Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mittens and Baby gifts

So I have finished the first pair of mittens! :) Heres a couple moree pictures I am sure you will all be sick of them by xmas time but you know what I still like em! :)
and heres a close upish of the pattern
I love how theres the braided cable going up each side and tthen the bobbles inside the main crisscrossing cable I suppose if you didnt want bobbles you could put beads. I was thinking that then decided not to do that for mine.

Also my Aunt Rosemarie is having her first baby. Ive already showed off the sweater but lookie! I made a matching hat! :)
Teddy is staying very warm while modeling this little get up. :) I will write up (well try to) later today how I did the wee hat. It was super quick knit as well. :)

Okay thats my catch up. Ive started and finished the cuff for the first of the second pair of mittens so theres no point in showing a picture just yet. :)


Kessa said...

Wow. I missed out so much while I was gone. I love the mittens - they look really good. You're right.. Bobbles will look better than beads for that. Really nice choice of colors for the Road to Golden pullover. And those placemats... I wish I can sew as well as you. Those seams looks so neat! :D

Anonymous said...

WOW indeed. Those are so pretty! I love the baby outfit too. She is gonna love it.