Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Remember that top I made?

Remember back to the begining of summer when went on a bit of a sewing binge? but never actually completed anything? Yeah you nearly forgot too huh? :) Well I did actually finish the shorts and the top I was working on. No you may not see the shorts they look horrible! I need to rip them to bits and resew them without the pleats but that will have to go on waiting for a very long time Im still mad at them!
The top I finished that ages ago and was waiting and waiting to sew on some buttons to the back finally I seen it sitting in my drawer and decided to stop being lazy get my buttons and quickly sew them on so I could wear it. Well here you are! :)
My top finally finished! And Im wearing it. Its a burda pattern from one of their magazines I cant remember its been that many weeks (months?) ago. I like it! In fact if summer werent nearly over then I would probably make another couple of these to add to my summer stash of clothes. but alas Im sat here in this top with a cardi on as wel so its not really the weather for the top but I do like it! :)
Now to make a top thats got sewn in arms that actually look/fit properly! With the colder weather I need some sleeved tops and I need to make them work! for some reason mine never fit and thats the main reason I dont sew many tops/dresses that have sleeves... in fact all but one Ive made Ive thrown out Ive been so annoyed. Of course you dont see those because Im to embarassed to show!
Right Im nearly finished with my sock just got the toe to go so Im off to go knit! :)

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Annarella said...

Really like the fabric, with its pretty pretty flowers. Have I told you that you look reeeeally good and I am so impressed with your running. Must take a leaf out of your book xx