Saturday, January 27, 2007

Gloves 1

I picked up the needles that I needed to start the gloves yesterday! :) WOO HOO!! Of course when I went to the store to get them and asked for the 3.25 and the 3.5 that I needed I was told that they didnt have a 3.5mm and anyways why would I need that size its so similar to the 3.25 they had what seemed every other size BUT the 3.5... How I didnt say something rude to the lady I dont know! Why is it that some people think they can speak down to you? Sure she was just saying they didnt have the 3.5 but it was the way she said it to me and the way she looked at me like how dare I knit at my young age.... ARGGGG I was able to get a 3.5 from a tiny market stall anyways, then I came home and started my gloves.. :) Or well glove as Im doing them one at a time I couldnt be bothered to try and find 2 of both needles!
Picture 017
The inside back view.... its so pretty
Picture 019
The outside back view... just as pretty, and that almost solid looking red line is due to the white being pulled slightly to tight, oops!
Picture 018
The inside front view,,,, how pretty is that? and ooo that will keep my fingers nice and toasty!! :)
Picture 020
And that is the outside view of the front. :) Pretty!
Thats what I did (-3 rows) from yesterday... I could have had more to it but last night I stopped knitting and decided to lay on the bed and watch telly and be completely lazy... But I just HAD to show off the gloves. :) Now just to finish it and do the other one... Hopefully I will have a new pair soon! :) Im gonna be going for it... haha...

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I got my package from my secret pal!! WOO HOO I have been waiting patiently for it to turn up after getting her email saying it was on the way and it came this morning just after 11!!! WOOHOO!!! :D
Picture 001
It went from that to this
Picture 003
Then to this...
Picture 015

Theres some sticky note pads shaped like hearts and then some not cards shaped as hearts plus a magnet thats a big ol J! :) And funny enough we actually need another magnet because we only have 2 wee ones on the fridge and they are at their holding limit every time you try to stick something new under them they fall off! hehehe...
The stitch-n-bitch Calander! I got a daily knitting calander as well but its a different one, and I had a VERY QUICK flick and it looks really good! :)
Some BEAUTIFUL smelling hand made soap in a Cinnamon and Peppermint (that have made the bedroom smell really lovely just sitting in here!) also got some Vanilla sugar hand lotion equally nice smelling some mint lip shine balm that I have on and smells good and feels nice! Will have to make sure the mister doesnt take it! So that will have to go and hide in my coat pocket. hahaha :) Also got a really lovely smelling cinnamon candle,,, again will have to hide that so the mister doesnt burn it when Im not here.. :) I want to be able to smell the loveliness of it! :)
A really beautiful hand made angel ornament that my sps Mom had made for everyone they know and I think its just beautiful! Its my first handmade CUTE ornament that I have for the tree for next year!! :)
I also got a needle case, AND ITS PINK! and a chibi darning needle set! :) The funkiest cute little sheep tape measure and its got a little button on its bum that you press and the arm (tape measure) wizzies back in to his body.. I was playing with it for a few minutes thinking it was the funkiest little toy for lil ol me! hahaha I also got the little red snoopy figure, that will go with all my Tigger toys sitting around the computer (once I get mine fixed, and who knows when thats going to be right now.. no I aint complain!)... and I also got a some choccies,, YUM! I already ate the little strawberry that was in it, and I am going to offer Mark one but hes not allowed the turtle so that leaves a little (I think its dark) choccie and a little white choccie ball but that turtle its mine! :)
I also got Knitpicks Merino in hollyberry (2) and vanilla (1) to make these mittens from knitty and then I also got a big ole skein of knitpicks bare that Im not sure what I will do with just yet, but I know that I can dye it and make some socks, or something with it... its got over 400 yards (I think) of yarn and Im going to make something equally as cool as the mittens! :) With the mittens I might make them a flip top because I know how my hands can get a bit to hot sometimes... .. hopefully I will be able to achieve it and make them look kick bootie still. :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH AMY! I had a great round with you being my secret pal! :) And it was my first round ever so it was even all the more fun not knowing what to expect!! :)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Its finally snowed!! Im ever so happy! okay so there aint LOADS on the ground but ITS SNOWED!!! :)
Woke up this morning and went out to the kitchen and seen the snow ran to the window like a little kid and said to Mark who was warming himself up on the radiator... "look its snowed!!! Its so PRETTY!!" He just said I could keep it... I told him thank you I will! HAHA :)
Those are just some random pictures I just now took, the park across the street, trees in front of the park, the back fire escape, and the houses to the back of the house. :) Aint it pretty? haha They say we are supposed to get snow the rest of the day but I have a feeling we wont actually see much of it, just everyone around us will....

