Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About time to update!

Wow Ive got so much to update I dont even know where to begin! :)
So Ill start with scarves! I got the third Victorian Lace Christmas scarf completed.

And I have started the fourth and final one. Only have two repeats so far I really must knit faster!

Then my camping socks have been put to the side in order to do everything else. OOPS! But I do have one complete and the other started so they wont take long to finish off once I go back. (whenever that may be!)

My Glasgow Lace sweater has been put to the side in order to get scarves (and a cardi) knit. Im thinking of just edging the arm holes and leave as is. We will see once I go back to it.

Then I started to knit myself a big squishy cardi. I LOVE IT! But have put it to the side in order to get my xmas knitting done.

thats the left front close up. The right front will look the same. Im having trouble keeping myself from picking it back up to finish it. I love the look so far. :) And its goiing to be SOOO WARM!


So I have one scarf I need to finish and start and finish a pair of socks and then block the two scarves Ive just knit. Ive already washed and blocked the first two scarves. I will finish before christmas its just I might have trouble staying focused because Ive got acouple of wips going all at the same time. I dont like that! I will make sure once I get my knitting done and finish with the little stash I have, I will be making sure not to get a stash going again! This whole half finished project just is not cutting it. I want to finish everything NOW! hah :)
Oh and I felted my Thermal. NOT HAPPY!!! i loved that sweater. All that means is I will have to knit another one for myself. ERM just not right now! To much else on the go! Now I must go and KNIT!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sock it to me update!

My Glasgow Lace sweater is coming along, well actually thats not entirely true! Its sitting in my WIP box at the moment. Not because its being naughty and not knitting up properly its because we went away camping for the weekend and I couldnt take it with me as I was afraid of either leaving it there or messing it up! So instead I took some sock yarn and started a new sock. :) I have finished the back and almost finished the front of the sweater just have about an hour (probably not even that long honestly!) left to work on it and then I can start the arms.
These are the Vog Socks from knitty.com I actually finished this one last night and was going to start back on the sweater but when I tried it on was far to big! I knew there was going to be issues with it anyways while I was knitting tthe gusset and heel but I just decided not to listen to my inner knitter and contiued to go ahead and knit on it. Well I forgot to take a photo last night when I tried it on becauses I instantly ripped it out! I have decided to just do a short row heel on it and not bother with a gusset and heel flap. Once I finish this bad boy up (which shouldnt take to long! as they are only ankle socks anyways) I will be going back to finish the sweater. After the sweater Im going to knit one more scarf then this socks mate then the final scarf.
Right I must go and knit this sock if I want to hurry up and knit my sweater! :) Plan is to get the sweater one scarf and sock finished by end of September. I should be able to as long as I dont go off knitting for a bit again.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Im on a roll!

HPIM1191 Front

Image1 Back

Travelers Stocking by Nancy Bush from Knitting on the Road
2.75mm dpns
Some wool that I got onsale from hipknits and lost the band so forget what it is. SORRY! but its lovely
Time frame June 8th to August 5th
Took my time to finish these because I took a break to knit the two of four xmas scarfs.
I slightly changed the pattern by cutting 10 stitches out and then not knitting the longer leg I dont do long socks thats why. Im very happy with these. :)

I didnt want to start another scarf I felt like being selfish again so I cast on Glasgow Lace by Sharon Shoji from Interweave Knits Fall 2006
Its a really easy pattern to follow and Im loving it so far. :)

Knit using Sirdar Calico its a cotton acrylic mix and its really nice feeling. Added the ribbed bottom instead of the shell boarder in tthe pattern, theres nothing wrong with it I just prefer things a bit more "solid" looking. Knitting up nice and quickish. The only other change Im going to make is that I will be knitting it longer.
Have a great weekend everyone and happy crafting/relaxing!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Remember that top I made?

