Friday, November 23, 2007

Nearly finished, but to far to go still

Im really upset at the moment... I dont know how this could have happened! I RAN OUT OF YARN!!! I mean seriously Ive already knit two melon scarfs with Zypher and Im knitting my third.... how could I run out of yarn when Ive had left overs on the other two??? Does it being blue mean the dyes that much heavier that Ive lost so much yarn??? I knit the same amount of repeats and the same amount of rows Ive done everything the same but Ive ended up badly short... Look for yourselves....
Thats just over the half way point but I do mean JUST and Ive got that half to finish with just a wee bit of yarn which means I have to order another ball but of course I tossed out the ball band like an idiot so I havent a clue the dye lot number... I really do hope when I order it its a VERY CLOSE GREAT match becuase this is supposed to be a christmas gift!! GRRRR R

But on a happier note Ive blocked my suede one out and its BEAUTIFUL and Im blocking the plum one right now. Again its looking BEAUTIFUL you can see for yourself. :)
sorry about the bad lighting.. what its not close enough? alright fine.. here
Hows that? better? good!! its so beautiful!! :) Its out the back room drying right now... okay I know that my blocking isnt in a straight line but it wasnt on the suede one either and you cant telll so shhh you dont tell his sisters and mum I wont either okay? :) COOL!

Ive started on my final melon scarf in Ruby I think... Ive only casted on and did one row so far hopefully I wont run out of wool on that one! My goodness I am not a happy bunny over the blue one.. I know everything will be fine though... I have faith in the knitting fairies!


Amy said...

Those are so cool Jenn!

Anonymous said...

the scarf is beautiul! am very very jealous!
sp x

andi said...

Very pretty. I too am trying to break out of the habit of throwing away the bands. I feel your pain.

dorothee said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a nice day indeed.