Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ive got pictures if you have time

I finished my first scarf just need to give it a proper good block. I will probably do that when I get them all finished. :)
And Im nearly finished with the second scarf!
These are from Victorian Lace Today they are the Double Boarder Scarf. The pattern is easy enough to remeber and they are flying off the needles considering I seem to pick them up only now and again. once I finish this second scarf I WILL be taking a break to finish my other sock. I just wanted to start these becauses usually I panic that I wont finish my xmas knitting in time. But I know this year I wll finish in plenty of time.
I really should update the blog more but its so much easier writting a message to twitter then sitting down and updating here so just look at my twitter feed to see what I am up to daily. :)
BTW yes I have still been behaving and have not yet started to read the third book of the twilight series I really am holding out until the fourth comes out on paperback trust me its hard though! I watched the movie though the other day again. :) I think thats being good as thats only the second time I seen it. I actually prefer the book to the film. the film is good and I did enjoy rewatching it but I just think the book offers that something more to you. :) Mind you it may be becauses I LOVE to read anyways.
Right Ive got a scarf to finish!

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