Remember back to the begining of summer when went on a bit of a sewing binge? but never actually completed anything? Yeah you nearly forgot too huh? :) Well I did actually finish the shorts and the top I was working on. No you may not see the shorts they look horrible! I need to rip them to bits and resew them without the pleats but that will have to go on waiting for a very long time Im still mad at them!
The top I finished that ages ago and was waiting and waiting to sew on some buttons to the back finally I seen it sitting in my drawer and decided to stop being lazy get my buttons and quickly sew them on so I could wear it. Well here you are! :)
My top finally finished! And Im wearing it. Its a burda pattern from one of their magazines I cant remember its been that many weeks (months?) ago. I like it! In fact if summer werent nearly over then I would probably make another couple of these to add to my summer stash of clothes. but alas Im sat here in this top with a cardi on as wel so its not really the weather for the top but I do like it! :)
Now to make a top thats got sewn in arms that actually look/fit properly! With the colder weather I need some sleeved tops and I need to make them work! for some reason mine never fit and thats the main reason I dont sew many tops/dresses that have sleeves... in fact all but one Ive made Ive thrown out Ive been so annoyed. Of course you dont see those because Im to embarassed to show!
Right Im nearly finished with my sock just got the toe to go so Im off to go knit! :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ive got pictures if you have time

I finished my first scarf just need to give it a proper good block. I will probably do that when I get them all finished. :)
And Im nearly finished with the second scarf!
These are from Victorian Lace Today they are the Double Boarder Scarf. The pattern is easy enough to remeber and they are flying off the needles considering I seem to pick them up only now and again. once I finish this second scarf I WILL be taking a break to finish my other sock. I just wanted to start these becauses usually I panic that I wont finish my xmas knitting in time. But I know this year I wll finish in plenty of time.
I really should update the blog more but its so much easier writting a message to twitter then sitting down and updating here so just look at my twitter feed to see what I am up to daily. :)
BTW yes I have still been behaving and have not yet started to read the third book of the twilight series I really am holding out until the fourth comes out on paperback trust me its hard though! I watched the movie though the other day again. :) I think thats being good as thats only the second time I seen it. I actually prefer the book to the film. the film is good and I did enjoy rewatching it but I just think the book offers that something more to you. :) Mind you it may be becauses I LOVE to read anyways.
Right Ive got a scarf to finish!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Quickly Quickly

I finished the first of my Travelers Socks from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Sorry I just took that the other day and put it in twitter instead of flickr so its just a link instead of a pic. but go look! :) I cast on 70 stitches did the first bit of the pattern decreased 2 stitches and then did the first chart for the leg and then went ahead and did the heel and foot plain. I was going to bring the pattern down the top of the foot but in tthe end decided to just leave it plain and show off the colours of the wool. :)
Ive also started my Christmas Knitting... yep you heard that right starting in July!
Its the Double Border Scarf from Victorian Lace Today. I read about trying to get your head around the pattern and remembering what side is supposed to be what row from Ravelry. And once I realised thats where people were having issues I made sure to note which was which and Ive been knitting happily away on it. :) will be making 4 of these and I will be very happily sick of the pattern just like I was with the Melon Scarfs I knit 2 years ago! :) Using some very nice King Cole Anti Tickle Merino 100% New Wool for these that I got off of ebay. Its really nice! I will have to get more for some other projects when Im finshed and Ive knit my other sock and two cardigans Ive got planned... *sigh* not enough hours in the day to get all the knitting done I want!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Honeycomb Mossish is finished!

I finished my Honeycomb vest on Sunda June 21st.
I like it. I did learn one thing though verigated yarn isnt really me. I do solids! Well at least for tops and things that I am going to wear solids are for me. Ill wear this and I like the way it turned out its just well all those colours arent really my thing in one top. like I said, Im a solids sorta gal.
Pattern is Honeycomb from Knitty
Yarn is Patons Vintage
Needles were 3.5mm circulars.
Knit in the round up to armholes then knit side to side.
Now I dont know if I should knit me sock I started or cast on for another Oblique that I have yarn for... hm the options! Ill go watch some tennis and thing about it. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vest Socks and Hair! What a combo...

