Thursday, December 20, 2007

Knitting done! Baking to go!

Wow Ive just realised I got a fair bit to catch up on! So this post is going to be a bit of a picture frenzy!
First of all I finished the christmas knitting! WOO HOO!! VERY excited about that! :)
finished the last pair of socks 2 days ago look!
Then I also made some more christmas ornaments for the tree...
not exactly the best ones Ive ever seen the three I made for Martina came out MUCH better but I forgot to photo it.. thats alright it was a tree and it was dark green.
Ive started a new project you can see it hanging from the tree its the orange looking thing Im making a vest based on a pattern from Knitty but making mine in the round instead of bits and I aint steaking it! oh look I had to show off our tree again with all the little bags under it! those are the scarfs and socks but sadly all you see are the red bags. I promise you theres green ones in there!! and then theres a couple of green and red wrapped gifts and I still have to wrap whats in the silver bag becuase its for Marks nephew, the young one the older ones are all getting money... That way they can buy what they want/need.... And teh orange bag has a cookie tin and a cookie baking tray in it but I was to lazy to pull it out the way.. give me a break its still 8.30 in the morning! :) haah

Wednesdays I got into town and meet up with a lady named Martina for lunch and a knit! ITS GREAT! Well yesterday she brought me a bag full of goodies for xmas that I WAS NOT expecting!! LOOK WHAT I GOT!!
Homemade pickled onions (which Mark liked! And I forgot to tell him they were hot ones and he reminded me instead! HAHAHAH) and homemade Mincemeat! (no its not hamburger mince its fruit mince! I swear growing up I used to thing it was hamburger mince becuase I had never had it and was always to embarassed to ask anyone! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and a little felted wallet...
And then I got this black box and in it was all this fiber!!! OMG!! Next year (that sounds so weird!!) Im taking my spindle with me I got last year and shes going to teach me to spin properly and not my pretend way! Whats all there is....
Manx thats been drum carded. The brown stuff still in box. Merino Tops that pretty turquoise one. Silk Cap the one front and center Iceland/cheviot mix the red white and blue on the end and Alpace the light brown on top.
I also got a candle and a bag that I forgot to picture. SORRY!!
But aint it all Great?!?!?! I couldnt believe it!! Thank you again Martina!! :) Your the best!!

I probably wont be back before christmas.. Ill try though!! today and tomorrow Im going to make loads and loads of cookies will be starting soon as I finish this post! I will be trying to make a skirt as well for xmas day. I got books coming tomorrow from Mark for my birthday on Sunday. I wont be opening them or looking at the invoice to find out which ones hes got. Ive given him a list and asked for a couple I spotted the list was marked on when I sat down here so I turned it over and am not looking no matter how badly I want to look!! HAAHHA I want it all to be a surprise!.....
So if I have time show pictures of the cookies I make, the books I get, and the skirt if I get time to do it! If not well...
Merry Christmas!!! Happy New Year!!! or Happy/Merry whatever it is you celebrate!!! May you have a wonderful time spent with family and friends and each one of you stay safe and merry!!!!!!


ahufford said...

Merry Christmas Jenn!

Bonnie said...

Heya Jenn,
Just stopped by to say Hi!!
I LOVE your homemade tree ornaments!!
Great job chickie!!
Hope you and Mark had a great Christmas!!! Ya got a cute tree!!
TTFN chickie!!
Muah n Hugs,