Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pinstripe Skirt

Heres the skirt I made its from Burda again Ive forgotten to pull out the magazine to look at which issue its come out of I will remember soon I promise!

Heres a better picture of how it fits ignore the dust on the lense in the corner...

It falls just below my knees. I love the skirt.. I like being dressy though, I just dont do it enough....
I have plans to still make a pair of trousers some form of tunic top and a pair of lounge pants from Amy Butlers book. I will eventually get around to all of that but first Im going to go climb onto the couch and cuddle up under a blanket with a cup of hot coco and The Friday Night Knitting Club. Im finally going to get around to reading that!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Quants falling out of my ears

Hello everyone I am still around I do still knit.. Its just Ive not done much of it this week because Ive been laying on my couch feeling miserable! Its where I fancy going right now since I got back from the shops but I decided to sit up and write a post instead...
I made 2 more quants
Imagine that one finished and on my head or wrapped around my leg like the black one. :) haha
The top is left over Cascade 220 that I had from when I made Madeline ages ago and the bottom is Fleece Artist that I had left over from my Branching Out scarf I made last year I think it was.
I made myself a skirt as well from one of the Burda Magazines I will have to figure out which one that was again and which pattern it was once I take pictures of it.. I havent yet but promise I will and it does look pretty. (well I think so!)
Ive also made progress on my hippo sock... Im just past the instep on the first one. I havent knit anything else on the MS3 since those couple of rows a while ago. I really need to sit down and finish that I want to snuggle up in it with its softness that is Malabrigo Merino! YUM!
Okay thats updated now Im going to grab a blanket and snuggle up on the couch and watch a load of useless telly!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby Gritghan

I finished my baby blanket. The only thing left to do is wait for the mum to have the baby so I know what colour ribbon to add into the edge! :)

I have used a stitch pattern from my stitch dictionary and just went along how I seen fit. :)

Heres some pictures and below those are the pattern for how I did it.
The full blanket and now some close ups.
The corner and where the ribbons will go around.
All folded and pretty! :)

(My first pattern as well!)

Baby Gritghan

By Jennifer

With help from The Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet Stitches (The Harmony Guides)


Size 4.5mm crochet hook

3 50gram balls of Patons Clansman Superwas Wool

*Its a double knit wool but doesnt give the yardage on the ball band and had no luck trying to find it as well.*

Ribbon to weave around edge

Grit Stitch 2

(Multiples of 2sts+3)

Row 1: Skip 2ch (count as 1sc), 1dc into next ch, *skip 1ch, work [1sc and 1dc] into next ch* repeat to last 2ch, skip 1ch, 1sc into last ch, turn.

Row 2: 1ch (counts as 1sc), 1dc into 1st stitch,*skip 1dc, work [1sc and 1dc] into next sc* repeat to last 2sts, skip 1dc, 1sc into top of turning chain, turn.

Repeat 2nd row to end.

Chain 83 stitches and work Grit Stitch 2 for 34 rows.

Do not break the yarn.

Chain 3.

Work *1tr and 1ch* 3 times into corner stitch.

Work *1tr into next sc, 1ch*

Repeat all the way around the edge of blanket.

Work 2nd row of Grit Stitch 2 around the edge without turn instead slip the end stitches together. Work 3 rounds.

To work your corners dont skip the middle dc, working your sc and dc into that as well as each sc to the side. That will give you enough room to have your corners turn properly.

Work your ends in. Wash and dry flat or if you wish slightly block it to pull the stitch apart. (thats what I did). Weave your ribbon in around the edge.

Hope the new baby enjoys their little blanket, and I hope youve enjoyed making it!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Staying Warm

Hope everyones settling into the new year alright. :) So far so good for me. We've (Mark and I) made alot of fresh bread with my trusty bread maker. Okay so I wouldnt have thought about that as a gift for me, but turns out I love the stupid thing! HAHAH
So I finished my cinnamony goodness sweater want to see it? Good here it is!!!!!
and a close up of the neck
Btw that isnt a stain on my arm its water from doing the dishes.. I splash around alot. im just not sure how I managed my elbow! oh well!...
I really do like this sweater my only complaint is I would have made it longer! I added an inch to the body but I just think it needs to be a couple more inches longer. I do like longer sweaters and shirts. I made I think 2 sizes below my chest measurment because I like fitted things as well. I left the buttons off after buying them. But I just really liked the look without them! ill probably knit this again another time in different yarn. I used Sirdar click which is an Acrylic with a bit of Wool in it. I liked it.. mind you I still prefer merino but I bought this wool back in the summer for a different sweater that I never knit and then decided it better for this one.

