Friday, November 16, 2007

Sock and Scarf update

Are you tired of seeing the same two projects being knit in different colours? well I am sorry if you are becuase heres more pictures of em!
Father and Son Socks take 2
and another pictures keep in mind I am showing these on my feet which are smaller then themans foot they are meant for!!

Those are finished as I said now heres pictures of my Melon Scarf take 3... I cant believe Im working on my third one... andyou know what? I still love the pattern!!! Momma better watch out because shes probably going to end up with one of these in her mail boxes after the new year.... but shhh dont tell her that... I know I am safe she doesnt read my blog any more shes not got much time! HAHAHA
and heres another picture

Melon Shawl from Victorian Lace Today knit in Jagger Spun Zypher Wool Silk Indigo. It really is beautiful to knit with! :)
Right now I need to go knit on this I want to finish my body repeats by tonight I dont know if I will or not but I WANT to have them done becuase I am starting to panic I have one more pair of socks and another scarf to knit by xmas plus I want to sew myself an outfit together for xmas day. So I really need to get busy becuase I dont think its all going to be done.. and it MUST get finished or I will be VERY upset with myself!!


Amy said...

Those look great Jenn! I love that color you're using for Melon Scarf.

Anonymous said...

they look great, I can't believe your still enjoying making them! not long to go...!
sp x

Riggwelter said...

ooh good luck with getting them done, they both look wonderful.

Bonnie said...

Ohhhhh very nicely done Jenn!!
Way to go miss knitting thang!!
Your knitting is gorgeous girl!!
Hey....can you email me your new address so I can send you a chrissy card again? I only have your old addie!!!
Hugs Bonnie

Bonnie said...

Ohhh I forgot to comment on your new "DO"!! Looks great chickie!!!
hugs, Bonnie