Im sorry this is really a bit late when I said I wanted to show off my knitting a week ago! OOPS I can only say sorry!
Ive been knitting on Honeycomb from knitty. To prove I FINALLY took some pictures! Im ready to split for the front and back, which means Im nearly done! WOO HOO lets see if I can do this in a reasonable amount of time. Really I am taking far to long on this then is really needed. Maybe I should stop doing everything else that I do and just sit down and knit huh? Because when I do I fly away with it!
Its a highly textured vest. and I think it looks really good. I wont lie, I was seriously worried that i wasnt going to look nice when I had first started but I think its turned out to look okay.
Then for some reason on Monday I decided to start a pair of socks. Because one project that was going a bit slow wasnt enough for me to be upset about not being done! Im not a person who has a load of projects on the go at once. But I started the socks anyways!
As you see they are the Travelers Stockings by Nancy Bush. I cut 10 stitches out because I dont want them overly long and Im also changing to have the second bit of the pattern to continue all the way down the leg and foot. And lets hope by doing that I dont run out of wool! HAHA Which of course has also needed me to cut the 10 stitches out of the second chart. Ive worked it out in my head that its going to be alright and I want to finish my vest before I do all of that sock. :)
Lastly I want to show off my new hair cut! Ive wanted to cut all my hair off for some time now and keep talking myself out of it. Finally yesterday I just went and done it. :) I love it! Its been about 6 years since Ive had short hair, so its still slightly odd and I keep playing with it and looking at it. But yep it gets my seal of approval! *seal clapping and noises*
Right now I need to go and knit this vest! Take care and knit on!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Exercise mad?

I know that this is my knitting blog. Well actually this is my only blog, not really sure why I made that sentence sound like I had more then one? This post however isnt about knitting. SORRY! I swear I will get to posting about my honeycomb vest its coming along and looks good as well...
If you bother to follow my twitter updates you will know that I was walking/running 5 miles a day 4-5 days a week and have now pushed it to 6. I have never been one to exercise. Shoot you were hard pushed to see me do any sort of sporty activity in school once I hit my teens! I looked at it as my way to be a rebel! But now my gym teachers would be impressed that I am actually running and doing things! Dont get me wrong I was never overly lazy I just didnt do enough and ate way to much so was a bit larger then perhaps I should have been. :) I walk mostly every where that I go and still do now.
My wonderful other half about a year ago went on a mad health kick. I say mad because he went full on with it, exercising every day on the treadmill eating a proper healthy diet, doiing all the things your supposed to do and doing very and is still doing very well with it. He looks GREAT! And Im not just saying that because I love him and he is my OH Im saying it because its true! But about 3 years ago I started cutting rubbish out of my diet. Like eating loads of chocolate a day not drinking loads of Sprite changing that to water juice and diet coke. Then I started changing other things and I lost a lot of weight over that period of time. Of course all of that is great he was looking better and better by the day and I looked good myself but I wanted to look as toned as he was! And I shouldnt forget that when I started to have a go on the treadmill I stopped going out every day doing the grocery shopping so therefor loosing my exercise, so decided to just have a walk on the treadmill instead. I started slowly and every time was pushing myself more and more. I never thought I would say this but I LOVE IT!
My motivation is looking every day at the OH and seeing what great hard work looks like and knowing that if he can do it then by golly so can I!!! So I get on in the mornings and either watch something on the telly or turn the music on and turn it up and just go for it. I start with a half mile walk at 5.5mi/hr and then start runing at 6.7mi/hr for 4 miles then back it down to 5.5mi/hr for another mile and then the last half a mile I slow it down until I get to 6 miles and I stop. I always feel great when I finish and Im glad that I do it. I have the weekends off and am "lazy" and then I now end up having a day off during the week as well because I did find trying to do 5 days in a row to be just to much for my legs and I was tooooooo tired come the weekend to want to move and thats not good! Usually I cant wait for monday morning because sometimes I end up wanting to get up and go for a run on the weekends but I make myself relaxe I dont want to get to the stage I dont enjoy it any more!
Anyways the whole point of all of this is because for the first time today in a very long time I ENJOYED going shopping for clothes! Before I changed my diet (didnt set out to loose weight that was the added benefit to myself) I was a size UK18-20 I am now a size UK10-12 depending what it is and how I want it to fit most of the stuff I got today was a 10. But last week I got a couple of things that were 12 it depends how its cut and how I want it to fit. Bought my first ever pair of skinny jeans today and when I tried them on felt like a dork because I couldnt stop checking myself out in the mirror!! HAHAHAH Got a dress and again couldnt stop checking out my legs in the mirror! Its great! :) Weight wise Im pretty much the same its just everything is finally shapping up nicely and looking good.
Im sorry this post was all about me me me and hopefully it doesnt sound like I am bragging because Im not! I am just happy that I am not so lazy any more and actually feel great about being so active.

