Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hold on to your snow shoes!

My Thermal is coming along nicely. Ive got the main body finished now and am half way finished with the second arm, so I just need to finish that and do the collar and that will be finished!! But you know how when your knitting something and you just want it finished so that you can wear it, but by wanting that done the knitting seems to take FOREVER?!? Well thats the stage I am at right now! It doesnt help that weve got a nice dumping of snow (again 2nd time this week woo hoo!) so its like the perfect weather to wear it and IM NOT FINISHED!!!! So Im knitting on it but only a couple of rows at a time because I am mad at the sweater. Now isnt that stupid? Whats that poor sweater ever done to me? Oh yeah not been knitted quick enough but isnt that more my fault then its?!? Hmmm the crazy thinking of a crazed knitter me thinks!
Anyways instead of moaning that its not finshed maybe I should actually go knit on it and try to finishe it huh? According to the weather people we are due to get more snow the rest of the week/weekend! Im looking forward to it if I could just finished this sweater!
By the way I am NOT moaning about the pattern because I love it is easy to follow simple to knit in front of the telly Im just moaning that I am so friggin behing with it for the snow we are getting! i bet when I finish (hopefully in the next couple of days) we get some freak heat wave come through and it starts to feel like summer! That would be just my luck! heheh..
Off now to try and finish my sleeve! I want to wear this pretty thing!


Bonnie said...

Heya Jenn,
Good luck with the new project! Can't wait to see the finished result!

Anonymous said...

woo hoo... I could not believe my eyes on the news that ya'll got some of that white stuff. The mayor there was saying "why do we need snow plow equipment for, when this only happens every 20 years or so". He's got a point.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you got what we in the Midwest got last week. At least at my place we got a foot of snow instead of the ice that those along the Ohio River got. :) Can't wait to see you wearing that Thermal!