Thursday, January 08, 2009

gifts gifts and more gifts

This post will be picture heavy. Sorry!

Firstly we have are new gifts to ourselves. These have made me happier then I think should be allowed for these sorts of things. Oh well thats just me I enjoy the "little" thingsin life, and clean clothes and floors are one of those things!

I have wanted this book for a while and I FINALLY got it! WOO HOO! Now just to make some things from it... I need more hands/time!

I just bought this because it was by the till... hmm Im bad sometimes like that. OOPs! But I love going every Sunday to the website and reading the new secrets Link to the site on the side with all my links.

This was a gift from a friend. I havent decided what socks I will knit from it first but their aree a couple of patterns I want to make. :)

These are two mags I jusst got as well The Knitter is a new British magazine and OMG I love it! Theres a couple of projects I MUST knit from it... Cant wait to see whats on offer in next months mag. And the newest issue of Knit.1 also has a couple of patterns I want to knit out of it as well.. Like I said I need more hands/time! :)

A ball of Wendy Happy. its a bamboo sock yarn same yarn I used to knit the in laws socks with thats why I had to pick this up for myself because I loved the feeling of the yarn when knitting theres.

This is the wool I bought for myself ages ago so that I could knit Thermal from Knitty. Its Nature Spun Wool in a really pretty purple shade Ill be starting this soon.

And these are the last pair of Mitts from his mother that I wasnt going to knit becauses she got socks but she decided Christmas day she wanted a pair so I couldnt turn that down and cast on staright away. These are now finished. I also decided to knit his dad a matching scarf to the rest of the guys and Ive started knitting that about half way through the first of 3 balls of yarn. I need to hurry up and knit that they will be down for a visit soon. Im sure Ill have it finished though in time. And sorry no pics of that yet...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a promising start to the new year! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow wee nice gifties. Increasing our domestic goddess arsenal... love it!