Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Exercise mad?

I know that this is my knitting blog. Well actually this is my only blog, not really sure why I made that sentence sound like I had more then one? This post however isnt about knitting. SORRY! I swear I will get to posting about my honeycomb vest its coming along and looks good as well...
If you bother to follow my twitter updates you will know that I was walking/running 5 miles a day 4-5 days a week and have now pushed it to 6. I have never been one to exercise. Shoot you were hard pushed to see me do any sort of sporty activity in school once I hit my teens! I looked at it as my way to be a rebel! But now my gym teachers would be impressed that I am actually running and doing things! Dont get me wrong I was never overly lazy I just didnt do enough and ate way to much so was a bit larger then perhaps I should have been. :) I walk mostly every where that I go and still do now.
My wonderful other half about a year ago went on a mad health kick. I say mad because he went full on with it, exercising every day on the treadmill eating a proper healthy diet, doiing all the things your supposed to do and doing very and is still doing very well with it. He looks GREAT! And Im not just saying that because I love him and he is my OH Im saying it because its true! But about 3 years ago I started cutting rubbish out of my diet. Like eating loads of chocolate a day not drinking loads of Sprite changing that to water juice and diet coke. Then I started changing other things and I lost a lot of weight over that period of time. Of course all of that is great he was looking better and better by the day and I looked good myself but I wanted to look as toned as he was! And I shouldnt forget that when I started to have a go on the treadmill I stopped going out every day doing the grocery shopping so therefor loosing my exercise, so decided to just have a walk on the treadmill instead. I started slowly and every time was pushing myself more and more. I never thought I would say this but I LOVE IT!
My motivation is looking every day at the OH and seeing what great hard work looks like and knowing that if he can do it then by golly so can I!!! So I get on in the mornings and either watch something on the telly or turn the music on and turn it up and just go for it. I start with a half mile walk at 5.5mi/hr and then start runing at 6.7mi/hr for 4 miles then back it down to 5.5mi/hr for another mile and then the last half a mile I slow it down until I get to 6 miles and I stop. I always feel great when I finish and Im glad that I do it. I have the weekends off and am "lazy" and then I now end up having a day off during the week as well because I did find trying to do 5 days in a row to be just to much for my legs and I was tooooooo tired come the weekend to want to move and thats not good! Usually I cant wait for monday morning because sometimes I end up wanting to get up and go for a run on the weekends but I make myself relaxe I dont want to get to the stage I dont enjoy it any more!
Anyways the whole point of all of this is because for the first time today in a very long time I ENJOYED going shopping for clothes! Before I changed my diet (didnt set out to loose weight that was the added benefit to myself) I was a size UK18-20 I am now a size UK10-12 depending what it is and how I want it to fit most of the stuff I got today was a 10. But last week I got a couple of things that were 12 it depends how its cut and how I want it to fit. Bought my first ever pair of skinny jeans today and when I tried them on felt like a dork because I couldnt stop checking myself out in the mirror!! HAHAHAH Got a dress and again couldnt stop checking out my legs in the mirror! Its great! :) Weight wise Im pretty much the same its just everything is finally shapping up nicely and looking good.
Im sorry this post was all about me me me and hopefully it doesnt sound like I am bragging because Im not! I am just happy that I am not so lazy any more and actually feel great about being so active.

**btw Nikki I stay on as long as I do (take just under an hour) because I got good music going or I want to finish the program I am watching on telly when both of those fail its because I know I can do it and Im just going to keep going that and Mark is GREAT motivation!!


What you knitting mummy? said...

OMG you have done so well!
To go from an 18-20 to 10-12 is remarkable, well done you!!
I've got to say that I see your tweets about running and it does make me put on the Wii and do my workouts, so you're inspiring others :-)

Anonymous said...

Great job! You should be proud of yourself... I'm proud of you. It's hard... I know.