Tuesday, October 20, 2009

About time to update!

Wow Ive got so much to update I dont even know where to begin! :)
So Ill start with scarves! I got the third Victorian Lace Christmas scarf completed.

And I have started the fourth and final one. Only have two repeats so far I really must knit faster!

Then my camping socks have been put to the side in order to do everything else. OOPS! But I do have one complete and the other started so they wont take long to finish off once I go back. (whenever that may be!)

My Glasgow Lace sweater has been put to the side in order to get scarves (and a cardi) knit. Im thinking of just edging the arm holes and leave as is. We will see once I go back to it.

Then I started to knit myself a big squishy cardi. I LOVE IT! But have put it to the side in order to get my xmas knitting done.

thats the left front close up. The right front will look the same. Im having trouble keeping myself from picking it back up to finish it. I love the look so far. :) And its goiing to be SOOO WARM!


So I have one scarf I need to finish and start and finish a pair of socks and then block the two scarves Ive just knit. Ive already washed and blocked the first two scarves. I will finish before christmas its just I might have trouble staying focused because Ive got acouple of wips going all at the same time. I dont like that! I will make sure once I get my knitting done and finish with the little stash I have, I will be making sure not to get a stash going again! This whole half finished project just is not cutting it. I want to finish everything NOW! hah :)
Oh and I felted my Thermal. NOT HAPPY!!! i loved that sweater. All that means is I will have to knit another one for myself. ERM just not right now! To much else on the go! Now I must go and KNIT!


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Looking good Jenn!

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hello~nice to meet u..............................

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