail of yarn thread thru the stitches and pull tight fasten off. Weave in the two ends.
Enjoy! :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mittens and Baby gifts

So I have finished the first pair of mittens! :) Heres a couple moree pictures I am sure you will all be sick of them by xmas time but you know what I still like em! :)
and heres a close upish of the pattern
I love how theres the braided cable going up each side and tthen the bobbles inside the main crisscrossing cable I suppose if you didnt want bobbles you could put beads. I was thinking that then decided not to do that for mine.

Also my Aunt Rosemarie is having her first baby. Ive already showed off the sweater but lookie! I made a matching hat! :)
Teddy is staying very warm while modeling this little get up. :) I will write up (well try to) later today how I did the wee hat. It was super quick knit as well. :)

Okay thats my catch up. Ive started and finished the cuff for the first of the second pair of mittens so theres no point in showing a picture just yet. :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pair .5 of 1

I know it is only September and I shouldnt be talking about Christmas just yet, but I got to! :) I have found the gifts for the girls that I want to make. Its the mittens from Vogue knitting Fall 2008 #3 Green Autumn. Obviously they are the same pattern used for the mitten in the post below.
I have finished the first glove for the first gift pair.
After finishing the mitten for myself to test the pattern I realised that it was slightly to small in length for the hand and the cuff was to big. So I joined the KAL on Ravelry and read what some were saying and went down to 2.5mm to knit the cuff and tthen back up to 2.75mm for the hand and added an extra repeat before starting the decreases. I did that for this pair here and tried them on and they are now the perfect size.
Ive casted on and have finished the cuff and 6 rows (so far) of the second mitten to this first pair. Ive also decided to go to a lighter oatmeal-ish colour instead of the darker colour in the post below. By the time I have at least 4 possibly 5 pairs of these knit I and you will be sick of seeing hearing about them. But Im going to knit these for the gifts, only because I find them so pretty.
Now to go and try to knit a couple more rounds on the next glove while feelling sorry for myself because I have a stupid cold....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Knitting here Knitting there Knitting EVERYWHERE!

I finished the Road to Golden well in time! :) But it took 3 days to dry completely and then I forgot to take pictures during the day so did them at night and am only getting around to posting them tonight..
thats the front and this is the back
The yarn came from New Lanark Mills. Its 100% pure wool except for the apricot thats got 10% silk in it.
I LOVE THIS SWEATER!!!! I cant believe it went so quickly as well. Watched the olympics and knitted away and I was able to do both without messing up! :) I was able to hold and carry both yarns (you work with only 2 at a time) at the same time because I am able to knit both by picking and throwing the yarn (same can not be said for my purl stitches!)

A baby sweater for my Auntie Rosemarie well not for her as so much for her and her hubbys little bundle of blue baby joy on its way. I think they already have a name picked out I just cant remember what it is. But that sweater took 2 or was it 3 days to sort out annd finish. :) All I have left is sewing on the buttons and weaving in the ends.

Im deciding if the mittens from Vogue Knitting fall 2008 #3 Green Autumn are going to be knit simple and quick enough to make for Christmas gifts for the ladies this year. So far Im loving this pattern! :) 2 days worth of work here (well thats after knitting the entire cuff before admiting it was just way to big!)

Another picture of the glove with a slightly truer colouring. Really I just like showing off!

and the inside of the hand. No its not really tight on my thumb Im just using a very small saftey pin to hold my stitches because its what I had to hand at the moment.
If these go as fast as I think they should (hopefully meaning Ill have the hand finished tomorrow) then these will be for the ladies and Ill have to find something super quick to knit for the men then.....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I love colour work!

Can I just say I love when the Olympics are on!! I dont care if they are winter or summer I just love them! :) I couldnt wait for the opening ceremonies to start I made sure I did all my running around before hand. Actually I ended up putting off stuff I wanted to do so that I could make sure I was at home when they started! :) Im so glad I was. As is normal I loved the show thought it was excellent. Weve been watching all the coverage BBC is showing on the telly and enjoying every minute of it.
As Ive mentioned I joined the Ravelympics and started knitting. I cant believe how quick my Road to Golden has gone. Ive finished up to the arm gussets and have started the arms now.
that was after a couple of days knitting on it. And I redid the charts because I changed the colours to make it easier for me to follow I recoloured them in and then added bits of the yarn to the side so I knew what yarn goes with what colour.