I went and watched Persuit of Happyness yesterday as well.. Good film, happy film, but I want to read the book instead! I would have been disappointed if I spent 8£ to see it, but it was only 4£ so that was alright... I think for Miss Potter I will end up waiting for it to come out on dvd instead of going to see it in the cinema...

Ive see the whole 6 weird things about yourself meme on everyones blog and I havent done one myself because I couldnt think of what was weird about me... Ive been thinking and heres my list....
1. I LOVE peanut butter and jelly sandwichs (jelly/jam whatever you call it) but I HATE jam on toast.
2. I used to hate coffee now I love coffee and I must have a cup while checking my email and blogs daily!
3. I dont put butter on my bread, in fact I have to remind myself to make sure I put it on Marks or he wont eat his!
4. I spelled *maybe* wrong until I was about 16 years old. It used to be *mabey* and I sometimes have to remind myself which way round it goes...
5. I talk to my mom almost daily on the phone and if I dont talk to her after a couple of days I have to call her to make sure everythings alright. When I lived with her Id barely talk to her... Funny that when you move away you miss what you had.. everyone says that but you never seem to believe them...
6. I used to only be able to fall asleep with the radio on very low, now we leave the tv on and once Marks asleep I turn it down so that I can barely hear it but still hear the mumbles, just as I did with the radio, so that I can fall asleep.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Today is special...

I know your wondering why today would be such a special day? Well its our (Mark and I) 4 year anniversary! :) Okay sure we arent married, but as good as in my eyes... We have actually "known" each other for five years... But that first year was over the internet and phone calls, so we always say are anniversary is the day I came here. :) And yep, that was four years ago!! I swear it doesnt seem that long ago!
What did we do today? (since I am writing this at 10.30 at night!) Mark went to work this morning as normal, came home at 4.30, a bit early than normal. We watched some telly, I had a stir fry and he had a side of cow, I mean a steak... Thats it.. no cards no flowers.. :( However I did look at buying myself some flowers (with his money!!) but all the ones at the store were half dead or so laughably expensive that there was NO WAY I was going to buy them.. umm Im sorry but spending 10£ on half dead flowers just doesnt make sense to me,,, Ill buy myself some yarn soon from him. :)
I did say that this weekend (as in coming) that I wanted to go out and he said we will see.. he might have to work. :( But hopefully he doesnt and we go out.... Even though he didnt get anything for me (which I knew he wouldnt anyways) he still remembered! and that alone is a good thing.... Hes never made a big deal about things like this but just him remembering is a big thing for me. :)
Tomorrow is el cheapo day at the movies so I think I might go down and watch The Persuit of Happiness while Marks at work... he HATES going to the movies so if I go its by myself... and I REALLY want to see this movie after hearing so much about and seeing the trailor every two minutes (so it seems) on the telly... We will see though what tomorrow brings when the time comes that the movie is on. :)
Oh btw, I just have to say I am SO PROUD of Mark... He has gone two weeks (as of tomorrow morning) without having a smoke! Hes using the Niquitin CQ patches, hasnt had a craving only has found himself looking for his smokes then laughing when he realises he wont find them. Hes not grouchy or eating loads of rubbish as you can sometimes find. Hes also noticed the benefits of not smoking, such as smelling things like rice being cooked, and taking big lung fulls of air. He did have a bit of a cough after day 2 but that only lasted a couple days and hes been fine ever since. Hes just doing great, and Im happy that I dont have to deal with the morning cig anymore.. That was probably the worst one for me, some days it would honestly make me feel queazy... and I used to smoke! havent though for something like 5 going on 6? years I think.. I cant remember how long its been or the day I actually stopped because I was tired of smoking and had one cig the morning I quit it made me feel sick and my mom told me if I carried on I would end up with all sorts of problems and that was it I didnt have another one.. I hope Marks the same.. :) Hes already admited if for some reason he fails he will be SOOOOOOOOO disappointed in himself... Hes got 2 guys at work to quit just by telling them how good hes felt.. and he finds the smell really horrible himself now. :) WOO HOO!
Alright Ive rambled on about a load of stuff now and no knitting.. Only because I havent done any.. I know I have my toothpick socks to finish and I suppose I should work on those but Im trying to figure out if 45g of Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn is enough for some ankle socks, anyone know?? if not Im sure I could make a pair of pretty (small) wrist warmers for sitting around the house knitting with? But seriously I should think socks first and not what else I can make! HAHA