On Wednesday when I went to meet up with Martina for lunch Lizzie was down from Uni so she came along which was lovely! I like meeting new people! But I got a suprise when Mary turned up as well!! WOOO HOO!! I got to meet my SP11 that I spoiled. That was well cool! But she brought some wool down that she had floating about her house and wasnt going to use so I took it off of her.. THANK YOU AGAIN! And I am in the process of making a baby blanket for Marks neice who is heavily pregnant and due I think in 5-6 weeks. She doesnt know what shes having but Im using the wool for her baby anyways. Its a blue-green colour... Im crocheting this blanket and I picked out a stitch from my stitch dictionary and flying along.. Im going to just crochet until I think its long enough and then add a border but I want it to be gappy so that I can weave some ribbon into it as well. :) I think that will look pretty.

This picture was taken just after midnight on New Years Eve, well New Years day actually! HAHA
I love him... :) Mind you he nearly battered me after that picture because I wouldnt leave him alone! Okay I did take ALOT of pictures before that so he was starting to get annoyed but he was laughing there from what I told him before that about squishing bits of myself....

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 Year Round Up!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you had a lovely time last year and have a wonderful year this one! :)

Heres my crafty round up including the last couple of pictures that are owed for Decembers finished objects! :)

saw me start to spin (and the only time last year sadly)
Picture 003
saw me enter the TBR challenge that I FAILED MISERABLY I read a couple of the books but lets just forget about that challenge shall we?
I knit a pair of socks
Picture 015
I made Branching Out
Picture 109
And of course saw the finish of SP9 which was alot of fun and the first one I did.

I knit mittens that I still very much love to bits.
Picture 027
We also moved around the corner so I didnt really get all that much done because of that.

Saw me knit and rip out the Acron scarf I liked it but I didnt like it after I knit it!
Picture 010
Saw me design and knit my first pair of toe up socks. But of course I forgot to write down what I did funny that huh?
Picture 006
I also knit a garterloc dishcloth and learned to do backwards knitting which Ive since forgot so maybe I didnt learn to well after all??

Did another acron scarf and ripped it out as well.. lets not talk about my love hate relationship with that pattern okay? :)
And the one thing that still makes me laugh that I knit are the chair cozies... We have stopped using them because we finally bought felt pads for the legs but I still think they are cute and didnt throw them away! HAHAHAHAHA

I sewed a couple of goofy things with it to learn what I was doing but soon got bored and made my first dress (I did do a pair of wrap pants and shirt but I just want to go straight to the dress!)

I made a complete outfit...
Then I made another dress
Then a shirt (sorry forgot to smile in the picture)

I finished a pair of Monkeys!
And started MS3... Its still not finished but it will be one day! :)

I got new glasses and worked on my MS3 .

We got homey! HAHAHAH And got ourselves some house plants.
I started my christmas knitting and MS3 stopped.
I finished the first melon

I made the first pair of father and son socks
Finished my second melon
And got a wicked package from Emily my SP11 pal.

I got new boots.
I hit my 100th post on this blog and had my first contest.
Finished my second pair of Father and Son Socks
Got another wicked package from Emily.
Got a new hair cut.
Finished my third Melon
And got a wicked package from Nikki.

I finished my fourth Melon but dont seem to have a finished picture all by itself so here all four are together
I finished the third and last pair of Father and Son socks
I also put up our tree. Made some ornaments. Baked a load of cookies and a sweet tater pie.
Got an amazing gift from Martina loads of things to learn and to spin with!
I also got the final package from Emily which was some more Merino to spin! WOO HOO
I made Quaint
And I started Cinnabar from IK Fall 2007
I finished the front the back and half of both sleeves before the first! So this one will actually be finished in the next couple of days but most of the knitting was done in December thats why Im putting it here.

Thats my year round up! I hope to have a VERY crafty year this year as well!! :)