The is the finished state from yesterday just sat to the side now until I do the sleeves. I cant believe how quick its gone! Aran weight wool really does knit up quickly!
HPIM0915 HPIM0911
Heres a close up of the pattern both the right side and because I always like the way the wrong sides look I added one of those as well. :) Isnt it lovely?!?!?
And then a close up of the gusset stitches.
Id show the arms but theres nothing really to show of them but a few garter stitch rows. Wait till I get more and Ill show then. Knitting both of em at the same time, hope these go as quick as the body did! :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Productivity is goooooood

So I had a rather productive day on Friday and I managed to finish my PIF for my mom. Oh youd like to see would you? :) Of course Ill show off!
Reversible napkins so depending her mood she can set them how she would like. :)
I like the way these turned out and if I had to do a house warming gift I would make these for them. However I dont know anyone planning on moving any time soon so my sewing machine is safe for the moment.
And like I said I had a productive day on Friday...
4 cushions had covers made for them. They aree a very very pale yellow in colour. All I did was cut out 8 18x18 (the size of the cushions) pieces of fabric and then took two bits for each cover (obviously) and sewed 3 sides together turned right side out ironed the seam out stuffed the pillow inside and then hand sewed the 4th side closed. After talking about it I decided to sew them closed instead of putting a zip or buttons on them. They turned out perfectly good and Ill do this for now on every time I want to change the cushions! :) That way I get the colours I want! oh and they only took 2 meters of fabric. I had left overs, not sure how much but I just bought 2 meters and theres not enough left to do anything major with.
Thats the progress Ive made on my sweater so far. I have one more set of increases for waist shaping to do and then I just have to finish the body start the hem do the arms blah blah blah. So I am knitting its just not going as quick as I would like it to. I suppose thats what you get for knitting witih 2.5 mm needles (or is it 2.75mm?) Anyways they are small and its taking a long time!
Ive decided to join tthe ravelympics very last minute I know. I got a link from a group to a new to me site to buy wool from and Ive finally got enough to make Road To Golden with (thats not who I bought my yarn from). Hopefully the yarn will get here today if it does Ill take pictures and post them up. I cant start it until Friday during opening cermonies so I cant wait! :) My goal is to just get the body of it finished Im not going to go for the arms as well in two weeks but Im going to try to see if I cant get it all in. As this is my first fairisle sweater I dont know how long its going to take me. But I cant wait to try!! :)
Alright Ill hopefully be back sooner rather then later with a good update of how everythings goinig. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

I knit and I sew!

Ive been knitting a little bit but of course in this sticky heat we have been having Im not getting loads of it done.
Top down raglan sweater knitting it on 2.75mm circular needle using some coned wool I got off of ebay to knit Sorrano with but didnt like the way it turned out after sewing the zip to it. So that got frogged and now Im doing this. Holding two strands together to get a thicker look. Im planning on knitting it all plain until I get to the bottom and adding a hem to it that is tthe same stitch pattern as the scarf I made below. Will do the same for tthe arms plain to the cuff and then ruffle stitch look. I will be making this a big ole turtle/cowl neck as well if I got enough wool. Again using the same stich pattern as I did for the scarf below. :) In my head it looks really pretty so hope it turns out that way as well. :)
Then Ive been sewing a bit here and there as well making my Pay it Forward thats going to be heading to my Mom. She said I could post pictures of it on here so Iam.
Thats the start of the place mats I am making. They are from Amy Butlers In Stitches book. all I have to do is sew the back (the bits on the bottom) to the fronts (those on the top) and then they are finished Ive just not gotten around to doing tthose just yet.
These are the matching napkins Ive done to go with them. Again from Amy Butlers In Stitches book. My mom like her cloth napkins and she uses place mats so I knew these would get alot of use from her. The napkins are double sided, thats why you can see two of them folded there one showing the flower side one showing the plain side. I am very happy with how these turned out lets just hope I make no mistakes sewing the placemats down huh? :)
Right off to try and knit some more on the sweater.. or should I go sew? HMM!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Juno for Amy

Im able to show off my Pay It Foward gift I sent to Amy. :) I was waiting for her to receive it in the mail so I didnt ruin the surprise...
I knit Juno from Knitty I didnt want to send this when I finished. I wanted to keep it all for myself. Sorry Im stubborn sometimes! HAAHA :)
I used Sirdar Luxury Soft Cotton 4 ply 3.5mm needles and knitted this from June 25th to July 10th.
The cotton is so soft so thought it was perfect for this scarf/wrap for spring/autumn time.

Now I am working on my Moms PIF and have half of it finished. Once I get it finished Ill show pictures of that as well. :) In the meantime Ive read Danielle Steels Sisters who my mom and I think now have people who write for her becauses that book just didnt have her old style and flair in it. Now Im reading Jodi Picoults Keep Faith. I also started to knit a top down sweater dont know how thats goinng to turn out becauases its being knit on 2.75mm needles do you realise how long thats goinng to take?!?!!?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Misty Garden revealed

Okay so my secret project has been sent off to Amy who should get it hopefully end of this week begining of next week so Ill be able to show it off and I made sure to get some photos of it before shipping off..
However I did knit a scarf over the weekend that I can show you now!! :)
For my birthday I got Scarf Style but havent made anything out of it until now! :) I made Misty Garden by Jo Sharp from it. I used 2 skeins of Hacho 100% Hand Dyed Merino Wool in shade 303. Each skein is 50 grams which turns into 125m - 137yds. I used 4mm needles.
Arent the colours lovely? :)

Yeah they are the same dye lot and the same shade yet one skein had more yellow in it and the begining of the other one was badly faded. But to be honest I dont care. I still really like tthe way it looks. I should have swapped between the two through out to get it to look even but again I couldnt be bothered by doing that either. Lazy I know!

Its a shortish scarf but will be perfect to throw on and run out tthe door with. :)
My overall feelings? I love it!