Friday, January 19, 2007

All done! :)

I finished my scarf this morning! :) WOO HOO I just need to give it a quick hand wash and pinning out and then I will take pictures and have a beautiful scarf all for myself! :) A new one at that! One I never thought I would have as I refused everything before as I didnt want to stop wearing my pink one I made as my very first knit... But I suppose you do outgrow things after all.. or well just get a better winter coat that doesnt fit the scarf. heheh
Pictures to come! :)

I just steamed blocked this I couldnt be asked to pin and wait! Im an impatient sort of person.. And Nikki, you wanted to see the coat.. so here yall go! :) The scarf... I cut my head out of the top picture becuase I look HORRIBLE today.... and I covered it in the second photo..hehehe

Thursday, January 18, 2007

More Celeb Lookie Likes

I did another one of these things... and I got different results so Im posting it. :)

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Book done... Scarf coming....

So I somehow managed to hurt my back over the weekend and I ended up laying on the bed all weekend moaning like an idiot and reading. I finished my first book for the TBR 2007 challenge and it was Jodi Picoults Plain Truth. Another good book by Mrs Picoult. But I love all of her books that Ive read. This book is about an Amish girl whos being tried for the murder of her baby in the English (american) courts. Its just the story of her, her family and her lawyer whos english. Its so good I didnt want it to be finished when it was! You get so wrapped up in the story and of the characters that when the stories over you just want to find out what happens to the character after. And I mean that in a good way not in a way that the book is rubbish because its not! :)
So that means I did VERY LITTLE knitting.. Okay I did 1 repeat and thats 10 rows all weekend on my scarf and it ws so uncomfortable that I just decided that one row was plenty.. but today the back is feeling better... Not great but I can sit up today! :) And so I knit 2 repeats so far with trying to do some laundry... Its slow going but someones gotta do it! Heres the picture of the much awaited scarf....
Picture 109
That gold runs from side to side up the scarf and looks so lovely!! I think Branching out was the perfect pattern for this yarn! :) I cant wait until its finished and I get to block it and wear it! I dont care that its not cold enough out there a sweater and the scarf and ill be fine! hahaha
One last picture... Mark will HATE me if he knows Im doing this but tough! :) This was from New Years Eve... Just before Midnight actually.... Arent we sexy! oh yeah!
Picture 017
Excuse his no shaving.. He wasnt feeling good that day and I made him get up and party with me new years eve... even though it was here in the flat with just us.. :) (it was a great night. haha)

Friday, January 12, 2007


My Branching Out scarf is coming along! :) After having to rip it out the other day Ive been sure to be careful with it this time round and so far so good! :) I cant wait until its finished! I will have to take a picture of it and show it off as it stands but Im going to be lazy and do it another day. Sorry I know everyone loves pictures!
So I started to read the first book for the TBR2007 challenge... What Im doing is knitting during the day and in the evening while Mark watches telly I sit on the bed with me wee light and read. Alot of people couldnt do that but Im alright with it.. Sure they say the best way to read is in silence but I dont mind the backround noise because I block it out! There have been a couple of times that Mark says something and then about 5 minutes later I look up and go "huh? did you say something to me?" I think he expects that though when Im reading.. when I knit however I listen to him and answer right away... :)
The book Im reading at the moment is Jodi Picoults Plain Truth so far so good! Im 123 pages into it and I dont want to put it down!! But I know that I have to because if I dont then I wont get any knitting down so I have to behave and NOT pick it up during the day.
I decided to knit in the day and read at night because the mistake that caused me to rip out the scarf was becuase I was knitting at night when the light isnt the best to look at the stitches and the directions though with my little reading light I have it just over hte pages and its a good bright light for a small area like a book... am I making excuses? no I am being honest....
Alright off to go get stuff for pizza tonight... YUM!

