Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keeping warm...

Im still here... Im still knitting.. But this all sounds like Ive said it before?! Heres the thing I love the fact that I can knit and make really lovely things for xmas gifts but I hate that I decided to do the same thing for everyone. I love the patterns I decide to do but because I knit them over and over for each person it all looks the same. I know his family doesnt read my blog so Im safe in posting pictures of the things I do make for them but how many times can you see tthe same thing before you wonder if it is actually the same thing?! Anyways Ive finished both of the scarves for the brother in laws..
Campus Scarf from Scarf Style. VERY quick pattern and even easier to memorise then learning your new house number! hehe.. Love it though!
And I only have ONE mitten left to knit. Its the left hand one. And that will bring my total to three pairs. I just needed a break before doing that one so I started a pair of Monkey socks for his Mother. :)
These are knit using Wendy Happy it bamboo instead of wool and OMG are they ever soft feeling!! I swear I want to keep these and am going to have a hard time handing them over to his mum. BUT I know she will enjoy wearing them. I am past the heel on the second one so will soon have these done. For his Dad I am making a pair of socks as well using this yarn
same type as above Wendy Happy just a different colour. I got this yarn from my LYS never seen it before but wow I love it! Once I finish these two pair of socks and make my left hand mitten and need more yarn to knit with Ill go get some happy for a pair of socks for myself. :)
Anyways thats what I have been up to. But now because I am knitting things other then the same mittens and scarfs I might actualy post a bit more... who knows!

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