Monday, June 22, 2009

Honeycomb Mossish is finished!

I finished my Honeycomb vest on Sunda June 21st.
I like it. I did learn one thing though verigated yarn isnt really me. I do solids! Well at least for tops and things that I am going to wear solids are for me. Ill wear this and I like the way it turned out its just well all those colours arent really my thing in one top. like I said, Im a solids sorta gal.
Pattern is Honeycomb from Knitty
Yarn is Patons Vintage
Needles were 3.5mm circulars.
Knit in the round up to armholes then knit side to side.
Now I dont know if I should knit me sock I started or cast on for another Oblique that I have yarn for... hm the options! Ill go watch some tennis and thing about it. :)


Anonymous said...

It looks good on you!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! It's perfect for you. Yes to Valkyrie and you should see The Reader too.