Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vest Socks and Hair! What a combo...

Im sorry this is really a bit late when I said I wanted to show off my knitting a week ago! OOPS I can only say sorry!
Ive been knitting on Honeycomb from knitty. To prove I FINALLY took some pictures! Im ready to split for the front and back, which means Im nearly done! WOO HOO lets see if I can do this in a reasonable amount of time. Really I am taking far to long on this then is really needed. Maybe I should stop doing everything else that I do and just sit down and knit huh? Because when I do I fly away with it!
Its a highly textured vest. and I think it looks really good. I wont lie, I was seriously worried that i wasnt going to look nice when I had first started but I think its turned out to look okay.
Then for some reason on Monday I decided to start a pair of socks. Because one project that was going a bit slow wasnt enough for me to be upset about not being done! Im not a person who has a load of projects on the go at once. But I started the socks anyways!
As you see they are the Travelers Stockings by Nancy Bush. I cut 10 stitches out because I dont want them overly long and Im also changing to have the second bit of the pattern to continue all the way down the leg and foot. And lets hope by doing that I dont run out of wool! HAHA Which of course has also needed me to cut the 10 stitches out of the second chart. Ive worked it out in my head that its going to be alright and I want to finish my vest before I do all of that sock. :)
Lastly I want to show off my new hair cut! Ive wanted to cut all my hair off for some time now and keep talking myself out of it. Finally yesterday I just went and done it. :) I love it! Its been about 6 years since Ive had short hair, so its still slightly odd and I keep playing with it and looking at it. But yep it gets my seal of approval! *seal clapping and noises*
Right now I need to go and knit this vest! Take care and knit on!

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty haircut. I bet it is so much easier to take care of too. Where are you on Greys?