Friday, December 07, 2007

Rambling on like a mad woman....

Ive got no pictures at the moment but I just wanted to update anyways. :)
Im onto the last border of my last melon scarf. Its coming along lovely. I would have had it done but yesterday we were out most of the evening driving down to High Wycombe and back. Ive never been down there!! I just liked going from town to town on the way back (we took the motor way down and back roads home) and looking at all the christmas lights!! :) But once we got home I spent the majority of the time laying on my side. Ive done something to my back and its ever so slightly sore. Feels alright for the moment but Ive not done much this morning. So hopefully I get the rest of the border knit today becuase I need to make a move on the last pair of socks if I want to finish in time!!!
On Wednesday night we went to an open house for the company Mark works mainly for and I got to see one of the houses hes wired all up. It was nice. I wouldnt want to live in it but I wouldnt mind visiting it now and again for the weekends. It was a very nice house and I was highly impressed by it. But for me it wasnt a home. Like I told my mom last night when I spoke to her I think thats becasue I am used to a certain style of house a very small house and this was a big open house, just not me glass every where as well... And lets not forget to mention the upstairs hallway/landing area on one side of it you looked over the railing and straight down to the bottom basement that was decked out with a home cinema and fitness room. OMG I DID NOT LIKE THAT!!! Mark told me to look over I couldnt even get NEAR the railing and he pretended he was going to give me a wee shove and I think I might have screamed slightly! HAAHHA But like I said the house itself was beautiful and I liked where it was at. It just wasnt for me... Ive always wanted one of those houses where you will run into the one you live with and there no hidding for each other.. :)
Last night after I got bored of laying on my side Mark pulled down my christmas tree and decorations so we sat up the tree... Its pretty! I love Christmas time and i love trees!! I even made him put on two candy canes (which I told him not to eat!) and two little stars... He laughed and said "I dont know why I am putting these on your going to move them tomorrow while Im working anyways". Hes a funny man he is.. but Ive not moved them and Im not going to move them... Ill eventually take a picture of our tree.. Its nothing special but its ours darn it! :) haha
Alright gotta get off of here... must go and knit! have a great day everyone and a lovely weekend!!


Anonymous said...

hope your backs feeling better now! i'm being rather lazy with my last parcel but will try to get it out for you this week sp x

andi hooked on string said...

Hope your back is getting better. The best thing is to rest as much as possible. Ice helped me alot too, some say heat like a heating pad, but that did not help me at all. Seemed like it make things worse.