Thursday, December 27, 2007

Recent Round up

Just to let you all know this will be pictureless post because I dont have any pictures taken yet. Sorry! Ive been busy! Now onto the regularly schedualed program! :)
Ive got a couple things Id like to cover in this post so first of all lets start with my SP11 pal! :)
I got a BEAUTIFUL bag of Merino roving in Purple! now I am seriously going to have to pay attention to Martina when she shows me how to spin using my spindle! :) She also sent the cutest little christmas tree ornament and its a little red disk with a birdy on it going TWEET so sweet! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING Emily!!
And because I am ever so slow at posting things sometimes my pal who I got to spoil and get to know is/was Mary. I had a blast this round both Emily and Mary were great fun!
Then there was the birthday that was mine... Oh yeah baby! I turned 26 found 2 grey arm hairs (dont worry they are safe I dont like pulling arm hairs they hurt!!) I got gifts as well... Got books from a friend I got In Stitches and then from Mark I got Apples For Jam, Poems of Colour, Best of Lopi, and Scarf Style. I love my books and I love my BF hes the best when armed with a list of books that youve given him! hehehe..... And then I got a waterlily bath smelly set that does smell lovely. A pretty brown shirt and a necklace with matching braclet set. All very lovely. Mark made me dinner and did all the dishes that day so I just sat around relaxed and knit a quaint.
Then christmas eve we just had a nice relaxing day in slept late and took ages to finally get dressed I think it was nearly 4 before we realised what was going on thats how much of a great lazy day it was!
Christmas day we had another lie in, I think it was around 11 when we woke up. Relaxed for a bit then got ready and went over to his sisters house where we spent all day over there eating to much food and having a great time. Played a pub quiz, well two round of it actually. The first round Mark and his dad won and the second round Janice and I won by 6 points to Marks 1 point the first round! EAT THAT BUDDY! haha.. sorry I get all happy when I beat Mark at something becuase it doesnt happen very often! and after about 8 hours over there we finally came home to our nice quiet house were I was upset I had no cookies or pies left because they were all over his sisters house! Christmas pressies were a pair of Tigger slippers and a Tigger bathrobe from a friend, $60 from my uncle back home which will be cashed over and spent on some clothes, another bathrobe from Marks sister, Friday Night Knitting Club from his other sister, a calander with pictures from Australia from his sis in Oz, a really pretty green sleeveless turtleneck sweater from his parents, and a bread maker from him. (which he forgot to get bread flour for and I couldnt get any on the 26th as all the grocery stores were closed and had to wait until today *the 27th* to get some! But I got some bread being made in it right now)
Fear not boxing day (the 26th) came and we went back over to his sisters house where we ate more food! Yep I got to eat more cookies and I found my sweet tater pie and had a peice of that and brought some home when we finally did come home. We didnt stay as long over there yesterday so that meant we were home about 6pm.

Like I said I made a silk quaint and it turned out lovely. I then tried to make some silk fetchings but the first one turned out to be to small (thats what happens when you use everything different and dont account for it!) and then I ripped it out and made again adding one more repeat when I finished it and put it on I realised why I hate fingerless gloves and ripped it out as well. Thankfully I didnt cut the yarn or do the thumbs I only ever did the body of them. But still I took 2 days (because of course other things were going on in the mean time) so finally yesterday I ended up starting the Cinnabar Pullover from the Fall 2007 Interweave Knits magazine. And so far I am really happy with it. Past the back 3 1/4inch of linen stitch and working on the waste decreases now. Hopefully this one doesnt upset me. Ive gone slightly smaller then my chest becuase I want it close fitting. Hopefully it works out well and Ill have a new sweater not long after the first of the year! I miss making sweaters!! After all those scarves and socks I needed a sweater I think! Dont worry MS3 hasnt been forgotten I just wanted a sweater I need some new ones! :)
I will have some pictures of everything soon!

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emily said...

sounds like you had a great xmas, and happy birthday too!