**btw Nikki I stay on as long as I do (take just under an hour) because I got good music going or I want to finish the program I am watching on telly when both of those fail its because I know I can do it and Im just going to keep going that and Mark is GREAT motivation!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crochet Pink Thang is DONE and GOOD!

I finished my crochet top.. My very first crochet top at that! Ive crocheted blankets before but never something to be worn. WOO HOO! I like the way it turned out too! I may have had trouble with the top section taking four days to figure out something that then only took two to complete (would have been one day but I didnt have enough time to sit and do it all!)
Going to have to get a black tank and a black long sleeved top to go under it for summer/winter I just dont think a black top with short sleeves goes very well. Im really happy with how this turned out and I will have a go at other crochet patterns now and not be scared of them. Becauses well, I CAN DO IT! Sorry Im really impressed with myself.
Forest Flower Pullover by Kirstin Omdahl its the cover design of Interweave Crochet Spring 2009
It was Bernat Satin in pink that my mother sent me back in the winter that I used. 4mm and 4.5mm crochet hook. 4mm for the body and joining yolk to the body and a 4.5mm for the motifs.
Once I understood what I was doing I found it straight forward and easy to do. But sometimes I need to walk away and come back to understand.
Started April 24th and finished May 20th.

I also got a load of yarn from www.kempswoolshop.com was delivered to me the very next day 2 balls of sock yarn and enough for 3 projects. Ive already casted on and have started one! :) I will write up about all of that in another post but for now I just had to show off my newly crochet top!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

you expected it to be finished didnt you?

Ive still been busily crocheting away on my top but theres not really a difference then what you see in the picture from the post below. A bit like knitting where the front and back are the same so you dont bother photographing it. I still havent gone back to finish sewing my top. I really need to but over cast slightly cold days dont really inspire me to finish sewing a sleeveless hopefully light floaty top!
Once I finish a couple more rows. Actually I think I have 2 left?!? I will then get to start the yolk of the sweater this is where things will turn umm fun? Because it goes to following a chart. HELP!! What have I gotten into?!? I havent ever crocheted something more then a square or rectangle but now Im supposed to not only shape something but follow a chart while doiing it... ERR I forsee ALOT of yelling at myself in the near future. Oh well it will be worth it because it is a pretty top Im trying to make. :)
Okay I should go and brush my hair (its still wrapped in the towel) and then got some cleaning to do (I hate cleaning the bathroom...) and then I got to make myself some lunch and only after all of that do I get to crochet... So I better get cracking! No wonder this seems to be taking ages ! hehe...
Have a great day!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring time fun!

I really need to stop putting things off. Ive got no excuse for it other then just deciding to go and do other things instead or not wanting to form proper sentences. Actually do I ever form proper sentences even what I think I want too?!??
I finished my Spring Time Hippos a week ago.. LOOK!
Arent they pretty? I am still very upset at one of them for making me knit and rip and reknit and rerip the heel of it.. But Im getting over it because they are finished! So comfy too! :)
Some information for you one these cutie patooties!
Pattern is Pomatomus by Cookie A
Yarn is Wendy Happy 75% Bamboo 25% Nylon in colour Aquarius (I didnt realise they were named for star signs until I went to look something up I just liked the colours! Im a Capricorn)
Knit on 2.25mm DPNS my purple ones that Im madly in love with becauses they are purple!
This is the second time Ive knit this pattern and I still loved it this time round. They took AGES to do becauses I started out kniting on them only one day a week and then finally took them up as my main knitting project and finished them right away (well after fighting the heel on tthe second sock for forgetting where I was!) I would knit this pattern over and over its just pretty to me! :)
see even they are in love with each other! :)