**btw Colin, no the socks arent shiny, thats the stupid flash off my camera playing games....

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Its finished....

First this First.. :)
I finished the socks that my sp gifted the yarn for and I must say I LOVE THEM!! Finished them Sunday night but only took the photos yesterday and was out most of the day so didnt have a chance to blog about them until now! :)
I LOVE how they feel!! they are SO SOFT!!! I keept saying to poor Mark, "Have I told you how soft these are yet?? Well you know they are!" Finally when we were home and just about to get ready for bed and I asked him for the upteenth time he said "Yes you have, all night infact!" haha oops! Well I love them!! I wore them with my boots which I love but arent the most comfortable on the feet as in not very fluffy soft! But these socks sure made them feel that way! haha :) anyways here there are...
Picture 011
Just chillin out on the bed looking all pretty in there goodiness. :)
Picture 013
Short row heel and toes were used and just a basic 2x2 rib. :) As you can see better in this picture the stripes dont match up, I did try but it looked as though it was one full skein of hand painted wool that then go skeined into two balls for even socks but the stripes run opposite each other and you know what I didnt think Id like it that much but I do, I love the way the look when you look down at your feet! :) hahah
Picture 015
Here they are peeking out from under my pants yesterday... See how CUTE they look? Who wouldnt love wearing those??? And have I mentioned how soft they are? :) hehe
Picture 014
AWWW look, they love each other!! :) Isnt that just darling! :) I think it is anyways. hehehe
So heres the deal
Basic Toe Up Pattern from I was going to use the one that came with the socks but they used the figure of 8 cast one and I TRIED I really did but I SUCK badly at that and they looked HORRIBLE and holey on the toe so I ripped it out and did a crochet cast on and went from there. Worked each toe seperately and then joined on two circs once I had to pick up the cast on stitches.
They were knit on two circs at the same time. Its so easy. I could have done both toes at the same time but I think it takes longer becuase you are constantly changing yarns for each ball... The heels I did one at a time as well just becuase as I said I find it easier. :)
The yarn was gifted to me from my fab secret pal as I said and it is SW Zebrato II The fiber Denn Handdyed sock yarn 100% Superwash wool 128 yds/2oz 6.5sts=1" on US#2 needles.

Now because I finished that on Sunday that meant Monday I could start my scarf! YIPPIE! Says I....
Picture 001
Look how beautiful that skein looks!
Picture 008
and wound up... still a bit blurry, but its still beautiful! :)
On Monday I decided that Branching Out was the prefect scarf in the end for this yarn. I casted on and started I knitted a bit Monday and then again yesterday it was looking really nice! Then last night I realised it looked REALLY wrong somewhere I managed to screw up the center line! I dont know where and I dont know how! So I was gutted I tried to fix it but it was to far gone the easiest way for me was just to rip out and start over from scratch so thats what I did. My progress over two days of knitting pretty much looks like the ball up there in the picture! I was gutted but I made couple minor mistakes in the beginning anyways but nothing that effected the overall look on the scarf until the end before I ripped it out so thats WHY because I said to myself I can fix the small errors now.. and no the small ones didnt effect the big one! I think when we left yesterday and I set it down when I came back and picked it back up I was all confused and started knitting the wrong row and just continued on without noticing I was messing it up! oh well you live and learn... The scarf was looking BEAUTIFUL as well thats why I will keep Branching Out as the pattern fore this wool. :)

And yesterday was Marks Birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOVE YOU! :) He had a doccies appointment and had to get blood drawn :( and I was waiting for him out in the waiting room and I heard the nurse go "oh its your birthday today!" and then she started singing I about wet myself laughing outside the door... He wanted to slightly forget yesterday was his bday... He also decided that yesterday would be his stop smoking day and he did REALLY good all day long. :) I hope he sticks to it today I gave him his sweets to take to work.... I gave him money for his gift as I know what he wants but I dont know WHAT TYPE becuase its something for his car and Im sorry but Im USELESS at things like that so instead I gave him money and yesterday after the docs we went to the car store and the guy that FINALLY decided to help us was so uninterested that we walked out without the thing he wanted. We went to another car store but they didnt have what we wanted then we went to see his parents was there for a good while then went to the store and came home. Today hes gone to work and is going to try a car store near where he works hopefully the people are more interested in trying to sell something there then they were here.. It even ticked me off! Sorry but do your job buddy I felt like shouting... and perhaps because it was supposed to be his birthday gift he was buying... Oh well a day late isnt TOO bad is it? He had to wait until the 26th for his xmas gift so I suppose hes used to it..

