Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Melon 2 Finished!

I finished my scarf last night... well the knitting anyways. Just before doing the pictures I stitched the border closed... Now I just have to block it.. and err I stil have the other one to block as well but I just aint done it yet.. I swear I will though! :)
Here we are just getting ready for a photo shoot... still getting the makeup done? haha..

time for a close up! (okay I know these arent the BEST photos but its all I got...)

Heres all the christmas knitting Ive done so far... 2 Melon Scarfs and 1 pair of Father and Son socks....
Oh look whats that hidding under those scarfs?? I think thats my sps yarn that is BEGGING me to knit it.. but I am being good (as annoying as that is!) because I have to much xmas knitting to be done *pout!*

heres the ball of wool that is going to be a second pair of father and son socks... The colour is actualy a darkish looking denim blue... very pretty... :) I will be casting on for those this afternoon after I do my dishes...

Bought myself a pair of boots today. I asked the lady for a 6 and a 7 to try on.. The 6 was far to small but the 7 was lovely. So I said right Ill have the 7s please and thank you.. Doesnt she bloody give me the 6s!!! I didnt even check! I just assumed she listened and put the 7s in the box... So now I am sat here with a pair of boots that are to small for me and I am to lazy to go back down and deal with it today! GRRRRRR I will go back tomorrow and sort them out but can I just say I am NOT happy about it!!!!

But what does make me happy is I ordered some wool from Woolly Workshop (its for the other two scarfs and last pair of socks) and I got an email today from them saying its been shipped today! WOO HOO!!!! I know I have to knit this pair of socks before getting to play again with the Zypher Wool Silk but still just knowing its on its way makes me happy! :) And its also so I dont get bored and flipping between patterns is keeping them from being to samey! :) Ill show you guys pics when it comes. :)

PS I am nearly to my 100th post since moving over to blogger.....

Monday, October 29, 2007

Here but not.....

I still have hope that I can finish my scarf in the next two days!! Soon as I do I will post some pictures of it (unblocked of course)... And then I will be starting my second pair of xmas socks... you will be seeing alot of the same for a while still hope it doesnt get to boring for ya!
see you guys soon with pictures off to blow my nose again.. got a cold thats why I HOPE that I still finish this in the next 2 days!!......

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Got Mail?

I did... and look what I found inside!!!
2 skiens of 100% Hand Dyed Meino Wool from Hacho
2 bars of chocolate Milk chocolate and Dark... Not sure if Ill bake some choccie muffins with the dark or give it to Mark and share some goodies with him....
I also got some Haribo Starmix.. Ive never had it before (dont laugh!)
A little pink notebook, did I say it was pink? how cool is that?!?!? Shopping lists anyone? Ill be in style! WOO HOO
3 vanilla scented candles. YUM! with a holder for them. :) Mark will love when I decide to burn those once he gets over his cold...
And she wrote my note out on the CUTEST piece of paper. Its little bears in Japanesse, I think, and I think they tell you how to make sushi... But I am not sure its still REALLY CUTE! :)

Close up of the wool.. I love it!! I am going to make some fingerless mitts... probably fetching.. with these... And I LOVE what buying these does... I am all about buying things if it helps other people. I bought a friend a bag for her birthday because the part of the proceeds went to back to India to help the families out.
On the inside of the label it says:
"Peru's heritage and culture of textile artistry is one of the richest in the world. Without the shepherds tending their animals in the Peruvian Highlands we would not have this beautiful luxurious yarn. By purchasing it you are supporting the children of these sheperds and the continuation of this tradition. A portion of every purchase is dedicated directly to the funding of a school in hte remote area of Munani in the region of Puno. To find out more visit... http://www.mirasolperu.com "
How cool is that? Giving me a gift as well as someone else?? Im all about sharing the luv that way!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Moondance or Brown Eyes? Hmm

I am rolling right along with the knitting... Actually I think I am slightly ahead!! But shhh lets not tempt things shall we? :)
Ive got the body of my melon scarf complete and I have a couple of boarder repeats finished on the top but thats it... so look at the picture below imagine it longer with some floppy looking stuff on one corner thats what its looking like... I am to lazy to take my camera out and take a picture.. sorry!!
Went into town today and bought myself a pressie... I dont know why.. I just had to! :) Can Morrison Still On Top-The Greatest Hits... Soon as I came in the door I popped it into the pc and am playing it in the bg now.. :) Not sure which is my favorite by him Brown Eyed Girl (which I happen to be) or Moondance....
I first fell in love with Someone Like you was 10 nearly 11 years ago sitting in my Home Ec class watching a film about a girl who was giving her baby up for adoption and at the end of the movie that song was playing as she sat beside a lake and I just fell in love with it...
Anyways I gotta get off of here and go knit.. I am loosing precious seconds and I still have LOADS to do! YIKES!

******SORRRY!!!!!! That wasnt Moondance it was Someone Like You!!! SORRY!!!! I really need to think sometimes before I type... so now its three songs I like but the song in the movie was Somone Like You!!!**********

Monday, October 15, 2007

Socks are done and scarf is started!

So Ive finished my socks! :) I actually finished them on Friday but am only now taking their pictures... hmm maybe I should have done that on Friday they were a bit mean to me today (since I made them wait until Monday!) and they didnt want to play game and photo nicely so heres some shots of them! :)

Just relaxing on my feet (I didnt feel like stuffing them with socks again) and as they are for a mans foot thats why they dont fit mine perfectly!

