Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shes Alive!!

Wow wheres the time flown too??? I swear theres been a few times thatt Ive wanted to sit down and write something but Ive gotten busy doing something else Ive just not. Well that and the fact Ive not been knitting anything or what I have knit Ive ripped out! Kind of took a nice break and read 2 book instead. Felt good and feels good to be knitting again! :)
That would be what I am knitting now! Its the Santeney Vest from the current knitty. Im using cotton yarn 4.5mm needles and started the bottom ribbing in twisted rib and decided to continue that up the front middle to try and keep it from grown too much like cotton can! Im also knitting this in the round because I have a thing about seaming if I dont have to! More if I dont want to (and really thats the case!).
The back and the center four stitches are knit through the back again to try and pull it in and keep from stretching too much.
Easy quick mindless telly knitting, now if I could just hury up and finish it! The colour is actually a realy nice baby blue not whats being shown in the pics kinda silvery looking but it is not!

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Also the two books I read one was The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. Really enjoyed reading that and would recomend it. I had it for a while sitting on the book shelf and picked it up then couldnt put it down. Its three stories going on at one time but dealing with different times and they all have to do with each other. It is not as confussing as Ive just made it sound I promise! But I do say it was a good read and would recommend it to you. :) The other book I read was P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern. Okay I have to admit I seen the film ages ago and have had the book even longer but only just read it. Why do people insist on changing so much about the books when making films? i found them to be similar but so completely different from each other. Go and get the book and read! I really enjoyed it. I didnt cry my eyes out like I did while watching the movie (mind you I did feel like crying loads that day though) but it was still touching! So both books were good and I would say when and if you fancy a nice read either is good. Are they life changing books? Lets not be silly! But are they lovely books? Of course! :)

Right got to go clean up my lunch dishes (tuna pasta) and then I want to get back to my vest. :) Have a lovely day! Its a nice one here again. Not as sunny as yesterday but nice all the same. :)