Right off to go knit me scarf! :)

Oh yeah SP I have all of those books already! :) I tend to buy any book that looks good when I walk into Tescos in town because their top ten paperback books are less then 4£ a book! :) So I tend to splurge on myself now and again... :)

Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 TBR Challenge

I decided to sign up for the 2007 TBR challenge can be found HERE and HERE is the newest post...
I figure I like reading and Im sure I can get 12 books read in a year.... 1 a month and any new ones I get and read as well is just a bonus I suppose! :) But if I read this list thats all but I think 3 books I own that I havent read and umm thats good for me! :) So heres my list of books...

1. Plain Truth - Jodi Picoult
2. Geisha of Goin - Mineko Iwasaki
3. Gods Callgirl - Carla Van Ray
4. The Broker - John Grisham
5. Deception Point - Dan Brown
6. Digital Fortress - Dan Brown
7. The Asking Price - Carline Upcher
8. Eve Green - Susan Fletcher
9. Life Expectancy - Dean Koontz
10. Velocity - Dean Koontz
11. When She Was Bad - Louise Bagshaw
12. Nights Of Rain and Stars - Maeve Binchy

Now those arent in order of the way I will read them but they are the 12 I will be picking off of... :) Now I wonder how this will fit in with my knitting and now spinning because I cant let either of those fall to the side so hopefully all of that with just general life will keep me VERY busy! :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Spin, Span, Spun

So I started to write a post out yesterday and was nearly finished with it when my computer decided to freeze. So to say the least I lost that post.. ARG! Good thing it was just a round up of what Ive done and easily retypable and wasnt some long story or something! :)
So Ive been spinning, and I love it! OMG how could I have waited so long to start?? THANK YOU BONNY FOR THE SPINDLE! The pack came with a white top, blue top, and black top.. The black one I think was the longest/most in it. But I did a little white as tester and I showed that already. I did the blue over a couple of days and it wasnt consitant but I still love it! :)
Picture 003
Its mine and I done it, and thats something to be proud of! :) All I need to do is wash it to set the twist right now its wrapped around a pants hanger sititng happily just waiting for me to come wash it. :)
then I did all the black, I was better! I found a site online (look on the side bar under spinning) and it showed pictures and it just confirmed I was right in the way I was doing it. I swore I was spinning all wrong! Even though I did come out with spun wool in the end I was absolutely certain that it was wrong! So anywasy looked at the site, I was right so I continued to do it with slight improvment of pulling on the wool to seperate it more and Ive come out with a more consitant black yarn...
Picture 006
Now all I need to do is get the twisting bit down pat and let the twist run up the wool properly so thats its not over twisted in some areas... This also needs washing to set its spin. :)
Im going to leave them as singles and not ply as its all to fat to ply (in my opinion!) and Im going to spin the white I have and going to make the head band from knitty I think. Hopefully I have enough, I should anywyas! but I figure if I knit that then whenever I wear it Im showing off my hand spun and it should prove funky! But I do want to make something with my first spun yarn just to say "LOOK WHAT I DID!" :)
Now I also ordered some stuff from GetKnitted I love that site! here it is in all its glory :)
Picture 015
Now some of that is mine, and some of that Im giving away Im not saying which is what but heres a picture of whats going...
Picture 016
I figure that way if the SP9 pal Im sending this to looks on here and sees it shes not knowing whats getting sent just knows SOMETHING is being sent. :)
Still trying to figure out what scarf to knit for myself. I know I want a pretty lace scarf! but just not sure which one yet.... :)
The socks my SP9 pal gave me are coming along working on the leg and its getting longer soon as they are finished Ill post pictures! :) I love the colours in the self stripping yarn she gave me and they are so pretty to watch grow... :) Okay off to knit on them some more now!