Im currently crocheting the cover project of the current Interweave Crochet. Its going smoothly after adjusting the amount of stitches I started with. I for some reason had it like 20 some odd inches long and it werent supposed to be that long so Ive adjusted and now goiing smoothly along. Almost finished with the front bottom half to go and do the same thing for the back bottom half. :) Okay here have a look...
This is Bernat Satin and is 100% Acrylic, my mom sent it to me as a gift. And its lovely... but she sent me the grey I made the Feb Lady sweater from to go with it and Im not using the two together so this pink on its own is very umm PINK can you dye acrylic yarn without ruining it and with it actaully taking?? Im not sure what colour I will do it but Im sure when I finish I will want to change the colour my mom is cool with me doing this, I didnt want to hurt her feelings! But I just need to know if it will work before I waste the money....

Also last night I traced out a shirt pattern and today I washed the material its currently drying. So hopefully I will be cutting that out soon and start sewing that up and have a new summer shirt. I do still need to trace out the shorts that I want to do and wash the material for those but that will wait till later.

Have a good day and Ill be back when I finish something else to show! :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Springs here...

I finially finished my first sock at the beg of the week after starting these back in Feb!! BUT beforee you think I am a slow knitter I was only knitting on these one day a week! So thats why its taking so long. Now they have moved to my main (and only) knitting project. Thats why Ive got the first one finished and the second nearly half way there after thinking I was at the heel starting that and only then realising Im an idiot and need to rip it back out and add one more repeat. Mind you I could have left it but I would have had a VERY short leg on one of them! :)

Start of the second one up to the need for the last repeat.
BTW these are Pomatomus By Cookie A
I made them before in all white and they are my fav socks so when I bought this yarn as a christmas gift to myself I knew exactly what pattern to make and couldnt wait to cast on so was rather amused that I waited until Feb to actually start!
Alright Im going to go and knit on the socks but I want to start pulling out my sewing machine again and Ive got a really cute wee bag I would like to make and Ive got tracing paper to finally trace out those shorts I want to make as well.... To much to do when I am being to lazy instead! OOPS! Right off now! Catch you all later!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Finished Santeney!

my finished vest! Its so comfy and I like it! :)
Its Santeney from Knitty
knit in one peice with 4.5mm needles using Bernat Cotton Tots Solid that was sent to me from my mom in this very pretty blue.
Started on March 17 2009
Finished on April 1 2009
I could have finished it before then but I kept setting it to the side instead of just doing it. I love it though! Im happy with the way it turned out! I knitted the neck band on instead of casting off the neck stitches. I also short row wrapped the shoulder shaping so that I didnt have to break and rejoin any yarn. theres only one big seam on the right hand shoulder. I love it theres my verdict!
BTW I seem to Twitter more then blog these days but I swear I havent given up on this blog I just find it easier to type up a quick 140 character twitter!
Also I have started to walk/run 5 days a week. Ive been doiing good I hope to stay motivated and keep going with it! I tweet what I do when I finish it so I think that alone should keep me goiing! :)
Alright gotta go get some other stuff done now.. Ill try and pop in more often to here!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Shes Alive!!

Wow wheres the time flown too??? I swear theres been a few times thatt Ive wanted to sit down and write something but Ive gotten busy doing something else Ive just not. Well that and the fact Ive not been knitting anything or what I have knit Ive ripped out! Kind of took a nice break and read 2 book instead. Felt good and feels good to be knitting again! :)
That would be what I am knitting now! Its the Santeney Vest from the current knitty. Im using cotton yarn 4.5mm needles and started the bottom ribbing in twisted rib and decided to continue that up the front middle to try and keep it from grown too much like cotton can! Im also knitting this in the round because I have a thing about seaming if I dont have to! More if I dont want to (and really thats the case!).
The back and the center four stitches are knit through the back again to try and pull it in and keep from stretching too much.
Easy quick mindless telly knitting, now if I could just hury up and finish it! The colour is actually a realy nice baby blue not whats being shown in the pics kinda silvery looking but it is not!

Dont forgett I am on Twitter and you can either follow me over there or read on the side bar I do try and update that with mindless ramblings about what Ive been doing.

