Thursday, May 14, 2009

you expected it to be finished didnt you?

Ive still been busily crocheting away on my top but theres not really a difference then what you see in the picture from the post below. A bit like knitting where the front and back are the same so you dont bother photographing it. I still havent gone back to finish sewing my top. I really need to but over cast slightly cold days dont really inspire me to finish sewing a sleeveless hopefully light floaty top!
Once I finish a couple more rows. Actually I think I have 2 left?!? I will then get to start the yolk of the sweater this is where things will turn umm fun? Because it goes to following a chart. HELP!! What have I gotten into?!? I havent ever crocheted something more then a square or rectangle but now Im supposed to not only shape something but follow a chart while doiing it... ERR I forsee ALOT of yelling at myself in the near future. Oh well it will be worth it because it is a pretty top Im trying to make. :)
Okay I should go and brush my hair (its still wrapped in the towel) and then got some cleaning to do (I hate cleaning the bathroom...) and then I got to make myself some lunch and only after all of that do I get to crochet... So I better get cracking! No wonder this seems to be taking ages ! hehe...
Have a great day!


Bonnie said...

Hey get it done...NOW!! LOL j/k!! how ya doing chickadee?? Spring arrive there yet??

Nikki (Nix) said...

Jenn, get your arse into gear and DO YOUR CROCHETING.
Oh boy, I'd make a good army comando dishing out
When are you going to knit me a cool scarf?? I'm too lazy to do my own....hahaha