Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Want to see my melons?

Just wanted to start out with a little bit of christmas pretties.. I swear the plant itself doesnt look that horrible it was the flash that did it! But I went food shopping today seen those and HAD to bring them home!! :) this is the first time Ive had pointsettas in the house for the holiday season! WOO HOO! I might have to buy another one tomorrow to even up in front of the telly though becuase thats where Igot them.. we dont have a huge coffee table so they cant go on there and if I put em on the computer desk I wouldnt be able to see the monitor but I think they are ever so pretty down there!
Right this is what you all have been waiting for without even knowing it... Ive got pictures of my melons! NO NOT THOSE MELONS! GEESH! come on people!
THESE Melons!
on the table all stretched out just to show each one one their own.. and now some group shots! :)
The Purple The Beige, The Blue, The Redish
them again.. :) I just think they are so pretty trying to show them off loads!
From the top! :) and shh dont tell anyone you can see under the sofa and see thats where I store my knitting stuff.. Actually I gotta go put all that stuff away under there now Ive finished the scarfs... Its a good hideaway for the stuff Im working on at the moment. :)
But arent all my scarfs pretty?? I cant believe Ive finished them all in time and I am so happy!! 2 weekish a scarf!
I am nearly finished with the instep on the sock so making good time on that... actually kicking some booty on it! just need to finish it start the second one finish it and figure out how to wrap everything.. Thats going to be fun in its own right.. NOT! Because I dont want to just wrap them because they will be slightly floppy I want to do something pretty. :) I also want to make loads of cookies, not that anyone but me eats em. but I still want to make loads! We will see....
Alright gotta go knit me sock! :)


LUL said...

they all look absolutely fab. I'm impressed to can knit the same thing FOUR times, I would be bored to death!

KnitYoga said...

That is quite an achievement and they look so pretty together - all four of them! The colours are divine! All the recipients will love them, I'm sure!

Lisa said...

simply beautiful

Amy said...

Gorgeous Melons Jenn! And the poinsettia looks lovely too.

Mary-Lou said...

they're really lovely!

m said...

Fantastic! I wish I had the patience you must have to do so many of them.

Sharon said...

They're all beautiful Jenn. Well done sweetie :o)

Lynne said...

Just beautiful! Lucky recipients!

For wrapping, use cardboard tubes (you can make your own, or recycle them from paper towels, gift wraps, etc.), and wrap them to resemble Xmas "crackers", with pretty ribbons tying off the ends. Easy to do, disguises the item well, and very attractive.

SYLVIE said...

They're all really gorgeous! Lovely colors! Especially the blue one.

Nikki said...

Jenn, as you know I'm not a knitter....yet from a non-knitters point of view, they are ALL so very stunning! I would give my first born for anyone of these gorgeous colored scarfs. LOL!

Anonymous said...


Monique said...

My god, they're great.
I can only imagne how much time and effort went into these Melons.

Those socks will be over and done with quickley, I guess

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Nicely done! In awh!