Also the two books I read one was The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. Really enjoyed reading that and would recomend it. I had it for a while sitting on the book shelf and picked it up then couldnt put it down. Its three stories going on at one time but dealing with different times and they all have to do with each other. It is not as confussing as Ive just made it sound I promise! But I do say it was a good read and would recommend it to you. :) The other book I read was P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern. Okay I have to admit I seen the film ages ago and have had the book even longer but only just read it. Why do people insist on changing so much about the books when making films? i found them to be similar but so completely different from each other. Go and get the book and read! I really enjoyed it. I didnt cry my eyes out like I did while watching the movie (mind you I did feel like crying loads that day though) but it was still touching! So both books were good and I would say when and if you fancy a nice read either is good. Are they life changing books? Lets not be silly! But are they lovely books? Of course! :)

Right got to go clean up my lunch dishes (tuna pasta) and then I want to get back to my vest. :) Have a lovely day! Its a nice one here again. Not as sunny as yesterday but nice all the same. :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Purple goodness turns Thermal


IVE FINISHED!!! Okay so I need to go and buy some buttons and sew them on but Ive finished me knitting! Its so squishy and comfortable to wear and warm! :)
It took longer then I wanted to get this finished but small needles and life getting in the way does that sometimes huh?
The pattern was Thermal from www.knitty.com and I used Brown Sheep Nature Spun Fingering weight yarn bought from www.getknitted.com in Plum Line. The both together as you can see made a lovely sweater. Would I use the yarn again? YEP! Would I make the pattern again? Yep! Would I do the pattern in the same colour? No! Only becauses I dont fancy the same looking sweater. hehe.. But I would make it in another colour they have some very pretty colours to choose from.

Oh and Ive joined Twitter! No I didnt join up becausee of YarnHarlot (though she didnt help!) Ive been following a couple of people after watching Jonathon Ross the night Steven Fry was on it and then was following those two and a couple others and for ease of following the twitters I joined and before I knew it I was twittering along.... So join and follow too!! Remember to let me know though so I can follow you too!! :)

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hold on to your snow shoes!

My Thermal is coming along nicely. Ive got the main body finished now and am half way finished with the second arm, so I just need to finish that and do the collar and that will be finished!! But you know how when your knitting something and you just want it finished so that you can wear it, but by wanting that done the knitting seems to take FOREVER?!? Well thats the stage I am at right now! It doesnt help that weve got a nice dumping of snow (again 2nd time this week woo hoo!) so its like the perfect weather to wear it and IM NOT FINISHED!!!! So Im knitting on it but only a couple of rows at a time because I am mad at the sweater. Now isnt that stupid? Whats that poor sweater ever done to me? Oh yeah not been knitted quick enough but isnt that more my fault then its?!? Hmmm the crazy thinking of a crazed knitter me thinks!
Anyways instead of moaning that its not finshed maybe I should actually go knit on it and try to finishe it huh? According to the weather people we are due to get more snow the rest of the week/weekend! Im looking forward to it if I could just finished this sweater!
By the way I am NOT moaning about the pattern because I love it is easy to follow simple to knit in front of the telly Im just moaning that I am so friggin behing with it for the snow we are getting! i bet when I finish (hopefully in the next couple of days) we get some freak heat wave come through and it starts to feel like summer! That would be just my luck! heheh..
Off now to try and finish my sleeve! I want to wear this pretty thing!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Purple Purple oh and golden!

Alrighty then Im getting there with my Thermal! Have a look below Ive finished the back and Ive just got the right front and left front to knit....
Oh yeah and I got one more arm to knit too!!
This is going quickly! Mindless telly knitting just what I like! :) But Ive taken a short pause on this because Ive decided to fix up my issues with my Road to Golden I did. Im just redoing the amrs (I messed up with the increases) and then Im goiing to redo the neck as well I want it sitting much higher then it currently does.
Right thats whatt Ive been doing so hope all is well with everyone! :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scarf with Purple Goodness

So on Jan 11th I finished the scarf...
Only took 4 days! WOO HOO that was quick!
Soon as I finished the scarf I relaxed my hands for a few minutes then went and grabbed my Nature Spun in colour Plum Line my 3mm needles and cast on for Thermal
After looking on Ravelry everyone seemed to get fed up with the pattern repeat you know what as far as I am concerned at the moment its going great! Its a quick easy 4 row pattern to remember and knit. Its flying so far! :) Okay so it may not look like loads but for me it is! Now just to hurry up and have it completed so that I can wear it out! Its going to be so pretty I mean after all its purple!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

gifts gifts and more gifts

This post will be picture heavy. Sorry!

