Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Finished Santeney!

my finished vest! Its so comfy and I like it! :)
Its Santeney from Knitty
knit in one peice with 4.5mm needles using Bernat Cotton Tots Solid that was sent to me from my mom in this very pretty blue.
Started on March 17 2009
Finished on April 1 2009
I could have finished it before then but I kept setting it to the side instead of just doing it. I love it though! Im happy with the way it turned out! I knitted the neck band on instead of casting off the neck stitches. I also short row wrapped the shoulder shaping so that I didnt have to break and rejoin any yarn. theres only one big seam on the right hand shoulder. I love it theres my verdict!
BTW I seem to Twitter more then blog these days but I swear I havent given up on this blog I just find it easier to type up a quick 140 character twitter!
Also I have started to walk/run 5 days a week. Ive been doiing good I hope to stay motivated and keep going with it! I tweet what I do when I finish it so I think that alone should keep me goiing! :)
Alright gotta go get some other stuff done now.. Ill try and pop in more often to here!


What you knitting mummy? said...

It's lovely, well done!

Kessa said...

Love it! Especially the color. :D

Anonymous said...

You look great Jenn! Great job on it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my word .. it is gorgeous! I love that color on you! Congrats well done my friend!!

Bonnie said...

Wow!! Looks amazing and look at you!! How much weight have you lost girl with all your walking and running?? You look awesome!!
Happy Easter!!