Just chillin out showing off the cable action baby!

A really craptastic picture of the cable heel and gusset...

TRYING once again to show off the cable heel and gusset but its just not going my way really is it?

Took me about a week a sock. I loved the pattern so easy to memorise! and so easy to knit! :) Used 2mm socks with Regia sock wool had my wonderful darling Mark try them on his feet and he even said they fit him nicely and werent to tight and looked really good on his foot! :) He might end up with a pair of these as well! HAHAHA...

So now that Ive finished the socks Ive restarted the second Melon scarf that I messed up on and ripped (I was only a couple repeats in anyways) and Ive been making some alright progress on that...

a really crappy picture of it but hey its knitting up and thats all I am worried about! :) Ive set myself a tiny deadline of having it finished in the next 15 days! Fingers crossed I can do it before then!! All this christmas knitting is making me want to cry because I feel Ive started to late! I really hope I havent!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

1 down 1 to go!

I finished one of the socks!! :)

Here it is lounging out on my book shelf enjoying a bit of sun on what was actually a rather rubbish day... but at least we got a bit of sun yesterday. :)

I finished the sock on Saturday but have only just took its picture to put up.. This pattern is really easy to knit and I dont mind that I was knitting it for a mans foot it went really quick!! :) moving along nicely on the second sock as well...


Heres the progress on the second sock but funny I took that yesterday afternoon and I am now past the heel and gusset stitches and will be working on just the foot today hopefully before long Ill be finishing it up and start the next melon scarf! I have decided to do one melon and one pair of socks that way I dont get to bored with knitting the same thing over and over and over again.


and can I just say I am addicted to Ravelery not for posting things on there but for checking out the new patterns that are being added and the new groups and then adding things to my queue to knit later... I currently have 70.. will I ever knit all 70? Doubt it! But its fun to add them! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sock Pictures

I was going to take pictures yesterday but by the time I got ready to take them it was a bit lacking in light! So instead I waited until today and am rather glad its been such a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY day out! :)
This first picture is the TRUE colour of the yarn! I dont know why my camera decided to change its colour in the rest of the pictures because it didnt use a flash!

HPIM0413 ...Real colour

The front, and back look of the sock. I really like it you know...

The sides of the sock with the cable running down, again I really like it!! :)

Last night when I was nearly finished knitting the leg I asked Mark to try it on for me. Hes so cute!! :) I have NEVER knit for him so I have NEVER asked him to try something on, instead I just bore him with the "LOOK AINT IT GREAT!" and all its done has grown a couple of rows he soon gets bored and just amuses me with a smile a VERY sarcastic "Yeah!"..... But last night I asked if he would please try the sock on.. He took his sock off pulled it on to just his foot and said "now what?" And I giggled as one does when ones bf is wearing a half a sock and I said well would it fit on your leg and not be to tight?!?! He said "yes it will but now what?" I said oh thats all THANK YOU!! Because I am making these socks for his dad, I know they are about the same size foot wise that I could get him to try them on and know they would fit! I am now thinking I REALLY do need to knit Mark something... a really POSH pair of socks or something..
Before you all think I am horrible to my wonderful man I am not... He just doesnt do knitted things... Honest to goodness! Hes got loads of knitted (store bought) sweaters sitting in the wardrobe that he just wont wear he prefers fleece sweaters... So eventually when I start sewing again, I might have to sew him a couple really nice ones, with pockets! hes a bit like me and prefers his pockets.... But I should make him some christmas socks since the rest are getting them huh?
Right I showed the pictures now I am back off to knit.. I cant waste time! SORRY!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

3rd time lucky...

Its October!!! YIKES!! Only 2 months and 23 days left to sort christmas pressies out!! And frogging and starting three *yes three!!* different things (2 pairs of socks and 1 scarf) for the guys hasnt helped!! Hopefully though I have FINALLY settled on the pattern that I am going to make. The Father and Son socks from Interweave Knits, 2 or 3 ago??.... Anyways I am doing those for the guys. I have already started one this afternoon after spending about a week trying to figure out what to do.. UGH!! I was going to do the Yarn Harlot socks that she made for her hubby but realised they didnt look good AT ALL with the yarn I was using then tried a pattern that I was making up and agian it looked rubbish!! I was going to do the Henery scarf from knitty but realised its just not what I wanted and finally settled on these socks today I am NOT changing my mind AGAIN!!! Depending how much I get knitted tomorrow afternoon on them and the light I might take pictures! :)

I miss sewing... but all this knitting, err well ripping recently! hasnt allowed me any time. I have fabric to make a pair of trousers out of along with fabric for a nice tunic, I just need to get the time... Maybe MIGHT have them sorted for next autumn as they are fall colours... geesh talk about slacking! Not only that but I dont even have a table to sew on anymore.... Its not as bad as it sounds.. we have FINALLY sorted out our back room!! And in doing so we tossed out the table that was back there and are going to be looking at getting me a wee desk to go in front of the window (so I can be nosey while sewing! HAHA) and once I fingure out the desk I will have my space again. I cut out my patterns in the front room on the floor anyways so I never had any need for the really large table that was back there.. Marks also put some stuff to listen to music with back there so its looking really nice! Only took 8 months to figure it out and get it the way we wanted.. not bad eh? HAHA I know it is......

okay writting on here is taking up knitting time.. must go... See yall later.. actually I am off to do something for the evening so no knitting anyways... cleaning for me.. yippie?