Firstly we have are new gifts to ourselves. These have made me happier then I think should be allowed for these sorts of things. Oh well thats just me I enjoy the "little" thingsin life, and clean clothes and floors are one of those things!

I have wanted this book for a while and I FINALLY got it! WOO HOO! Now just to make some things from it... I need more hands/time!

I just bought this because it was by the till... hmm Im bad sometimes like that. OOPs! But I love going every Sunday to the website and reading the new secrets Link to the site on the side with all my links.

This was a gift from a friend. I havent decided what socks I will knit from it first but their aree a couple of patterns I want to make. :)

These are two mags I jusst got as well The Knitter is a new British magazine and OMG I love it! Theres a couple of projects I MUST knit from it... Cant wait to see whats on offer in next months mag. And the newest issue of Knit.1 also has a couple of patterns I want to knit out of it as well.. Like I said I need more hands/time! :)

A ball of Wendy Happy. its a bamboo sock yarn same yarn I used to knit the in laws socks with thats why I had to pick this up for myself because I loved the feeling of the yarn when knitting theres.

This is the wool I bought for myself ages ago so that I could knit Thermal from Knitty. Its Nature Spun Wool in a really pretty purple shade Ill be starting this soon.

And these are the last pair of Mitts from his mother that I wasnt going to knit becauses she got socks but she decided Christmas day she wanted a pair so I couldnt turn that down and cast on staright away. These are now finished. I also decided to knit his dad a matching scarf to the rest of the guys and Ive started knitting that about half way through the first of 3 balls of yarn. I need to hurry up and knit that they will be down for a visit soon. Im sure Ill have it finished though in time. And sorry no pics of that yet...

Monday, January 05, 2009

A Year In Review

For my yearly round up this year I managed to knit (and 1 crochet) 23 complete project and carry two over from 2007 and finish them as well so that takes my total to 25!
Cinnamon Goodness Baby Gritgahn Wooly Quant Rainbow Quant Snow White Pomatomus Baby Sweater MS3 Blue Brompton Wrapped in a Hug Yosemite Mr Wonderful Misty Garden Juno Road To Golden Baby Sweater 2 Baby Bumps 3 pairs of Oatmeal Mitts 2 Manly Campus Scarfs Winter Warmer Beret Monkeys Most worked on Socks Ever Silver Princess
Ive linked all of those to Flickr instead of clouding this with pictures. I know people (like me) prefer to look at photos but I was being nice. My fav items were the pomatomus, silver princess, wrapped in a hug, ms3 and winter warmer they are the ones I wear most. I have to rework my arms and neck on road to golden they are to big now. The baby stuff all went down a treat with the two Mums and the gifts (monkeys most ever socks 2 scarfs and 3 mitts) those were all enjoyed as well. :) I am actually knitting another scarf and pir of mitts now to give to his parents because the felt a bit left out with just socks.. HAHAHAH yes I found that cute and funny but didnt miss the chance to knit something for someone I know would be enjoyed! :)

I only did 4 sewing projects Im surprised by that for some reason I thought I done more? But umm I didnt after looking at that! The covers were only temps and we now have different ones that look MUCH better.. The skirt well its way to big on my now I will eventualy take the sides in and make it fit again but for now its just sat in the drawer folded up nicely. The PJ Bottoms are my favs and loved them during the summer/autumn nights but now its winter they again are folded up waiting for slightly warmer weather to be worn. Sorry they just aint warm! :) and the placemats and napkins were a gift to my Mom and her and JJ (step dad) loved them. I hope shes letting him use them now and not taking them off the table when dinner is served to be replaced my "older" ones... ahahha
Stripy Skirt Placemats and Napkins Dinky Cushion Covers PJ Bottoms

Hope you all had a lovely 2008 I did and I hope you have a wonderful 2009!!