Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sock it to me update!

My Glasgow Lace sweater is coming along, well actually thats not entirely true! Its sitting in my WIP box at the moment. Not because its being naughty and not knitting up properly its because we went away camping for the weekend and I couldnt take it with me as I was afraid of either leaving it there or messing it up! So instead I took some sock yarn and started a new sock. :) I have finished the back and almost finished the front of the sweater just have about an hour (probably not even that long honestly!) left to work on it and then I can start the arms.
These are the Vog Socks from I actually finished this one last night and was going to start back on the sweater but when I tried it on was far to big! I knew there was going to be issues with it anyways while I was knitting tthe gusset and heel but I just decided not to listen to my inner knitter and contiued to go ahead and knit on it. Well I forgot to take a photo last night when I tried it on becauses I instantly ripped it out! I have decided to just do a short row heel on it and not bother with a gusset and heel flap. Once I finish this bad boy up (which shouldnt take to long! as they are only ankle socks anyways) I will be going back to finish the sweater. After the sweater Im going to knit one more scarf then this socks mate then the final scarf.
Right I must go and knit this sock if I want to hurry up and knit my sweater! :) Plan is to get the sweater one scarf and sock finished by end of September. I should be able to as long as I dont go off knitting for a bit again.

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Oh, that is looking good!