Friday, May 30, 2008

Oblique Finished!

I finished Oblique last night. Today I went and bought the buttons for it. Even wore it into town and I have to say... I LOVE IT!! :)
Heres a shot of the front
and heres the back
After peeking around on ravelry about this I read a couple of people wished they put two buttons on the inside so I made two buttons holes and done just that. The only thing I wish Id done differently would have been to add 4 buttons on the outside instead of the 3. Either way it doesnt matter because I just love the way this turned out. :)
I used Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora bought for me by my lovely Mister. I used 15 balls but could have done with 16 to be honest so the arms could be slightly longer to roll up the sleeves and the collar could be more like the pattern and not just a wee one. Oh I dont care because I LOVE IT!!! and I havent taken it off all day except to sew the buttons on. :)
Would I make it again? yep! I would ya know... and I would do it the same. Knit the body all in one with the arms knit flat. But like I said add a 4th button hole to the outside and keep the 2 on the inside. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Purple heaven

So here I am knitting away and I finally put the photos on the computer so thatt I could show it off so far. Ive got the body finished and Im working on the arms right now. Working both at the same time so I can be promised they will be the same length, thats always a good thing isnt it?
thats the front over lapped so youu can see theleft and right lean decreased lace as well as the textured lace and the moss stitch.
Obviously I still need to work the button bands and everything but that comes at the end after I do the arms. :)
As you can see the raglan decreases nicly up the body and everything stays looking pretty. :)
I think that Oblique is very well written and so easy to follow Ive been knitting on it while watching tely at night and have yet to make a mistake. I bet now Ill go and badly mess up the arms!! :) all 3 lace patterns are 8 row repeats will the moss stitch is a 4 row pattern so for me Ive been able to keep track very easy just knowing that the moss is repeated twice per one lace. Even when you decrease and increase within it I stil think its easy to follow once you get going you soon learn what the stitches your working on should look like by looking below and to each side. Mind you sometimes I think Im going wrong and look at the paper and at that time its time to set it aside for t the night and go to bed becuase Im to dang tired. Really I should be finished with this by now but like I said I got side tracked trying to sew a dress thats still not finished but I want to knit instead of sew.... See theres not enough time nor hands in the day for me!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A quick one two

Hey everyone!
I dont have any pictures for this post but I will eventually get me some taken and put them up here. I have finished the body of my cardi and its looking GREAT Ive started the arms today. Im going to knit both at the same time. I just find lately everythings going quicker that way. I did the body all in one peice up to the arms and then obviously split and again did them at the same time so I know for a fact everything is the same length. I can not wait to finish this cardi so thatt I can wear it. :)
Also Ive cut out a dress and have it all sewn together and now Im just putting the finishing touches on it. Ive not touched it today but will be finishing it at some time this week so hopefully Ill have pictures to post of that here soon as well.
thats all the updating of the crafty bits Ive done lately.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Summer Knitting

Wow its been a bit and Ive got a couple of things to update on! :) I think it was the 19th of April I started the Yosemite pattern from knitty and I finished it this afternoon. Well I actually thought I finished it yesterday until I tried it on and my sweetie pointed out that it was SLIGHTLY to short so I added 3 extra repeats on the bottom.
Oh what you want to see it? okay I suppose you can!! :D
I tore apart a sweater that I made ages ago thats been to big for me. Its 100% cotton from Sirdar and I made the smallest size that the pattern was wrote for. Now mind you that should have been far to small on me but for some reason I got huge gauge! Hey, Im not moaning! :) I love the look of this new shirt and its perfect for spring/summer wear since its cotton!

Not only did I finish that but a while ago AMY had a contest on her blog to spot what was wrong with her grad annoucments. I guessed correctly and won some choccies. Well thats what I thought it was but when the package arrived there was MUCH more in it then a couple of chocolates. THANK YOU AGAIN!!! There were two LOVELY skeins of yarn and loads of koolaid! WOO HOO!!! And of course my choccies.. wanna see? good I took a pic!
The yarn is Magallanes 100% wool Hand dyed by Araucania Yarns Chile.
Its BEAUTIFUL looking and VERY soft to pet. I dont know what Im going to make just yet Im trying to decide if I should make a scarf or a yolked sweater with it. Ive yet to decide Ill pet it for a while longer before committing myself. :) Like I said.. Its soft... And the colours are really lovely slightly darker then pictured above *silly flash!*

Over the weekend my wonderful sweetie was REALLY sweet and surpised me by buying me some yarn off of ebay. I got on to have a look if there was anything that I might want to buy and checked out what he was watching and seen some yarn in there I went "oh did you put that in for me to look at?" Not realising hed already bought it and umm yeah he did!! :D AWWWW He goes "NO! If you werent so nosey it was supposed to be a surprise for you, decided I keep buying things it was time something was bought for you as well." I couldnt stop smiling! HES SO SWEET!!!! See heres the thing I buy things for myself and he buys things for himself when I buy for myself I always try and get something for him as well now he doesnt usually go out buying things for himself so theres never really much reason for him to buy for me as well but the last couple of weekends hes been spending time on ebay *yes we are ebay and amazon aholics and dont try to stop us we dont need help yet! hehe* and because of that had the chance to buy me something.
I wouldnt have bought it for myself. Debbie Bliss is expensive and I normally dont go flicking around for long I get bored and go away but he got it for me its 80% cotton and 20% angora it feels SOOOO good! Turned up this morning. :) Its a really lovely purple as you can see. Im turning it into Oblique again from knitty. I still think hes lovely and wonderful and amazing! And he buys me yarn now and makes sure its purple! WOO HOO!!! I couldnt stop smilling when he told me he actually bought it and so he says "its not a love story its only a bag of yarn" See he doesnt even understand what that little bag of yarn can do to a knitters heart. *sigh* Im more in love with him everyday!

Okay there Ive updated you know whats been going on Im off to do the dishes and then sort out oblique to be printed out and Im casting on!