Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Productivity is goooooood

So I had a rather productive day on Friday and I managed to finish my PIF for my mom. Oh youd like to see would you? :) Of course Ill show off!
Reversible napkins so depending her mood she can set them how she would like. :)
I like the way these turned out and if I had to do a house warming gift I would make these for them. However I dont know anyone planning on moving any time soon so my sewing machine is safe for the moment.
And like I said I had a productive day on Friday...
4 cushions had covers made for them. They aree a very very pale yellow in colour. All I did was cut out 8 18x18 (the size of the cushions) pieces of fabric and then took two bits for each cover (obviously) and sewed 3 sides together turned right side out ironed the seam out stuffed the pillow inside and then hand sewed the 4th side closed. After talking about it I decided to sew them closed instead of putting a zip or buttons on them. They turned out perfectly good and Ill do this for now on every time I want to change the cushions! :) That way I get the colours I want! oh and they only took 2 meters of fabric. I had left overs, not sure how much but I just bought 2 meters and theres not enough left to do anything major with.
Thats the progress Ive made on my sweater so far. I have one more set of increases for waist shaping to do and then I just have to finish the body start the hem do the arms blah blah blah. So I am knitting its just not going as quick as I would like it to. I suppose thats what you get for knitting witih 2.5 mm needles (or is it 2.75mm?) Anyways they are small and its taking a long time!
Ive decided to join tthe ravelympics very last minute I know. I got a link from a group to a new to me site to buy wool from and Ive finally got enough to make Road To Golden with (thats not who I bought my yarn from). Hopefully the yarn will get here today if it does Ill take pictures and post them up. I cant start it until Friday during opening cermonies so I cant wait! :) My goal is to just get the body of it finished Im not going to go for the arms as well in two weeks but Im going to try to see if I cant get it all in. As this is my first fairisle sweater I dont know how long its going to take me. But I cant wait to try!! :)
Alright Ill hopefully be back sooner rather then later with a good update of how everythings goinig. :)


ambermoggie said...

you have been busy:)

Anonymous said...

Oo, it all looks great!

emily said...

the place settings and napkins look great, I'm sure your mum'll be very happy!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty! I love how they turned out! Good Luck in the Ravelympics! Go Jenn Go!