Thursday, November 01, 2007

Where I ramble on and on and on....

So I know you WANT to see the socks, and I wont dissapoint you!

Just another pair of Father and Son socks from Interweave Knits I think it was Winter 2006.

Did you notice as well?? I am knitting them with PURPLE knitting needles!!! Okay I really did hope you wouldnt notice they are DPNs me who swore them away. You know what though since using these I really like em! Now I dont think I would pick them to do sleeves with, but I do think I am knitting quicker with the dpns over the one or even two circular needles...

I got the purple knitting needles from Check em out. Great service and good prices! I cant believe I didnt mention these needles when I ordered them. Thats a lie I didnt mention them because I broke my own "I hate DPNs!!" rule so it was more if they sucked and I couldnt stand knitting with them no one would have known!! HAHAHA

Yesterday I had to run into town and pick some stuff up for my wonderful sweetie. Yes I do love him, and yes I do run into town whenever he needs me too.. But I always get myself something as well, Im not stupid! So anyways yesterday I picked myself up a copy of Friday Night Knitting Club after hearing all you other readers out there talk about it. And I couldnt resist its a book that has to do with a Knitting Club!! And I heard its going to eventually become a movie and I prefer to read the books BEFORE seeing the movie. I dont know WHEN Ill get time to read it but I WILL read it! :)

I also bought myself some BOOTS!!!! LOOK!!!!
They go up to about and inch or two below my knee. I love em! I feel a bit kinky in them as well!HAHAHA I never had boots this tall. Before you women out there shout at me, I know they arent heeled boots but I have a good reason! I DONT WEAR HEELS! Well I would LOVE to wear them but I find them uncomfortable and I find the ones you find today are stupid little things and Im sorry but I need a fat chunky heel. Because after talking to my mom I realised I walk more on my heels then the balls of my feet and to wear those stupid heels Id have to change the way I walk and Im not doing that! I have a strong walk! Okay I more have a determined get the heck out of my way I am coming through sort of walk, and that doesnt allow room for oh shoot Ive broken my ankle!!

Okay thats all for today I am off to knit on my sock and Im nearly to the heel today my plans are to finish down and past the heel and instep if I can! :) So that tomorrow I can concentrate on knitting the foot of the sock.


Knitman said...

Looking forward to seeing those socks finished. Good colour and design.

Anonymous said...

socks look great, and the boots too! i'm the same, always tripping up inheels and end up walking like bambi *^_^*

KnitYoga said...

Love those groovy purple DPNs, Jenn! You're so good with your Xmas knitting. You're getting on like a house on fire! The boots look great, too. I agree about the heels needing to be a bit chunkier than the skinny stiletto type. I'm the same - I'd break my neck wearing them!